This new camera app lets you create a Hollywood look on your iPhone

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Blackmagic Camera app moving connected an iPhone
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DaVinci Resolve has agelong been 1 of nan best video editing software devices connected nan marketplace (and easy our favourite free video editor). 

Now, Blackmagic Design, nan improvement squad down nan tool, has released a caller camera app for iPhone that brings studio-grade stylings to videos for YouTube, TikTok, and more. 

Known arsenic Blackmagic Camera, nan app adds nan company’s integer movie camera controls and image processing that adds a cinematic ‘look’ seen successful Hollywood characteristic films. 

Studio-grade contented creation

Today’s audiences person progressively precocious expectations from video contented - and that’s true, whether it’s an online ad, societal media post, aliases a YouTube video. And it’s an rumor since galore telephone cameras simply aren’t capable to present those high-quality images without important finance successful production-ready integer cameras. 

It’s this abstraction that Blackmagic Camera is group to fill. The app promises nan expertise to seizure phone-based videos comparable to master integer movie cameras, correct down to nan interface recovered successful nan company’s ain scope of high-end cameras. 

According to nan company, users tin “adjust settings specified arsenic framework rate, shutter angle, achromatic equilibrium and ISO each successful a azygous tap. Or, grounds straight to Blackmagic Cloud successful manufacture modular 10-bit Apple ProRes files up to 4K.” 

The app is tin of framework rates up to 60fps, a wide scope of shutter speeds from 1/24th to 1/8000th, and a number of tint and achromatic equilibrium presets for capturing videos. Content creators will besides find support for Blackmagic’s cloud storage, which allows video editors to collaborate connected projects successful DaVinci Resolve. Users tin negociate clips done nan app’s master media guidance tool. However, only iPhones moving iOS 16.6 aliases supra are supported.

Blackmagic Design is nary alien to nan Apple ecosystem. In December 2022, nan patient released DaVinci Resolve for iPad, a fully-featured video editing app that matches its desktop counterpart successful each department. 

Users tin download nan free app by clicking here. 

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