Tiny PC vendor teases first Windows tablet that doubles as a portable monitor – but it will be expensive

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The institution down immoderate of nan best mini PCs we’ve seen is connected nan cusp of launching a tablet that could beryllium fitted pinch DisplayPort arsenic an input – meaning it could double arsenic a portable outer monitor.

The forthcoming instrumentality will beryllium a 2-in-1 instrumentality pinch support for a detachable keyboard arsenic good arsenic a pressure-sensitive pen, which uses nan Microsoft Pen Protocol 2.0, according to Liliputing. Minisform besides told nan publication nan instrumentality will person a 14in 2,560 x 1,600 LCD show pinch a slick 165Hz refresh rate. 

It’ll besides beryllium powered by an AMD Ryzen spot augmented pinch AI capabilities, meaning it’s apt nan instrumentality whitethorn see features to amended nan hybrid moving acquisition specified arsenic automatic framework rates during videoconferencing and oculus interaction correction.

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Dual-screen connected nan spell pinch Minisform's next-gen tablet

Most staggeringly, however, is nan imaginable inclusion of DisplayPort input. While it isn’t difficult to find a top portable display, truthful you tin dual-screen connected nan go, uncovering a afloat functioning 2-in-1 that tin double arsenic 1 is highly rare.

Although nan Chinese shaper predominantly manufactures mini PCs, it does occasionally create tablets too. In March, for example, it unveiled a 2-in-1 fitted pinch an Intel Core i5 CPU arsenic good arsenic up to 32GB RAM and 1TB NVMe memory.

Based connected accusation nan institution has teased, however, it does look it’s keen to participate nan high-end tablet marketplace pinch this entry.

The forthcoming instrumentality will beryllium fitted pinch AMD’s eight-core Ryzen 7 7840U APU chip, alongside a Radeon RX 780M GPU, according to AnandTech, though nan publication adds nan caveat that nan shaper whitethorn yet spell successful a different guidance – pinch AMD besides group to present its adjacent procreation of Ryzen 8000 CPUs, dubbed nan ‘Strix’ family.

The patient expects to motorboat nan instrumentality successful early 2024 – pinch much specifications apt to look astatine nan adjacent Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

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