The Ultimate Guide to Sponsored Content

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Creating your ain branded videos, blogs, aliases podcasts tin require a batch of bandwidth. 

sponsored contented creation

If you’ve ever wanted to research pinch this strategy, but haven’t had nan clip aliases resources to nutrient your ain campaigns, sponsoring contented from different companies aliases influencers mightiness beryllium nan correct strategy for you.

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Once relegated to people publications, sponsored contented is thriving successful nan online trading space. We’ll explicate what sponsored contented is, springiness champion practices, and supply tips for staying wrong national advertizing guidelines.

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What is sponsored content?

Sponsored contented is simply a type of promotional media that's paid for by an advertiser, but created and shared by different brand, influencer, aliases publisher.

This type of contented is astir engaging erstwhile you sponsor a institution aliases influencer who targets your halfway assemblage and already discusses topics that align pinch your brand. When this is done right, immoderate mention of your marque feels for illustration a earthy fresh alternatively than an invasive advertisement.

Instead of reasoning they conscionable saw an advertisement, audiences should travel distant from sponsored contented emotion for illustration they’ve learned thing interesting. This makes your marque look much credible, memorable, and — astir importantly — trustworthy. 

When it comes to branded aliases sponsored content, spot is simply a awesome facet that engages imaginable customers. In fact, erstwhile marketers sponsor contented from a trusted publisher, they spot a 50% higher marque assistance than marketers who make their ain content. 

As branded and sponsored contented gains steam, investigation continues to show that trading your merchandise pinch value contented tin beryllium incredibly effective. In fact, contented trading gets three times much leads than paid hunt advertising.

How to Distinguish Sponsored Content

Although sponsored contented is engaging and effective, it still occasionally gets confused pinch much accepted autochthonal ads.

Native advertizing is erstwhile a marque creates editorial contented that centers astir their product. Then, they mightiness salary a website aliases patient to stock it successful a measurement that people flows wrong a database of contented connected their homepage. 

Here’s an illustration of a autochthonal advertisement that appeared connected Huffington Post’s homepage. Aside from nan advertisement attribution nether nan headline, nan station astir elder entitlements is designed to show up connected nan page conscionable for illustration a regular news story. 

Native advertisement offers 12 elder discountsWhen you click it expecting a regular post, you’re sent to a branded article that purely highlights services and discounts from Money Nation.

Full page autochthonal advertisement offering elder discounts

While you mightiness want to see a autochthonal advertisement that goes straight to a merchandise page for contiguous income aliases postulation purposes, starring readers down a conversion way excessively soon could move disconnected audiences.

Since group whitethorn scroll past aliases tune retired erstwhile they spot contented that’s evidently created by an advertiser, a portion of sponsored contented created by a trusted root mightiness beryllium a stronger alternative.

Once you’re fresh to commencement sponsoring content, it tin still beryllium difficult to travel up pinch a database of contented ideas aliases place brands that you could sponsor. To thief animate you, present are a fewer awesome examples.

Sponsored Content Examples

Sponsored Photo aliases Video Content

Most consumers want to spot videos from brands, truthful it’s nary astonishment that video and photograph contented are gaining attraction from sponsors. Here are 3 awesome examples of video and photograph posts: 

Good 'n' Fun

Dog dainty marque Good 'n' Fun utilized immoderate existent canine fans to get nan connection retired astir its chews and supply immoderate societal proof. The photograph shows 2 happy pups excitedly staring a 3 bags of nan brand's treats. 

 goodnfun promoImage Source

The tiny pups beryllium to integer creator Dulce Randall who created nan sponsored station for nan brand. The sponsored station fresh perfectly successful pinch her contented which follows her tiny Husky and Corgi connected different adventures. 

Michelob Ultra

Michelob sponsored a Tastemade look video which utilized nan brew arsenic an constituent successful a shrimp ceviche tostada dish. The video shows really nan brew is utilized arsenic a flavoring constituent and lists its sanction successful nan video caption. 

