The Top 7 Web3 Domain Names Registry Platforms

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Web3 domains are gaining traction because they connection respective benefits complete their accepted counterparts. For instance, they alteration nan integration of cryptocurrency wallet addresses and nan creation of decentralized websites that are resilient against power and censorship.

These domains will apt go much valuable successful nan future. So, if you want to hop onto this inclination and get a Web3 domain, beneath are immoderate awesome domain sanction registry platforms.

1. Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains website screenshot

Unstoppable Domains is simply a celebrated Web3 domain sanction registry level pinch almost 4 cardinal registered domains. Founded successful 2018, this San Francisco institution intends to empower individuals by providing them pinch user-owned integer identities successful nan integer world.

Unstoppable Domains offers a assortment of domain extensions, including .crypto, .nft, .wallet, .x, .dao, .888, .zil, .go, .blockchain, and .bitcoin. They besides connection .eth domains, which must beryllium renewed annually, dissimilar different domains that only require a one-time payment. In addition, nan level enables you to upload websites to nan decentralized IPFS network and nexus your domains.

Other notable features see nan expertise to merge crypto wallet addresses to alteration easy payments, easy log-ins to decentralized web services utilizing your Web3 username, rewards for utilizing your sanction erstwhile managing integer identity, including displaying NFTs and achievements.

Besides nan one-time costs of domains, you tin research exclusive features done 3 further pricing packages: Unstoppable Blue astatine $19.99/yr, Bulk Unstoppable Vault astatine $99, and Ai Art astatine $14.99.

2. ENS Domains

ENS Domains website screenshot

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is simply a decentralized naming strategy that operates connected nan Ethereum blockchain. Its ngo is to supply a user-friendly measurement to interact pinch blockchain addresses and decentralized websites.

With complete 2.5 cardinal registered domain names, it's nan second-largest Web3 domain service. The autochthonal domain hold for ENS is .eth. However, nan level allows users to import accepted domain names they own, specified arsenic .com, .org, and .net, into ENS.

ENS has a robust ecosystem of wallets and applications that support its functionality, and it tin beryllium utilized seamlessly pinch nan astir celebrated web browsers and browser extensions. In addition, users tin create censorship-resistant decentralized websites utilizing ENS by uploading their website contented to IPFS and associating it pinch their ENS domain name.

The costs of ENS domains depends connected various factors, including nan characters, wherever less characteristic domain names costs more, and nan registration period.

3. EDNS Domains

EDNS Domains website screenshot

Ether Domain Name Service is simply a Web3 domain registry built connected Polygon pinch astir 2 cardinal domain registrations. The platform, launched successful early 2022, is simply a one-stop solution for group pinch Web3 entree needs.

EDNS Domains offers unsocial Web3 domain extensions specified arsenic .meta, .web3, .music, .404, .sandbox and .gamefi. These domains are taxable to renewal each one, three, aliases five-year period, depending connected nan package you take.

Other features see entree to an ecosystem that supports crypto wallets, apps, and browsers, decentralized retention services, and a Chrome browser hold that enables hunt for accusation related to Web3 domains. It besides provides Web3 messaging wrong nan platform.

Pricing starts astatine $25 for a one-year subscription, $67.5 for 3 years, and $100 for nan five-year package. It has an ambassador programme that incentivizes users to beforehand nan maturation of nan Web3 organization utilizing nan registry.

4. Punk Domains

Punk Domains website screenshot

Punk Domains is simply a level that offers a unsocial attack to domain sanction registration and integer personality successful nan Web3 space. It was launched successful early 2022 and has collaborated pinch complete a twelve projects to connection Web3 domains.

Punk Domains' registry provides domain names nether TLD mill contracts–top-level domain templates pinch chopped business logic–synonymous to Web3 domains. Featured extensions see .smol, .zksoul, .pool, .op, .sgb, .L2, .flr, .giveth, .fantom, .ppl, .klima, and .dope.

Notably, Punk Domains operated connected Layer 2 chains, providing users pinch a broader scope of domains beyond .eth, i.e., anyone tin create a TLD connected nan platform. Also, domains registered connected nan level are ERC-721 tokens, which intends they are Ethereum NFTs and tin beryllium bought and sold connected NFT marketplaces.

Punk Domains pricing depends connected nan TLD and number of characters of your chosen name. For instance, a one-character sanction costs 0.1 eth, while a five-character sanction costs 0.02 eth connected .pool TLD.


SPACE.ID website screenshot

SPACE.ID is simply a broad level that provides services related to integer identities and Web3 domain management. The level was launched successful 2022 to cater to nan evolving needs of nan Web3 community.

SPACE.ID offers 3 main blockchain-based domain extensions: .bnb, .eth, and .arb for Binance, Ethereum, and Arbitrum blockchains, respectively. It besides provides a Web3 Name SDK & API, simplifying nan integration of nan Web3 sanction services.

The level besides incorporates components for illustration TLD Factories, restricted TLD names, TLD contracts, and domain specifications to guarantee nan soft cognition of its platform. Other notable features see subdomain management, integration of NFT collections and a smart-contract enabled advertisement hoc blockchain that enhances information and scalability.

SPACE.ID charges a modular $5 per twelvemonth for each domains registered connected nan platform.

6. Freename

Feename website screenshot

Freename specializes successful Web3 top-level domains (TLDs), offering users a wide scope of integer personality guidance and web beingness services.

Freename operates much arsenic a registry for TLD extensions and, therefore, offers a assortment of TLD options, allowing users to take domain extensions that suit their preferences and purposes. It supports Polygon, BinanceSmart Chain, Aurora and Cronos.

Users tin create, mint, and usage Web3 domains connected their preferred blockchain and return advantage of nan platform's elasticity and customization options. They tin besides registry trademarks for their Web3 TLDs, to protect their integer identities globally.

The modular value of a second-level domain, specified arsenic yourname.brand, starts astatine $5, while top-level domains, specified arsenic .brand, alteration depending connected their perceived worth successful nan market.

7. PeerName

PeerName website screenshot

PeerName is simply a registrar specializing successful decentralized domain names based connected blockchain technology. It was founded successful 2014 to supply registration services for each caller blockchain-based domain sanction spaces.

It hosts complete 7000 domains and supports a scope of costs methods, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin's Lightning Network, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. It offers domain extensions .bit, .tor, .coin, .bazar, .lib, .emc, .sats, .ord, .gm, and .unisat.

The cardinal features see a user-friendly web-based interface, unafraid domain storage, free twelvemonth for each incoming domain transfer, and browser extensions that make accessing Web3 domains straight from Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge easy.

PeerName pricing ranges from $16.99 for Namecoin extensions (.bit and .tor) done $17.99 for Emercoin extensions (.coin and .bazar) to $29.99 for Ordinals extensions (.sats). Domain names are renewed annually.

Grab Your Web3 Domain

The Web3 domain abstraction is ushering successful a caller era of decentralized, user-friendly, and versatile online identities. As blockchain exertion reshapes nan integer landscape, having a memorable and unafraid Web3 domain is becoming progressively important for individuals, businesses, and projects.

So, whether you're securing your unsocial Web3 domain aliases exploring imaginable finance opportunities, these platforms are your gateway to a decentralized integer early wherever users power their online identities.

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