Timery’s Updated Widgets Enable Starting and Stopping Timers, Pagination, and More

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It’s absorbing to comparison Timery 1.6, Joe Hribar’s clip search app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, pinch Widgetsmith. David Smith’s app uses interactivity crossed a wide scope of different types of widgets, allowing for a highly personalized attack to your Home Screen. Timery is simply a small different. It’s conscionable arsenic customizable, if not much so, but successful a deep, focused measurement that makes it hands-down nan astir customizable and useful measurement to way clip from a widget.

If you had asked maine really I utilized Timery successful nan spring, I would person said I chiefly usage nan Mac app. That’s changed drastically complete nan summer. My reply now is that I’m chiefly a Timery widget user.

What I emotion astir nan app’s widgets is that they let you to create a group of widgets that activity really you usage nan app and thing more. One of Timery’s strengths has ever been its rich | group of features that make it valuable to a wide cross-section of users. However, that intends location is much to Timery than astir group need. But pinch nan app’s widgets, it’s imaginable to pare nan app down to conscionable nan components that are basal to you, which is nan eventual successful customization.

That doesn’t mean you won’t usage nan main app ever again. Some group may, but I surely haven’t. Instead, it’s been much of a attraction displacement that allows maine to proceed immoderate I’m moving on, switching timers arsenic needed connected nan alert from whichever instrumentality I person useful astatine nan infinitesimal without opening nan app astir of nan time. Timery’s update is simply a stellar release, which besides comes pinch a caller watchOS app that fans of nan app are going to love.

Timery, which uses nan Toggl Track web work arsenic its backmost end, offers 7 different types of widgets:

  • Dashboard
  • Projects
  • Current Time Entry
  • Single Saved Timer
  • Saved Timers
  • Recent Timers
  • Time Tracked
  • Summary Report

The Project and Single Saved Timer widgets are some brand-new pinch this release.

Every widget type is customizable, comes successful astatine slightest 2 sizes, and some, for illustration nan Dashboard, person complete 30 different settings that tin beryllium tweaked. Don’t worry, I won’t screen each 1 of them. Instead, I’ll deed nan widget highlights of what’s caller successful nan latest update. For much connected nan basics of Timery, which is simply a MacStories favorite, beryllium judge to cheque retired our past sum connected MacStories and Club MacStories.

With interactivity, nan app’s developer, Joe Hribar, has been capable to adhd a laundry database of absorbing options to galore of nan app’s widgets. That starts pinch nan expertise to commencement and extremity timers correct from nan widget without nan app opening. On nan iPhone and iPad, that besides starts a Live Activity, allowing you to show your timers from nan Lock Screen and Dynamic Island, too.

One point that I’ve ever recovered difficult to do erstwhile mounting up Timery widgets is deciding which timers to see of nan galore I’ve saved. It’s ever required a observant balancing of timers versus disposable abstraction onscreen, which tin beryllium particularly reliable connected smaller screens for illustration nan iPhone.

With today’s update, Timery has added nan action to see pagination buttons to immoderate of its widgets. For example, successful spot of a saved timer, guardant and backmost buttons look that let you to page done aggregate groups of timers. There’s still thing to beryllium said for utilizing a ample widget that allows you to entree much saved aliases caller timers pinch a azygous tap, but if you don’t person nan space, pagination buttons are a awesome solution.

Timery has besides added nan action to see commencement controls to its widgets. In spot of a saved aliases caller timer, nan app includes a commencement fastener arsenic good arsenic customizable buttons that tin commencement a timer a definite magnitude of clip successful nan past aliases based connected nan clip you stopped your astir caller timer.

Timery’s graphs let you to drill down into individual projects, too. Wherever you spot a caret adjacent to a task successful a chart, pat it, and you’ll get much specifications connected that entry. A mini adjacent fastener will look successful nan apical near area of that conception of nan widget, allowing you to adjacent nan existent position and return to wherever you began.

Also, beryllium judge to cheque retired Timery’s updated Lock Screen widgets that person added interactivity, allowing you to commencement aliases extremity timers from nan iPhone and iPad’s Lock Screen. On nan iPad’s Lock Screen, Joe Hribar has taken advantage of nan action to connection larger widgets than nan iPhone, adding a wide assortment of interactive widgets akin to nan small-sized Home Screen ones.

The app has much StandBy widgets than most, too, pinch 7 options that are akin to nan app’s mini Home Screen widgets. Because nan app supports Live Activities, you’ll spot a mini oval parameter astatine nan apical of immoderate StandBy surface pinch your antagonistic counting up, too. Tap it, and nan sanction of nan timer appears, on pinch an interactive extremity fastener to extremity nan timer.

Finally, Timery’s watchOS redesign looks fantastic. The main interface looks modern and includes area controls connected astir screens, for illustration nan 1 that shows nan existent timer that’s running. The app useful pinch nan watchOS 10 Smart Stack, a useful spot to pin Timery’s widget that makes it easy to extremity timers that you whitethorn person forgotten astir erstwhile you measurement distant from your desk. The app’s complications person been updated, too.

The latest update of Timery is incredibly heavy and worthy mounting speech immoderate clip to research successful depth. There’s a batch there, but aft spending a small clip experimenting, I’ve recovered nan options that make nan app activity for me, affecting which Timery widgets I usage arsenic good arsenic their size and setup. With a small upfront work, I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if astir readers tweak their Timery setups successful immoderate way, too.

Timery is disposable connected nan App Store arsenic a free download. Some features require a subscription.

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