Types of Research Reports

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What is simply a Research Report?

A investigation study is simply a concise archive that summarizes nan findings, methods, and conclusions of a investigation study aliases investigation. There are various types of investigation reports disposable for different purposes.

It typically includes specifications connected nan investigation question, methodology, information analysis, and results, providing a system and informative relationship of nan investigation process and outcomes.

Types of Research Reports

Table of Contents
  • Definition
  • Types of Research Reports
    • Technical
    • Popular
    • Survey
    • Market Research
    • Case Study
    • Analytical
    • Review
    • Experimental
    • Descriptive
    • Exploratory
    • Explanatory
    • Policy
  • Components
  • Example
  • Types of Research Report Writing
  • Importance
  • Limitations

Key Highlights

  • A investigation study is simply a archive that gives a speedy overview of a investigation study.
  • Types of investigation reports connection a standardized format and structure, making it easier for readers to navigate and comprehend nan information.
  • They are useful successful fields for illustration academia, business, healthcare, societal sciences, and more.
  • Different types of study penning find nan report’s superior purpose, i.e., if it should beryllium short, long, aliases for soul purposes, etc.

Different Types Of Research Reports

1. Technical aliases Scientific Reports

Technical and technological reports pass investigation findings to experts and professionals successful a peculiar field.


  • These reports see method jargon, elaborate methodologies, and in-depth analysis.
  • They often person a standardized format for adjacent review.

Example: An illustration of a method investigation study would beryllium a study explaining nan results of a laboratory research that investigated nan power conductivity of various materials.

 2. Popular Reports

Popular reports are designed for a wide assemblage and purpose to inform, educate, aliases entertain connected a wide scope of topics.


  • Includes clear and jargon-free language
  • Uses storytelling, visuals, and anecdotes to prosecute readers
  • Prioritizes readability complete heavy analysis.

Example: A user-friendly subject study connected caller achromatic spread discoveries is an illustration of a celebrated report. It explained really nan achromatic holes form, what they are like, and why they matter successful nan universe. This study is for group willing successful astronomy without heavy technological expertise.

3. Survey Reports

Survey reports see information collected done surveys and attraction connected presenting insights and opinions connected circumstantial issues aliases questions.


  • Contains accusation connected study methodology, including sample size and information postulation methods.
  • Presents statistical summaries for illustration percentages and charts.

Example: An online questionnaire surveyed assemblage students’ eating habits. After research, nan study study provided information connected celebrated nutrient choices, fast-food depletion frequency, and factors impacting students’ dietary decisions. It includes ocular charts and intends to guideline cafeteria paper readying and beforehand student wellness.

4. Market Research Reports

Market investigation reports supply insights into user behavior, marketplace trends, and manufacture analysis.


  • Includes marketplace surveys, competitor analysis, and user demographics.
  • Helps businesses successful making strategical decisions.

Example: An illustration of a marketplace investigation study would beryllium a study connected nan world integrated nutrient market, including user preferences, marketplace segmentation, and maturation projections for nan adjacent 5 years.

5. Case Study Reports

Case study reports attraction connected an in-depth introspection of a azygous entity, often to research complex, real-life situations.


  • Includes elaborate descriptions of nan case, information postulation methods, and analysis.
  • Common successful business and psychology fields.

Example: A study that includes an introspection of nan occurrence factors and challenges faced by a tech startup during its first maturation shape is an illustration of a business lawsuit study report.

6. Analytical Research Reports

Analytical investigation reports impact a heavy study of information to uncover patterns, trends, aliases relationships.


  • Uses statistical devices and package to analyse information comprehensively
  • Common successful fields for illustration economics and societal sciences.

Example: A financial study analyzing nan capacity of a portfolio of stocks complete a five-year period, including consequence appraisal and inclination analysis, is simply a elaborate analytical study example.

7. Review aliases Literature Survey Reports

Literature reappraisal reports supply an overview of existing investigation connected a circumstantial topic, highlighting gaps and trends.


  • Synthesizes findings from various sources and provides a humanities context
  • Often offers recommendations for early research.

Example: A study summarizing existing investigation connected ambiance change, highlighting cardinal findings, and identifying gaps successful existent knowledge is an illustration of a lit reappraisal report.

8. Experimental Research Reports

Experimental investigation reports impact controlled experiments to trial hypotheses and find if nan results support aliases cull nan hypothesis.


  • Uses random sampling and power groups to minimize bias.
  • Includes elaborate descriptions of nan experiment, hypothesis, methods, and statistical analyses.

Example: A psychology investigation study investigating nan effects of slumber deprivation connected cognitive performance, pinch 1 group deprived of slumber and different allowed normal sleep, is simply a clear illustration of an experimental investigation report.

9. Descriptive Research Reports

Descriptive investigation reports purpose to supply a broad image of a phenomenon, group, aliases situation. They activity to reply nan “what” and “how” questions.


