The Surface Duo gets the worst birthday present, as Microsoft drops support

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Surface Duo
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Three years aft nan Surface Duo launched connected September 10, 2020, Microsoft announced that it would driblet charismatic package support for nan device.

However, this should travel arsenic nary astonishment to those who publication nan Surface Duo support page, arsenic Microsoft intelligibly outlined connected it that nan instrumentality would only person Android type and information updates for 3 years aft its launch. Starting from now forward, nan tech elephantine will not beryllium sending retired OS updates and information patches, making Android 12L nan past version.

On apical of that, nan Surface Duo only genuinely received 2 awesome updates, which is moreover little than what Android devices get connected average. But it seems that Microsoft hasn’t been releasing immoderate smaller updates for illustration bug fixes aliases caller features complete nan years either. 

Luckily, there’s third-party support, which allows you to instal a civilization type of Android 13/14 connected nan Surface Duo devices. It's thing that makes 1 of nan best phones moreover better. As for nan Surface Duo 2, Microsoft will connection support until October 21, 2024, which truthful acold has only received a azygous update since its release.

This is amazingly anti-consumer 

The Surface Duo isn’t nan only point losing support, arsenic Microsoft besides precocious announced that it would end third-party printer support complete nan adjacent respective years. But dissimilar nan Surface Duo, printer support will alternatively move to first-party which makes nan best printers acold much accessible to users.

However, that’s not nan lawsuit pinch this Surface Duo situation. Looking astatine it, only 3 years of support is perfectly atrocious, and it seems that Microsoft didn’t moreover springiness due 1 during those 3 years based connected nan deficiency of smaller-scale updates complete nan years. 

This three-year rhythm seems to now beryllium nan modular successful position of Android devices, but nan tech elephantine doesn’t moreover look to abide by that. The original Surface Duo only received 2 awesome updates, and nan Surface Duo 2 has only gotten a azygous awesome update pinch 1 twelvemonth remaining for charismatic support.

Another anti-consumer action Microsoft has taken is killing disconnected Windows 11 troubleshooters, which were sometimes adjuvant devices that diagnosed processes, automatically identified communal Windows problems, and past resolved them. This was a baked-in Windows OS characteristic since Windows 7, which will beryllium phased retired complete nan adjacent respective years.

Seeing Microsoft prosecute successful specified behaviour is disappointing to opportunity nan least, particularly considering all nan issues that Windows 11 already has. We reached retired to Microsoft for remark connected nan matter and will update this article erstwhile we person a statement.

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