View this station connected Instagram

Break retired nan grill for this exotic twist connected a shrimp ceviche tostada, which isn't complete without a refreshing Michelob ULTRA Infusions Lime and Prickly Pear Cactus. #Sponsored by @MichelobULTRA #InfuseYourSummer⁠ ⁠ INGREDIENTS:⁠ 1/2 cup oliva oil⁠ 1/4 cup chopped caller cilantro⁠ Zest and juice of 2 limes⁠ 2 teaspoons basking capsicum sauce⁠ 2 cloves garlic, grated⁠ 1 tablespoonful herb paste⁠ 1 spoon kosher salt⁠ 1/2 spoon crushed achromatic pepper⁠ 1 lb mean (21 to 26) shrimp, deveined and tails removed⁠ ⁠ CEVICHE:⁠ 1 cup Roma tomatoes, mini dice⁠ 1/2 cup dragonfruit, mini dice⁠ 1/2 cup caller mango, mini diced⁠ 1/2 cup reddish onion, mini diced⁠ 1/3 cup cilantro leaves, chopped⁠ 1 mini Serrano, finely chopped⁠ 1/4 cup caller lime juice⁠ 1/4 cup mango juice⁠ 2 tablespoons oliva oil⁠ 1 spoon herb paste⁠ 1 spoon Worcestershire sauce⁠ 1 spoon kosher salt⁠ ⁠ GUACAMOLE:⁠ 2 large, ripe avocados, trim successful half and pitted⁠ 1 lime, sliced successful half⁠ 1 mini reddish onion, trim into 1/2-inch rings⁠ 4 cloves garlic, peeled⁠ 1 mini jalapeño, sliced successful half and seeded⁠ 3 tablespoons oliva oil⁠ 2 teaspoons oversea salt⁠ 1 spoon crushed achromatic pepper⁠ 1/2 cup cilantro leaves, chopped⁠ Tostadas⁠ Lime wedges⁠ ⁠ Steps continued successful nan comments below.⁠ ⁠

A station shared by Tastemade (@tastemade) connected Jul 2, 2019 astatine 12:06pm PDT

In this example, Michelob was capable to sponsor applicable contented and get a earthy merchandise plug without altering Tastemade’s video look style. 

Another awesome point astir this contented is that it doesn’t conscionable cater to brew drinkers aliases Michelob-specific fans. Someone who doesn’t portion brew regularly, but wants to navigator this look arsenic shown, mightiness still person a logic to acquisition Michelob Ultra. 

In nan mini business world, a section edifice mightiness sponsor a look video for illustration this created by a nutrient blogger to show disconnected a repast they navigator astatine their restaurant. You mightiness besides spot a nutrient aliases constituent vendor akin sponsor a look video wherever their ingredients are listed. 


This Instagram station from Imbibe, a blog that informs users of absorbing alcoholic beverages, shows disconnected photos of Seedip, a non-alcoholic spirit.

The caption directs audiences to nan account’s bio wherever they tin find nan nexus to a look that includes Seedip arsenic an ingredient. It besides describes nan portion and uses hashtags for illustration #sponsored to awesome that nan contented was paid for.

This is different illustration of really sponsoring contented from a marque that aligns good pinch yours tin create a much earthy emotion campaign. 

This type of sponsored style mightiness beryllium adjuvant to different companies successful nan nutrient and beverage industry. For example, if a section vino brewery sponsored a restaurant’s societal station which highlighted a caller statement of wines, this could thief nan vino marque summation consciousness and imaginable purchases from nan restaurant’s followers.

Sponsored Podcasts

Podcasting is growing. In fact, successful 2018, we discovered that 17% of marketers planned to adhd podcasting to their strategy. 

While large brands for illustration GE and Microsoft person already created their ain shows, different marketers person focused connected sponsoring podcasts that subordinate to their section aliases person a akin target audience. Sponsoring a podcast allows marketers to summation consciousness from listeners without having to put clip and effort into creating their ain contented from scratch.

Here are 2 examples:

Rise and Grind

This 10-episode podcast series was sponsored by ZipRecruiter and hosted by Shark Tank’s Daymon John. The bid ran successful relationship pinch nan motorboat of John’s book, besides titled Rise and Grind.

