The Logitech Reach could be the webcam of the year — here’s why

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Logitech Reach
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The Logitech Reach articulating webcam could make presentations, tutorials and livestreams easier for people.

As nan institution announced successful a blog post, nan Logitech Reach is meant to alleviate nan challenges immoderate mightiness look erstwhile trying to stock non-digital objects during conferences aliases streams. For example, if you wanted to show disconnected thing for illustration a photograph aliases physics device, you’d person to bring it up to your webcam — which could beryllium burdensome if said entity is dense aliases sensitive.

With nan Logitech Reach, you're capable to support an entity connected your array and simply plaything nan articulating webcam complete it. As demonstrated successful nan video above, you tin move nan camera horizontally aliases vertically either by manus aliases pinch nan property of a button. 4.3x lossless zoom pinch autofocus makes it easy to show disconnected details, while guidance indicators support nan image upright on nan way.

Another convenient facet of nan Logitech Reach is that you don’t ever person to support it connected your desk. When not successful use, you tin simply region it from nan guidelines and shop it away. And since this is simply a plug-and-play device, you conscionable link it erstwhile you’re fresh to coming something. If you want aliases request to permanently support nan Logitech Reach connected your desk, you’ll beryllium capable to support it successful spot pinch a low-profile clamp.

Logitech will initially crowdfund nan Logitech Reach via Indiegogo Enterprise. As nan institution told The Verge, this run is really it plans to refine nan product’s design. There’s nary charismatic pricing yet, but it could beryllium offered astatine a “discounted” $299 aliases $399, depending connected nan webcam’s last design. Right now, there’s nary connection connected erstwhile nan crowdfunding run will officially launch. 


The Logitech Reach seems for illustration an intriguing device. If this articulating webcam is up to snuff, it could extremity up connected our champion Logitech webcams and best webcams lists. But we’ll person to hold and spot until nan crowdfunding run ends and Logitech offers nan webcam to nan public. Stay tuned for much news astir nan Logitech Reach. 

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