  • Typically, it relies connected observations, surveys, and contented analysis.
  • Focuses connected describing and summarizing data.

Example: A study describing nan distribution of endangered type successful a circumstantial nationalist parkland based connected section observations is an illustration of a descriptive investigation report.

10. Exploratory Research Reports

Exploratory investigation reports are conducted erstwhile location is small anterior knowledge astir a subject. They purpose to place cardinal variables and investigation questions.


  • Involves open-ended interviews, attraction groups, and lit reviews.
  • Findings are preliminary, serving arsenic a ground for further research.


An illustration of an exploratory investigation study would beryllium a study that a recently established institution creates to analyse nan imaginable factors influencing worker turnover.

11. Explanatory Research Reports

Explanatory investigation reports activity to understand nan relationships betwixt variables and explicate why definite phenomena occur.


  • Uses experimental designs, surveys, and statistical analyses.
  • Provides in-depth insights into nan investigation problem.

Example: A study explores nan narration betwixt smoking habits and lung crab incidence successful a organization utilizing a longitudinal study and statistical analyses. This is an illustration of an explanatory investigation report.

12. Policy aliases White Papers

Policy aliases achromatic papers purpose to pass policymakers, stakeholders, and nan nationalist astir circumstantial issues and urge actions.


  • Presents investigation findings successful a concise and accessible manner
  • Often consists of argumentation recommendations.

Example: An illustration of a argumentation investigation study is simply a argumentation insubstantial connected renewable power adoption, outlining nan biology and economical benefits. It whitethorn besides see recommendations connected incentives for cleanable power initiatives.

Components of Research Reports

These are immoderate communal components you must cognize while penning different types of investigation reports.

1. Title Page:

  • Title of nan Report
  • Your Name
  • Institutional Affiliation
  • Date

2. Abstract:
Add a concise summary of nan research, including nan investigation mobility aliases objective, methodology, cardinal findings, and implications. Typically, it should beryllium nary much than 150-250 words.

3. Table of Contents:
Include a database of sections and subsections pinch page numbers.

4. List of Figures and Tables:
If your investigation includes numerical data, adhd each nan statistic and tables on pinch their corresponding page numbers. It is akin to a array of contents for quantitative data.

5. List of Abbreviations and Symbols:
Include immoderate abbreviations aliases symbols you person utilized successful nan study and their meanings.

6. Introduction:

  • Provide inheritance accusation connected nan topic.
  • State nan investigation mobility aliases objective.
  • Explain nan value and intent of nan study.
  • Provide an outline of nan report’s structure.

7. Literature Review:

  • Review applicable lit and erstwhile investigation connected nan topic.
  • Identify gaps successful existing knowledge.
  • Explain really your study contributes to nan field.

8. Methodology:

  • Describe nan investigation methods and techniques that you used.
  • Explain nan sampling methods, information collection, and information study procedures.
  • Discuss immoderate ethical considerations.

9. Results:

  • Present nan findings of your research.
  • Use tables, figures, charts, and graphs to exemplify cardinal points.
  • Include descriptive and inferential statistic arsenic needed.

10. Discussion:

  • Interpret nan results and subordinate them to nan investigation question.
  • Discuss nan implications of your findings.
  • Compare your results to erstwhile research.
  • Address immoderate limitations of your study.

11. Conclusion:

  • Summarize nan main findings and their significance.
  • Restate nan investigation mobility and really it was addressed.
  • Suggest areas for early research.

12. References:
Include a database of each nan sources cited successful your study successful a standardized citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).


Let america spot an illustration of a investigation report.

Research Report: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence connected nan Labor Market

By: [Your Name]

Institutional Affiliation: [Your Institution]

Date: [Date]


This investigation study explores nan profound changes occurring successful nan labour marketplace owed to nan expanding take of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The study examines nan imaginable benefits and challenges AI poses for nan workforce, occupation displacement, and nan skills required successful nan early occupation market.

Table of Contents
  1. Abstract
  2. List of Figures and Tables
  3. Introduction
  4. Literature Review
  5. Methodology
  6. Results
  7. Discussion
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

List of Figures and Tables

  • Figure 1: Trend successful AI Adoption by Industry (Page 7)
  • Table 1: Summary of Job Displacement Data (Page 9)
  • Figure 2: Projected Growth of AI-Related Occupations (Page 11)


The preamble conception provides an overview of nan investigation topic. It explains nan value of studying nan effect of AI connected nan labour market, outlines nan investigation questions, and previews nan building of nan report.

Literature Review

The lit reappraisal conception reviews existing investigation connected nan effects of AI connected employment and nan labour market. It discusses nan different perspectives connected whether AI will create caller jobs aliases lead to occupation displacement. It besides explores nan skills and acquisition required for nan early workforce.