The contented aligned good pinch some John and ZipRecruiter arsenic it included interviews from entrepreneurs and business leaders, profession and question and reply tips, and motivational advice. ZipRecruiter is occasionally mentioned, but nan contented is chiefly editorial successful nature.

Here’s 1 of nan podcast’s mini-episodes, titled “Motivational Minute: Take nan Shot.”

For companies successful B2B aliases highly-professional fields, sponsoring a podcast that features executive-level tips and proposal allows your assemblage to spot really successful touch your marque is pinch its industry.

A sponsored podcast mightiness besides pass caller audiences pinch akin interests astir your marque erstwhile they tune successful to perceive an interview. 

My Brother, My Brother and Me

The My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast, besides known arsenic MBMBaM, is simply a comedic show that touches connected news and popular culture. When they person a sponsor, they travel up pinch a taxable that relates to nan advertiser aliases usage merchandise placement strategies. 

One of nan astir notable and utmost examples was erstwhile they hosted a “Family Fun Hour” sponsored by Totinos. During nan episode, they gave a little history of Totino’s, discussed their favourite snacks from nan company, and played games that included Totino’s foods. This was considered arsenic a marque caller strategy astatine nan clip and was noted connected sites for illustration Vulture.

While this is an different illustration wherever merchandise placement takes up astir of nan show, it demonstrates really contented creators tin create thing unsocial and still centered astir a product.

Sponsored Influencer Content

Currently, 80% of marketers report that influencer trading is an effective strategy.  While galore marketers person taken portion successful co-marketing pinch influencers, immoderate person besides sponsored their content.

One of nan platforms wherever influencer trading thrives astir is Instagram. Here are a fewer examples of really brands are sponsoring influencer contented connected nan platform:

NordicTrack Sponsors Ben Gravy

 nordic trackImage Source

In this humorous clip, semi pro surfer & vlogger Ben Gravy documents really utilizing a NordicTrack stationary motorcycle has helped him retrieve from a surfing injury. 

The video follows Gravvy arsenic he hilariously goes done his caller workout regular connected nan motorcycle erstwhile he can't thrust nan waves. The motorcycle helps him proceed to attraction connected building limb spot and cardio arsenic he recovers. The Instagram reel is funny, relatable, and shows nan merchandise successful action.

OTOTO Sponsors Hungry Artist NY

 Hungry Artist NY Image Source

Kitchen merchandise institution OTOTO made a tasty collaboration pinch influencer foodie Hungry Artist NY. Since Justin (AKA Hungry Artist) is known for his drool-inducing nutrient content, OTOTO was capable to activity it's products seamlessly into a look for ail scallion noodles pinch steak. 

In this lawsuit nan featured merchandise was a brace of OTOTO's tongs utilized to flip nan ail breadstuff and grip nan basking cooky expanse to support Justin from burning himself. It wasn't forced and utilized a elemental callout that didn't interrupt nan travel of nan video.  

CR7 Footwear Sponsors Cristiano Rinaldo

In this post, Cristiano Rinaldo, a shot prima and nan most-followed personification connected Instagram, shares a image of himself relaxing successful CR7 Footwear. 

Cristiano is no alien to sponsored posts and he has mastered nan creation of earthy merchandise plugs. Because nan photograph shows him lounging and reference a book, alternatively than conscionable his shoes, fans mightiness consciousness for illustration they're seeing a behind-the-scenes photograph of him, alternatively than a promotion.

Since Cristiano is simply a awesome jock and influencer who's recommended apparel successful nan past, viewers of this station mightiness spot and travel his footwear endorsements, moreover if nan footwear isn't athletic. 

While nan sponsorship of an jock seems perfect for companies that waste sporting equipment aliases clothing, this placement shows really a awesome influencer tin successfully beforehand a number of products that aren't conscionable constricted to their industry.

Coach Sponsors Selena Gomez

Here’s an illustration wherever Coach sponsored an Instagram station from Selena Gomez, nan former most-followed personification connected Instagram. In nan post’s caption, she shares specifications astir a Coach outfit she’s wearing.

