TimeWave: Stacked Timers Delivered with a Clean, Spare Interface

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Timers are a staple of productivity systems, which is why location are truthful galore of them connected nan App Store. My favourite timer apps are nan ones that are nan astir flexible. A small building goes a agelong measurement if you’re casting astir for a strategy that useful for you, but I for illustration timer apps that tin beryllium adapted to aggregate scenarios. That’s why I’ve enjoyed playing astir pinch TimeWave truthful much.

The app, which useful connected nan iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, positive Apple Silicon Macs successful compatibility mode, isn’t new, but successful a oversea of timer apps, its focused black-and-white creation and regular updates caught my eye. TimeWave is sounded arsenic a attraction timer that tin beryllium utilized pinch the Pomodoro clip guidance system, which is simply a bully usage of it. However, what’s champion is that TimeWave tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic a wont tracker, cooking timer, workout regular timer, and more.

TimeWave has you covered whether you request a azygous timer aliases a multi-step sequential timer. To get started, pat nan positive button, sanction your timer, and prime an icon. Then, adhd a timer aliases stack respective timers that will tally 1 aft nan other. Each timer tin beryllium named and a clip group pinch a civilization keypad-style picker.

The app allows you to schedule a clip and time of nan week erstwhile it will nonstop you a reminder to tally your timer. Plus, TimeWave logs erstwhile you tally your timers, creating a history that tin beryllium useful for staying connected task pinch things for illustration a wont you’re trying to form. There are analytics that show your history of moving each timer complete nan past week, 4 weeks, and year, and a statement section for adding free-form, Markdown-formatted matter to your timers. The app besides includes Calibre, a group of 3 different visualizations that way nan advancement of each timer and nan full clip if you’re moving aggregate timers.

Timer preferences see TimeWave AI, which is simply a robotic sound that guides you done your timers by reference nan title and long of each and sound effects that tin beryllium turned connected aliases off. The app uses discourse menus passim to make it easy to commencement timers and create caller ones by duplicating existing timer blocks too.

A bully touch that I haven’t seen successful different timer apps is simply a Wave Store that offers timers, immoderate of which are free to everyone and others that are for premium users only. The timers are a awesome measurement to get a consciousness of nan sorts of timers that tin beryllium created. For instance, there’s a free timer for baking lasagna that stacks 3 timers and includes a notes section pinch instructions and a nexus to a lasagna recipe. Work Day is simply a premium timer that combines 14 abstracted timers for cycling done activity sessions, taking breaks, and completing different tasks.

TimeWave offers Home and Lock Screen widgets for monitoring ongoing timers aliases launching 1 of your timers. Hopefully, this fall, nan app’s developer will adhd interactivity to nan app’s widgets because timers are a earthy fresh pinch nan feature. The app besides supports Live Activities and includes a Shortcuts action for starting timers.

What I for illustration astir about TimeWave, though, is its clean, black-and-white creation that adapts nicely to different-sized screens. It useful nicely pinch my penchant for utilizing acheronian mode apps, positive it’s very legible and looks bully sitting connected my MagSafe charger disconnected to nan broadside of my desk. I besides admit nan visualizations nan app uses to show maine nan position of nan existent timer compared to nan full clip elapsed connected each timers.

So, if you’re looking for a caller measurement to drawstring together aggregate timers and admit simple, spare design, springiness TimeWave a try. The app is disposable connected nan App Store arsenic a free download pinch definite features requiring an In-App Purchase.

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