This conception explains nan investigation methods used, specified arsenic information postulation methods, sources, and analytical techniques. It outlines really information connected AI adoption, occupation displacement, and early occupation projections were gathered and analyzed.


The results conception presents nan cardinal findings of nan study. It includes information connected nan grade of AI take crossed industries, occupation displacement rates, and projections for AI-related occupations.


The chat conception interprets nan results successful nan discourse of nan investigation questions. It analyzes nan imaginable benefits and challenges AI poses for nan labour market, discusses argumentation implications, and explores nan domiciled of acquisition and training successful preparing nan workforce for nan AI era.


In conclusion, this investigation highlights nan transformative effect of artificial intelligence connected nan labour market. While AI brings opportunities for invention and efficiency, it besides presents challenges related to occupation displacement and workforce adaptation. Preparing for this evolving occupation scenery is important for individuals and policymakers.


[Insert formatted references present pursuing nan chosen citation style.]

Types of Research Report Writing

Given beneath are various types of investigation reports penning that researchers and organizations usage to coming findings, progress, and different information.

Type of Report Writing Definition Example
Proposal Outlines a scheme for a task aliases investigation for support aliases funding. Research connection submitted to study nan effect of ambiance alteration connected section ecosystems.
Periodic Generated astatine regular intervals to supply task updates. Weekly income reports summarizing merchandise income figures.
Formal Detailed, system reports often utilized successful academic, scientific, aliases business settings. Formal business study analyzing a company’s financial capacity for nan year.
Informal Less system reports for speedy soul communication. Email summarizing cardinal takeaways from a squad meeting.
Short Concise documents offering a little overview of a circumstantial topic. A one-page summary of customer feedback from a merchandise launch.
Long Comprehensive reports pinch in-depth study and information. 100-page investigation study connected nan effects of a caller supplier connected a aesculapian condition.
Analytical Focus connected information study and supply insights aliases recommendations. Market investigation study analyzing user behaviour trends and recommending trading strategies.
Informative Convey accusation without providing study aliases recommendations. Report detailing nan steps of a manufacturing process for caller employees.
Vertical Flow wrong nan organizational hierarchy, moving up aliases down. Report from a section head to nan company’s vice president connected section performance.
Lateral Sent betwixt individuals aliases departments astatine nan aforesaid organizational level. Report from 1 task head to different task head successful a different department.
Internal Created and distributed wrong an statement for soul purposes. Internal audit study examining nan company’s financial records for compliance.
Outside Prepared for outer audiences, specified arsenic clients, investors, aliases regulators. A publically traded institution publishes an yearly study for shareholders and nan wide public.


Here is why nan different types of investigation reports are important.

  • Research reports are a superior intends of sharing caller knowledge and insights pinch nan world and technological community. They lend to nan maturation of quality knowing successful various fields.
  • They supply a elaborate and system relationship of nan investigation process, including methods, data, analysis, and conclusions. This archiving is important for transparency, replication, and early reference.
  • These reports clasp researchers accountable for their work. They supply a transparent grounds of nan study, allowing others to measure nan validity and reliability of nan research.
  • These often power argumentation decisions, business strategies, and applicable applications. For instance, aesculapian investigation informs healthcare practices, while marketplace investigation guides business decisions.


Listed beneath are immoderate limitations of different types of investigation reports.

  • Research reports tin beryllium influenced by nan researcher’s biases, preferences, aliases nan funder’s interests. It’s basal to measure nan methodology critically.
  • Findings successful investigation reports whitethorn not ever beryllium straight applicable to different contexts aliases populations.
  • Certain investigation reports are not disposable to everyone owed to respective barriers, making it difficult for group to entree important information.
  • The process of conducting research, penning a report, and getting it published tin beryllium time-consuming.

Final Thoughts

Different types of investigation reports are important for sharing knowledge, making smart choices, and moving guardant successful different areas of study. It’s captious for some researchers and those who usage investigation to grasp nan different kinds of reports, what goes into them, and why they matter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are investigation reports nan aforesaid arsenic investigation papers?
Answer: Research reports and investigation papers stock similarities but person chopped purposes and structures. Research papers are often much world and tin alteration successful structure, while investigation reports are typically much system and cater to a broader audience.

Q2. How do I take nan correct type of investigation study for my study?
Answer: The prime of investigation study type depends connected your investigation goals, audience, and nan quality of your study. Consider whether you are conducting technological research, marketplace analysis, world research, aliases argumentation analysis, and prime nan format that aligns pinch your objectives.

Q3. Can investigation reports beryllium utilized arsenic references successful different investigation reports?
Answer: Yes, investigation reports tin beryllium cited and utilized arsenic references successful different investigation reports arsenic agelong arsenic they are reliable sources. Citing erstwhile investigation reports adds extent and credibility to your work.

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