Voice Memos on the iPhone: A Complete Guide

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Your iPhone (or iPad) has nan cleanable built-in app to usage immoderate clip you want to make a speedy signaling of personification talking, aliases immoderate different audio.

Voice Memos app moving connected an iPhone pinch a personification singing successful nan background

The Voice Memos app connected your iPhone is simply a awesome action for signaling interviews, a mates of speedy tunes, random thoughts to yourself, and more. There is nary fixed clip limit for your recordings; you conscionable request to make judge you person capable retention connected your device.

Here's a complete guideline connected really to get started utilizing your iPhone's Voice Memos app. Below, we screen nan steps to record, edit, and transcribe a sound memo connected your iPhone.

How to Record a Voice Memo connected Your iPhone

The first measurement is signaling a sound memo. The steps are beautiful straightforward:

  1. Open nan Voice Memos app and pat nan reddish Record button.
  2. While a signaling is taking place, you'll spot a moving waveform.
  3. Tap nan reddish Stop fastener to extremity recording.
  4. Your signaling will beryllium saved into nan database of All Recordings.

How to Play a Recording successful nan Voice Memos App

Once you recorded a sound memo connected your iPhone, it's clip to play it backmost to perceive what it sounds like. Here's how:

  1. Open nan Voice Memos app to spot a database of recordings.
  2. Tap connected your saved signaling successful nan All Recordings list.
  3. Tap nan Play button.
  4. To move to a circumstantial point, you tin resistance nan slider. Alternatively, you tin usage nan Fast-Forward aliases Rewind buttons to jump 15 seconds guardant aliases backwards.

By tapping nan Options fastener (which looks for illustration 3 sliders), you'll find different features you tin usage pinch playback:

  • Playback Speed: Dragging towards nan turtle makes nan playback slower. Dragging towards nan rabbit speeds up nan playback.
  • Skip Silence: This characteristic jumps complete gaps of soundlessness successful your recording.

How to Edit Voice Memos connected Your iPhone

Now, let's look astatine nan different edits you tin make to a sound recording. These tin see everything from changing nan record sanction to re-recording sections of nan audio.

How to Change nan File Name of a Voice Memo

If you only person a mates of sound memos, it's easy to retrieve which is which by conscionable looking astatine nan date. But arsenic nan database grows, it's amended to explanation each sound memo pinch a descriptive name. Here's really to alteration your sound memo's record name:

  1. Open nan Voice Memos app to position each your recordings.
  2. Tap connected nan signaling you want to edit.
  3. Hit nan More fastener (which looks for illustration 3 dots).
  4. Choose Edit Recording.
  5. Tap nan record sanction to alteration it to your preferred title.

How to Duplicate a Voice Memo connected Your iPhone

Before you move connected to trimming aliases making different edits to your sound memos, it's a bully thought to copy them first. For example, if you made a sound signaling of an interview, it would beryllium disastrous to suffer immoderate parts of nan audio owed to editing. While nan Photos app lets you easy revert edited photos to their original state, nan Voice Memos app doesn't connection this for audio.

Therefore, you should copy a sound memo earlier you commencement editing it:

  1. Tap connected your signaling and deed nan More button.
  2. Choose Duplicate.
  3. An identical copy will appear, pinch nan connection copy astatine nan extremity of its name.

How to Trim a Voice Memo connected Your iPhone

To create a cleaner and much cohesive recording, you tin region sections of unnecessary audio that pad it out. Here's really to trim your sound memos:

  1. Tap connected your signaling and deed nan More button.
  2. Choose Edit Recording.
  3. Tap nan Trim icon (which looks for illustration a quadrate pinch 2 extended sides).
  4. Drag nan vertical slider connected either broadside of nan signaling to item nan conception you want to support aliases remove.
  5. To support nan highlighted section, take Trim. To region nan highlighted section, take Delete.

Right now, location is nary measurement to undo individual edits successful nan iPhone's Voice Memos app. You tin only pat Cancel while still wrong nan editing window, to undo each nan edits you've made successful that editing session.

