These Are the iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma Features Coming Later This Year

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Next week, Apple will statesman releasing its caller OSes, which are packed pinch a batch of caller features. However, those updates won’t see everything you whitethorn person heard astir complete nan summer. For nan past fewer years, OS features that are announced astatine WWDC person been progressively released aft nan autumn merchandise of awesome OS revisions. Sometimes, those later releases are signaled astatine WWDC, but often they’re not, truthful we’ve compiled a database of features that won’t beryllium disposable successful Apple’s autumn OS updates but person been promised to travel successful a later release. Unless different indicated, nan pursuing features will beryllium coming later to iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma:

  • One of nan tentpole features of Messages this twelvemonth is nan expertise to create stickers utilizing each OSes’ expertise to assistance subjects from a photo. The action to stock stickers from Messages’ ‘Plus’ paper is already successful this fall’s updates, but later, you’ll besides beryllium capable to nonstop stickers utilizing nan Tapback menu, too.
  • Messages will besides sync settings, for illustration matter connection forwarding, SMS filters, and nonstop and person accounts, via iCloud successful a later release.
  • The ‘catch up’ arrow fastener recovered now connected iOS 17 that takes users to nan apical of caller messages successful a engaged thread will travel to iPadOS 17.
  • The News widget will adhd playback controls for Apple News podcasts and News+ audio stories connected iOS and iPadOS 17.
  • AirDrop will adhd nan expertise to decorativeness a record transportation utilizing nan Internet if a section peer-to-peer relationship drops.
  • A batch of Music’s promised updates are coming later, including:
    • Collaborative playlists that will let a group to add, rearrange, and region songs.
    • Emoji reactions to opus collaborative playlist opus choices successful nan Now Playing view.
    • A caller Favorite Songs playlist, thing which I’ve maintained arsenic a smart playlist forever, will beryllium disposable automatically successful your Library and via Siri.
    • Marking items arsenic favorites is expanding to see songs, albums, playlists, and artists. Favorites will automatically beryllium added to your Library, eliminating what is now a two-step process, and will beryllium utilized to amended your recommendations.
    • Also, Music will adhd a macOS Sonoma widget to let users to play aliases region a opus aliases medium aliases spot a database of apical charts and, for Apple Music subscribers, recommendations.
  • Intelligent PDF shape discovery pinch enhanced AutoFill will beryllium disposable systemwide successful apps for illustration Files and Mail, arsenic good arsenic for scanned documents.
  • The Fitness app will let you to prioritize nan measurement of trainers’ voices aliases nan training session’s euphony connected iOS and iPadOS 17.
  • Proximity sign-in utilizing nan particle unreality utilized by devices for illustration nan HomePod and Apple Watch will beryllium expanded to make it easier to usage a signed-in, trusted iPhone aliases iPad to motion successful to different devices.
  • Your iPhone will adhd nan expertise to pat to unlock Matter-enabled smart locks pinch a location cardinal aliases group up a PIN codification successful nan Home app connected iOS 17.
  • Finally, there’s nary connection yet connected erstwhile Journal, Apple’s journaling app, will make its debut.

Of these features, I’m particularly looking guardant to nan updates to Music, checking what Journal is tin of, and sending stickers utilizing Tapback, which I expect will summation my usage of them a lot. There’s nary connection yet erstwhile these features debut, but I expect we’ll spot them trickle retired starting later this year.

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