Unable to Join a LAN World in Minecraft for Windows? Here Are 7 Ways to Fix It

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LAN games are meant to beryllium much unchangeable than complete nan internet, but sometimes LAN Minecraft needs a small much activity to get going connected Windows.

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Users occasionally acquisition issues erstwhile joining aliases playing successful a Minecraft LAN world, and location could beryllium respective reasons for this. Connected devices whitethorn not beryllium connected nan aforesaid network, nan type of relationship could beryllium different, nan crippled type whitethorn differ, nan firewall could artifact incoming connections, aliases nan web settings mightiness beryllium misconfigured.

If you're having issues connecting to aliases playing successful a Minecraft LAN world, present are immoderate fixes you tin use connected Windows.

1. Connect Both Devices to nan Same Network

Users must link to nan aforesaid web relationship arsenic nan big of nan LAN world to play aliases subordinate nan server. Therefore, if you cannot participate nan world aliases if immoderate of your friends cannot subordinate your server, guarantee devices are connected to nan aforesaid network. You tin cheque that by clicking nan Wi-Fi aliases net icon successful nan bottommost correct corner.

If you person much than 1 web relationship successful your location and your instrumentality is group to link to nan beardown and unchangeable one, it whitethorn automatically move to a different web during gameplay. Consequently, you whitethorn brushwood issues erstwhile playing Minecraft complete LAN. Therefore, move disconnected nan automatic relationship support for different networks.

To do this, uncheck nan Connect Automatically container for each networks isolated from your superior connection.

Uncheck nan Automatic Connection Permission for nan Wi-Fi Network connected Windows

2. Connect to nan Same Network Using nan Same Connection Method

Ensure your instrumentality is connected to nan web utilizing nan aforesaid type of relationship arsenic nan host, specified arsenic Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc. Although it's not a request from Minecraft, and astir users don't person issues arsenic agelong arsenic they're connected to nan aforesaid network, immoderate players reported having problems erstwhile their relationship type differed from nan host's.

If nan relationship type is different, alteration it. If nan relationship type already matches nan host, you tin proceed to nan adjacent solution.

3. Ensure You're Using nan Same Minecraft Version arsenic nan Host

Although this whitethorn beryllium evident, your instrumentality must tally nan aforesaid Minecraft type arsenic nan big to subordinate nan LAN world. Minecraft updates automatically successful astir cases, truthful possibly a caller type came retired and everyone updated to it, mismatching their type from nan server's.

To cheque that, unfastened nan Minecraft launcher, grow the menu successful nan bottom-left, prime nan Latest release, and click Play. Then, effort to subordinate nan LAN world again.

Select nan Latest Version to Play Minecraft successful a LAN World

If nan rumor persists, statement down nan type listed nether nan Latest release and corroborate that nan big uses nan aforesaid version.

4. Change Your Windows Network Profile to Private

When you link to a web for nan first time, it is usually group arsenic nationalist and hides itself from different devices connected nan network. If you haven't changed nan web floor plan before, you astir apt usage nan default settings, which is apt nan nationalist profile.

Therefore, if nan web floor plan is group to public, you should alteration it to private. This way, different devices will beryllium capable to find your device, and you will beryllium capable to rejoin nan LAN world. If you're not acquainted pinch nan process, cheque retired our guideline connected how to alteration nan type of web floor plan connected Windows.

If you are having trouble connecting to a big computer, guarantee nan big machine is configured to usage a backstage web profile.

5. Enable Network Discovery successful nan Control Panel

The web find characteristic successful Windows allows your instrumentality to observe different devices connected to nan aforesaid web aliases licence different devices to spot yours. If you still can't subordinate nan LAN world successful Minecraft aliases person issues, make judge this mounting is turned on. Here's really you tin cheque that:

  1. Type "Control Panel" successful Windows Search and unfastened nan Control Panel app.
  2. Navigate to Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Click connected nan Change precocious sharing settings action connected nan left.
    Open nan Advanced Sharing Settings connected Windows
  4. Expand nan backstage web floor plan and move connected nan toggle adjacent to Network discovery.
  5. Also, cheque nan container beside Set up web connected devices automatically.
    Enable Network Discovery successful nan Windows Settings App

6. Perform Some General Fixes

If nary of nan solutions listed supra work, it's clip to effort immoderate wide fixes:

  1. Whitelist Minecraft from Windows Defender to guarantee your information suite does not artifact nan connection.
  2. Turn disconnected nan proxy server aliases VPN relationship you person enabled connected your device.
  3. If you aliases nan personification hosting nan LAN world uses Minecraft mods, you whitethorn beryllium incapable to join. If you're utilizing immoderate mods, delete them and inquire nan big to do nan same.
  4. Check your router settings and guarantee immoderate mounting doesn't forestall your instrumentality from connecting to different devices connected nan aforesaid web aliases others from connecting to you.

In lawsuit nan supra fixes besides don't work, effort mounting up a nonstop relationship to nan big server successful Minecraft.

7. Create a Direct Connection successful Minecraft

If you cannot position aliases link to different players successful Minecraft connected nan aforesaid network, effort establishing a nonstop relationship pinch nan host. The nonstop relationship enables users to subordinate nan server utilizing nan server's address, which is nan host's IPv4 reside for nan section network, and nan LAN larboard number of nan server.

To straight subordinate a Minecraft server, travel these steps:

  1. Click nan Direct Connection fastener successful multiplayer mode.
    Open nan Direct Connection successful Minecraft Multiplayer Mode
  2. Paste nan IPv4 address into nan Server Address box, adhd a colon, and participate nan LAN port provided by nan host.
  3. Then, click connected Join Server.
    Add nan Server Address to Join nan LAN Server successful Minecraft

Join a Minecraft LAN World Seamlessly connected Windows

Having problem joining a LAN world erstwhile friends are waiting for you tin beryllium frustrating. Hopefully, you now person a clearer knowing of what tin forestall you from entering a LAN world. If you cautiously use nan fixes listed above, you tin subordinate nan LAN world successful Minecraft. If thing works, you should effort to found a nonstop connection.


Q: How Do You Join a Minecraft LAN Server With an IP Address?

You tin join a Minecraft LAN server pinch an IP reside by copying nan host's IP address, selecting Multiplayer > Add a server aliases Direct connect, pasting nan copied IP address, and connecting to nan server.

Q: What Is nan IP for a LAN Minecraft Server?

Your computer's IP address is nan IP reside for your LAN Minecraft server. You tin find your Windows PC's IP address by moving nan "ipconfig" bid successful a Command Prompt window. The worth adjacent to "IPv4 Address" is your machine's section IP address.

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