This will sell out – the Apple Watch 9 is down to a new record-low price at Walmart's Black Friday sale

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Right now, you tin save $50 connected each Apple Watch Series 9 models, whether 41mm aliases 45mm, GPS-only aliases LTE-enabled, astatine Walmart. It’s a awesome woody for anyone looking to shop nan Walmart Black Friday sale and 1 of nan champion Apple Watch Black Friday deals we’ve seen truthful acold this year. 

Walmart Plus members get early entree for 3 hours earlier nan wide public, who only get nan woody aft 3 p.m. ET: fixed really uncommon discounts are connected caller Apple Watches, it’s reliable to ideate you’ll spot a amended woody connected nan Series 9 than this one, truthful see becoming a Plus member. 

The Apple Watch Series 9 comes pinch respective caller tricks that elevate it supra nan remainder of nan champion Apple Watches. First and foremost is nan caller Double Tap feature, which allows you to run nan watch hands-free, but there's besides a faster processor and each nan goodies watchOS 10 has to offer, specified arsenic revamped cycling, hiking, and intelligence wellness features. 

Check retired nan woody successful afloat below:

The champion Black Friday Apple Watch deals astatine Walmart

More Apple Watch Series 9 deals:

Unless you’re opting for nan Apple Watch Ultra 2, nan Series 9 is nan astir up-to-date smartwatch you’re going to get retired of Apple’s crop, which intends it’s besides nan astir future-proof. 

When Apple yet stops supporting different Watches successful years to come, nan Series 9 will still beryllium successful use, particularly arsenic it’s nan first procreation pinch nan Ultra Wideband wireless connectivity system, which is going to travel arsenic modular connected early iPhones and Watches. This intends you’re going to get years of work retired of this device, making it awesome worth astatine these reduced prices. 

Don't forget, this woody is exclusive for Walmart Plus members from 12pm ET to 3pm ET, truthful if you want to beryllium definite to drawback a woody connected nan latest and top flagship Apple Watch (and entree to much early-access tech deals), see signing up to Walmart Plus.

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