How to Replace Parts successful a Voice Memo

You tin overwrite parts of a sound memo by signaling caller audio during playback. Here's really to do that:

  1. Tap connected your signaling and deed nan More button.
  2. Choose Edit Recording.
  3. In nan Edit Recording window, resistance nan clip slider to nan portion wherever you want to commencement overwriting pinch caller audio.
  4. Tap Replace to commencement signaling caller audio, which will show up successful red.
  5. Tap Done to save.

You cannot undo replaced audio. Unlike trimming, location is nary Cancel button.

Even if you exit nan Voice Memos app without tapping Done, nan caller audio will already beryllium saved to nan file. Therefore, beryllium perfectly judge of what you want to switch earlier proceeding pinch specified changes.

If you consciousness nan Voice Memos app is excessively constricted erstwhile it comes to editing, you should cheque retired third-party audio editing apps for your iPhone, each of which connection greater elasticity and amended options.

How to Organize Your iPhone Voice Memos Into Folders

Over time, you'll astir apt accumulate a agelong database of sound memos successful nan app. If you emotion keeping your iPhone's apps organized, you should do nan aforesaid for your sound recordings!

Here's really to move your sound memo recordings into different folders:

  1. From nan All Recordings page successful nan Voice Memos app, pat nan Back arrow to entree nan Voice Memos page.
  2. Tap nan New Folder icon. Name your files and prime Save
  3. Return to nan All Recordings page.
  4. Tap connected a signaling you want to move and deed nan More button.
  5. Choose Move to Folder.
  6. Select nan destination folder.

How to Delete and Restore Voice Memos

To delete a sound memo you longer need, simply pat nan Trash icon to region it.

If you accidentally deleted a signaling you want back, travel these steps to retrieve it:

  1. From nan All Recordings page, pat nan Back arrow.
  2. Select Recently Deleted.
  3. Tap connected nan signaling you want to restore. Select Recover.
  4. Tap Recover Recording to confirm.

Deleted recordings are only disposable to retrieve for 30 days.

How to Transcribe an iPhone Voice Memo

Apple's Voice Memo app can't transcribe sound memos conscionable yet. Still, location are 2 easy ways to person sound memos to text. The first method is to download a third-party iPhone app, specified arsenic Transcribe. These apps aren't 100 percent accurate, but they usually get nan mostly right. You whitethorn conscionable request to edit it a small bit.

Download: Transcribe (Free, subscription available)

Follow these steps to person your sound memo to matter utilizing nan Transcribe app:

  1. In nan Voice Memos app, pat connected your signaling and deed nan More button.
  2. Tap Share.
  3. Scroll on nan horizontal database of apps and prime Transcribe.
  4. Choose your Language and Punctuation mode. Then, pat Transcribe.
  5. Once nan upload is complete, spell to nan Transcribe app to spot your transcribed sound memo.

If your sound memo is lengthy, astir third-party apps require you to salary successful bid to transcribe your sound memo successful full. Hence, for a wholly free method to person your iPhone sound memo to text, nan 2nd measurement is to usage free dictation devices connected your Windows PC aliases Mac.

For example, you tin usage nan sound typing characteristic successful Google Docs connected a desktop. In a caller document, spell to Tools > Voice Typing. Click connected nan microphone icon, past play nan sound memo connected your iPhone.

Place your iPhone adjacent to your computer's microphone and summation nan playback measurement arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable to let nan dictation instrumentality to seizure nan words much accurately.

voice typing successful google docs

Start Recording Audio With nan Voice Memos App

Whenever you request to grounds audio for an question and reply aliases a akin project, your iPhone's Voice Memos app is simply a elemental instrumentality that will get nan occupation done. It's capable for basal sound signaling and editing.

Unfortunately, nan iPhone doesn't person a built-in characteristic that transcribes sound memos, truthful you'll still person to usage third-party apps aliases dictation devices connected your machine to person those sound recordings to text.

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