The iPhone Will Finally Support RCS Messages from Android Phones

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Apple says that RCS functionality will get "later adjacent year."

Sending a matter connection connected an iPhone.Jason Montoya / How-To Geek

After years of resistance, Apple now agrees to support nan RCS messaging standard. This will greatly amended communications betwixt iOS and Android users, apt erstwhile sending photos, videos, aliases location data. The take of RCS whitethorn besides easiness complaints of "green bubbles" successful group chats, though RCS still lacks galore of Apple's iMessage-exclusive features.

When asked astir RCS support successful 2022, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded, "I would emotion to person you to an iPhone." The institution has ever been adamant successful its rejection of RCS, truthful today's heel-turn comes arsenic a spot of a shock. Some group will in installments Google for Apple's alteration of heart—Google has routinely accused Apple of weaponizing matter messages, and it precocious asked nan EU to unit nan RCS modular onto Apple. The EU said "no" to Google's proposal, but Apple whitethorn person been spooked by nan threat of regulatory action.

Later adjacent year, we will beryllium adding support for RCS Universal Profile, nan modular arsenic presently published by nan GSM Association. We judge RCS Universal Profile will connection a amended interoperability acquisition erstwhile compared to SMS aliases MMS. This will activity alongside iMessage, which will proceed to beryllium nan champion and astir unafraid messaging acquisition for Apple users.

In a short connection to nan press, Apple explained that it will bring nan RCS Universal Profile to iPhone "later adjacent year." It besides admitted that RCS will connection greater interoperability than nan outdated SMS and MMS standards. But Apple is keen to mention that iMessage is much unafraid than RCS. It's true—iMessage supports end-to-end encryption, and RCS doesn't. According to TechRadar, Apple wants to thief nan GSM Association adhd end-to-end encryption to RCS. But it will not create a proprietary encryption solution for RCS messaging.

As an iPhone user, you whitethorn not moreover announcement nan summation of RCS. You'll (probably) yet beryllium capable to nonstop high-quality photos and videos to Android users, but that mightiness beryllium nan only awesome change. Group chats betwixt iOS and Android users will still deficiency a ton of Apple's champion features, including connection editing and iMessage games. People will still make a fuss astir "green bubbles," though Apple whitethorn prime a different colour (or a different shadiness of green) for RCS chats.

We're yet getting what we wanted. But RCS still has a batch of room for improvement. Let's dream that Apple cooperates pinch nan GSM Association and contributes to nan improvement of nan RCS standard.

Source: 9to5Google, TechRadar

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