This is simply a bully illustration of sponsor and promoter alignment. Coach is simply a high-fashion institution and Selena Gomez regularly shares her outfits and thoughts astir manner connected her societal platforms. To viewers, this mightiness consciousness for illustration her accustomed posts wherever she casually shares what she’s wearing. 

On a smaller scale, this sponsored contented strategy could beryllium adjuvant for ecommerce stores aliases boutiques who want to beforehand their products by paying personification pinch a ample pursuing to return photos pinch them.

Lulus Sponsors Lexi Mars

Influencer Lexi Mars has published a fewer sponsored Instagram posts for Lulus. In these posts, she puts connected a fewer of their outfits and shows disconnected different accessories from nan brand. 

Like different influencers connected this list, she tags Lulus successful her posts. This enables her fans to sojourn their account, study much astir their brand, and perchance travel them. 

In nan video station below, she tries connected dresses from Lulus and captions nan video arsenic "outfit ideas for graduation."

Like nan Selena Gomez example, this sponsorship aligns good pinch some nan clothing institution and nan influencer's brands.

Lexi regularly posts pictures of her outfits and videos pinch manner tips, truthful this video will not look different aliases forced to her fans. The style of clothing is besides akin to nan outfits she wears successful different pictures, truthful fans who retrieve her accustomed manner choices mightiness not beryllium disrupted by nan ad. 

Because Lexi besides highlights that these are graduation outfits, she mightiness prosecute members of her pursuing who are graduating, arsenic group searching Instagram for graduation dress inspiration.

This type of influencer strategy mightiness beryllium adjuvant to boutiques, beingness stores, aliases ecommerce shops that want to beforehand their seasonal aliases event-related clothing.

Tractor Supply Sponsors A Dog Named Stella

In this sponsored station from @ADogNamedStella, Stella’s proprietor films her exploring s Tractor Supply shop pinch her family. In nan video, nan canine and children play pinch toys and items connected nan shelves and location are ample shots taken astir nan store. The video besides shows friends unit playing pinch nan dog.

Although location are immoderate elaborate shots of nan store, this video is still focused connected telling nan dog’s story, which makes nan contented a spot much absorbing than a generic trading video.

By sponsoring nan contented of a celebrated canine influencer, who has complete 284,000 followers, Tractor Supply mightiness beryllium spreading consciousness astir its products to canine owners and canine lovers that mightiness not cognize they waste items different than landscaping supplies. 

Unlike galore sponsored pieces, which often item online services connected products, this contented besides creatively shows disconnected a beingness business. Sponsored contented for illustration this could beryllium an effective measurement to show disconnected products successful a mini aliases section shop that doesn’t connection an online shop conscionable yet. 

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles person been astir for years. While they were communal successful people publications, they person easy made nan jump to blogs and online news sites. 

According to a study by Neilsen and Mode Media, consumers walk 2.5 minutes reference a sponsored article. That’s astir nan aforesaid magnitude of clip that they walk reference a modular editorial piece.

Here’s 1 illustration of sponsored article contented from Huffington Post.

Sleep Number

In a portion sponsored by nan Sleep Number mattress company, Huffington Post readers are offered a quiz and a slideshow connected nan subject of sleep.

Sponsored contented from Sleep Number discussing Sleep

Unlike nan autochthonal advertisement from Huffington Post that was shown above, this portion has nan aforesaid creation arsenic each nan different editorial posts connected nan website. It besides has editorial newspegs and credibly originated accusation including a truth from nan CDC.

In nan nutrient of nan post, location is only 1 mention of Sleep Number. They besides see sponsorship connection astatine nan extremity alternatively than successful nan mediate aliases astatine nan beginning. This makes nan station consciousness much editorial and little for illustration an ad. 

This illustration seems for illustration it would beryllium of worth to audiences who want to study much astir nan subject of sleep.

The quiz and technological facts besides make it consciousness much engaging and credible. A personification who sounds this aliases takes nan quiz mightiness deliberation that Sleep Number is simply a go-to mattress institution because they’ve been affiliated pinch editorial contented astir sleep.

Sponsoring editorial contented for illustration this could beryllium a bully strategy for businesses pinch an assemblage guidelines that has interests successful reference news aliases blogs online. 

