The iPhone 15 USB-C switch explained: why it happened and why it matters

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Apple iPhone 15
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It’s official: the iPhone 15 series will beryllium adopting USB-C cables arsenic Apple will beryllium abandoning nan Lightning modular for nan future. Switching this azygous larboard is simply a small, yet monumental move – 1 that will alteration really iPhones run moving forward.

To beryllium wholly honest, iPhones adopting USB-C has been nan tech industry’s worst kept secret. We’ve really known astir it for immoderate clip now thanks to aggregate leaks and third-party companies creating caller hardware to support nan change. Still, moreover though everyone saw it coming from a mile away, it is simply a invited update. iPhones will now play a batch nicer pinch different devices arsenic users won’t request to person some a Thunderbolt and Lightning cablegram to get nan astir retired of their hardware. Now we person a cosmopolitan standard.

But is amended compatibility pinch different phones and laptops really each location is to nan USB-C switch? No. There's much to it than that.

How did this each start?

Just to springiness a speedy refresher, this full point started backmost successful 2022 erstwhile nan European Union passed legislation forcing tech companies astir nan globe to adopt USB-C arsenic their sole charging standard. The EU had been eager to enact this rule for complete a decade, citing “significant amounts of physics discarded caused by unused chargers and nan inconvenience suffered by… users who request different cables for different devices.”

Some expected Apple to conflict backmost but. funny enough, nan tech elephantine yet accepted nan EU law. Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak told nan Wall Street Journal nan company will comply pinch nan mandate arsenic it has “no choice.” 

How does nan iPhone 15 use from USB-C?

Looking astatine nan precocious held Apple September 2023 Event, nan implementation of USB-C connected nan guidelines iPhone 15 exemplary is alternatively subdued. 

It does nan basics for illustration charging nan telephone and transferring information though it does person immoderate unsocial aspects. If you person a brace of dormant AirPods, for example, you tin usage nan cablegram to nonstop powerfulness down to nan earbuds. Additionally, having USB-C will prevention you nan headache of looking for a Lightning cable. It’s each universal. There are moreover plans to bring a USB-C connector to EarPods utilizing nan iPhone larboard arsenic nan input. 

EarPods pinch USB-C

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The much notable upgrade tin beryllium seen pinch nan iPhone 15 Pro’s support of USB-C.

Apple states nan precocious extremity exemplary will beryllium tin of transportation speeds up to 10 GB via USB-C 3.2, which is nan format nan institution decided to spell with. You tin besides link nan telephone to a Mac to nonstop constitute files onto nan computer’s difficult drive. This is very useful for videographers aliases mundane group who want to grounds 4K solution contented but whitethorn not person nan abstraction connected their iPhone 15 Pro. Considering nan exemplary will beryllium capable to record spatial videos, nan USB-C transportation whitethorn beryllium a necessity. 

Can I bargain a USB-C cablegram from Apple?

Yes, you can. In fact, location are respective first-party and third-party options disposable connected Apple’s online store. If you’re reasoning of picking up nan iPhone 15 Pro, we urge purchasing nan Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C) Pro Cable. The merchandise explanation states this tin beryllium utilized to link nan high-end exemplary to a Mac. It is expensive. Prices scope from $69 / £75 / AU$115 for a 1 metre cablegram to $159 / £129 / AU$249 for nan 3 meter. 

If you want thing cheaper and shorter, there’s nan Apple Thunderbolt Cable (2.0 m) – White. Prices for this 1 spell from $29 for half a metre to $39 for 2 meters.


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