The Pixel 8 Launch Event: How to Watch It and What to Expect

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The adjacent Made by Google arena is group for October and should spot nan motorboat of nan Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2.

The Google Logo connected a Building

Google is gearing up for its yearly autumn merchandise launch, officially confirming nan day and location for its October hardware event. While it is yet to uncover which devices will beryllium unveiled, each signs constituent to nan Pixel 8 bid and nan Pixel Watch 2 making their debut. Let's return a look astatine what you request to cognize astir nan event.

When Is Google's Launch Event, and How to Watch It

Google is hosting an in-person motorboat arena successful New York City connected October 4th, 2023, astatine 10 AM ET. You tin watch a unrecorded watercourse of nan arena connected Google's Made by Google YouTube channel.

The times are:

  • San Francisco: 7 AM
  • New York: 10 AM
  • London: 3 PM
  • Paris: 4 PM
  • Mumbai: 7.30 PM
  • Sydney: 1 AM (October 5)

What to Expect astatine Google's Pixel 8 Launch Event

The Made by Google arena for October 2023 is expected to beryllium jam-packed pinch caller hardware announcements. So, what precisely should we expect from this event?

Google Pixel 8 Series

The Pixel 8 is rumored to stone a 6.17-inch screen, while nan Pro maxes retired astatine 6.7 inches. Both will apt person soft 120Hz displays for buttery scrolling. These screens should beryllium awesome for watching videos aliases gaming.

For cameras, expect upgrades each around. The main sensor is getting bigger to fto successful much light, and nan Pixel 8 looks group to switch its aged 12MP ultrawide camera for a higher-res 64MP sensor. This should mean sharper, much detailed, wide shots.

A full caller camera app is rumored, and Google is cooking up AI camera tricks, too. "Adaptive torch" will set nan LED flash brightness based connected what's successful nan frame, while "Segmentation AWB" promises amended achromatic equilibrium processing. As always, nan Pixel 8 bid should excel astatine computational photography.

Under nan hood, nan Tensor G3 spot should supply meaningful capacity gains. And bigger batteries positive faster charging will thief support these phones juiced up.

The Pixel 8 Pro is besides group to battalion immoderate unsocial sensors: a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor for amended extent sensing and a thermometer for health-tracking features.

With each these upgrades, nan Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will easy proceed Google's estimation for having some of nan champion smartphone cameras and smartest software.

Pixel Watch 2

Google's 2nd effort astatine a smartwatch, nan Pixel Watch 2, should besides make an quality astatine nan event.

The Pixel Watch 2 will apt person a thinner, lighter creation compared to nan chunky first-generation Pixel Watch. Switching from stainless alloy to aluminum helps shed weight. So, you should expect a information watch look pinch slimmer bezels.

The watch will apt tally a Snapdragon W5 spot for amended capacity and supply ratio gains for perchance longer artillery life. This intends nan Always-on show mode should beryllium smoother, too.

Health and fittingness search is getting upgraded arsenic well. The Pixel Watch 2 is rumored to see an improved bosom complaint sensor, sleep-tracking abilities, and a caller assemblage somesthesia sensor. There's not overmuch actual item yet, but it's clear Google is readying to refine nan Pixel Watch formula.

Release Date and Availability

We still don't cognize precisely erstwhile nan Pixel 8 bid will spell connected sale, but if Google follows a akin shape to past year, pre-orders whitethorn unfastened soon aft nan event. The phones would past vessel and beryllium disposable successful stores astir mid-October.

There's nary charismatic connection connected price, either, though it's safe to presume nan devices will beryllium priced higher than past year's models. As a guide, nan Pixel 7a launched this twelvemonth astatine $499, a $50 summation complete nan Pixel 6a from 2022.

Google's Launch Event Promises Exciting New Toys

The Made for Google arena is shaping up to beryllium a large one. We're expecting to spot nan Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Watch 2, and possibly immoderate different surprises, too.

With preorders apt opening up correct after, you'll want to enactment accelerated if you want to beryllium 1 of nan first to snag Google's large caller hardware products for 2023.


Q: How Much Does nan Pixel 8 Cost?

Google will unveil nan Pixel 8 bid connected October 4, truthful nan charismatic value hasn't been revealed yet. However, rumors propose that nan Pixel 8 bid could spot a value bump pinch immoderate claiming nan guidelines exemplary to commencement astatine $699 and nan Pro exemplary to spell arsenic precocious arsenic $999. The Pixel has been an affordable replacement to galore different flagship Android phones, truthful this value hike whitethorn travel arsenic a daze to immoderate prospective buyers.

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