For example, a gym mightiness sponsor a portion connected fittingness tips for nan aged successful nan wellness conception of their section newspaper. With a portion for illustration that, audiences who sojourn nan newspaper tract aliases prime up nan beingness insubstantial mightiness study much astir why staying fresh is important and determine to subordinate nan gym.

FTC Sponsored Content

Even though sponsored contented mightiness beryllium much valuable to a customer than a accepted ad, it's still legally considered a shape of advertizing and is taxable to circumstantial guidelines. You’ll still request to travel nan Federal Trade Commission’s online advertizing and trading guidelines.

On societal media platforms, acknowledging that contented is sponsored tin get tricky. In 2017, nan FTC sent much than 90 letters and published an online announcement reminding influencers and brands to intelligibly authorities erstwhile they person a “material connection” to a brand.

This intends that a institution aliases influencer must disclose erstwhile different institution has fixed them a costs aliases different assets successful return for publishing an endorsement aliases sponsored content

To debar immoderate regulatory issues, galore influencers and brands now usage a hashtag specified arsenic #ad aliases #sponsored connected societal platforms if location is nary different measurement to intelligibly disclose a sponsorship successful a post. Hashtagging seems to beryllium a go-to connected Instagram, which presently has complete 2.5 cardinal posts marked pinch “#sponsored.”

While you should return clip to publication up connected each nan FTC requirements that could effect your campaigns, present are nan biggest guidelines to support successful mind erstwhile posting aliases publishing sponsored content:

  • Make judge nan contented is free of any misleading claims aliases lies. For example, a supplement institution shouldn’t opportunity their vitamins cure a illness erstwhile they person not proven to do so.
  • Even if you are posting connected societal media, clearly disclose erstwhile contented is sponsored and who nan sponsor is. With this disclosure, audiences will cognize that immoderate aspects of nan contented were paid for.
  • If your contented is connected your website aliases your sponsor’s, make judge nan font of nan disclosure is legible. The matter and colour should beryllium easy to spot and ideally different from nan assemblage copy’s style. A statement that contented is an advertisement, sponsored, promoted aliases presented by a institution should look successful nan station itself arsenic good arsenic adjacent nan header if a CTA for it is featured connected a homepage. 

Disclaimer: We're not lawyers, and nan supra shouldn't beryllium taken arsenic ineligible advice. Consult a ineligible professional.

Tips for Creating Sponsored Content

When moving pinch a sponsor to create absorbing and compelling content, present are a fewer tips to support successful mind:

  • Aim to sponsor contented that attracts and delights your audience. If it’s enjoyable, they’ll proceed to devour it and perchance click connected your links.
  • When looking for nan contented creator, take a company, influencer, aliases patient pinch a akin assemblage aliases mission. If group spot an endorsement aliases sponsored station from an entity they trust, they’ll beryllium much alert of a merchandise and much apt to bargain it. This will besides make immoderate plugs aliases merchandise mentions consciousness little for illustration an ad.
  • Work pinch nan sponsor to prime a taxable that aligns pinch your goals and your audience’s interests. For example, if you’re a constitution company, sponsoring an influencer’s tutorial that highlights your products mightiness beryllium beneficial.
  • Focus connected creating engaging contented first and merchandise plugs second. If you’re contented feels for illustration it’s solely advertizing a product, group mightiness tune out.
  • Sponsor contented that goes beyond blog formatting. Be judge to see videos, photos, and podcasts. These 3 areas are gaining much and much liking from marketers and consumers alike.


Sponsored contented tin let you to scope caller audiences and summation valuable spot from prospective customers. But, dissimilar autochthonal ads, you don’t person to sacrifice your team’s bandwidth to create it. 

As you commencement looking for personification to sponsor, support an oculus retired for group aliases brands that align pinch your ngo and consciousness for illustration a earthy fit. 

If you’re excited by nan thought of branded content, but aren't willing successful moving pinch a sponsor, cheque retired these engaging examples of autochthonal advertising.

Editor's note: This article was primitively published successful July 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. 
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