The iPhone 15 upgrade you’re looking for: A new style to make your phone stand on its own

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Torras UPRO Ostand kickstand case
(Image credit: Torras)

The caller iPhone 15 is here, and while it mightiness beryllium nan basking merchandise to get, it still has its shortcomings. The sleek solid connected nan beforehand and nan backmost are still susceptible to breaking, and nan wide drawback and soft metallic edges tin make it difficult to clasp onto, particularly successful nan galore positions you’re apt to clasp it passim nan regular people of use. Whether you’re an adventurer looking to make judge your telephone tin bent pinch you, a contented creator looking to get each nan elasticity you request from your phone, aliases you conscionable want a telephone that’s a spot much unafraid and easy to use, nan caller UPRO Ostand, Lstand, and Pstand cases from TORRAS connection an effective solution. And (bonus!) each adds an extra-handy kickstand to your telephone that’ll fto you spell hands-free whenever and wherever you want. 

If you want a lawsuit that does it all, nan UPRO Ostand has you covered. Its information kickstand sits astatine nan mediate of nan phone, offering a boost to nan iPhone 15’s ain magnets truthful you tin get moreover much reliable wireless charging.  The guidelines is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and tin unfastened up into 3 different positions, letting you prop your telephone up successful image aliases scenery position, and you tin descent your fingers done nan ringing for an easy, unafraid clasp connected nan phone. The lawsuit besides adds other protection to your telephone pinch a snug fresh that keeps particulate out, a silky-smooth but difficult and patient polycarbonate backmost plate, and grippy rubber edges that tin sorb nan effect from drops and protects nan telephone connected each sides.

Torras UPRO Ostand kickstand case

(Image credit: Torras)

When each time throws thing caller astatine you, you request to adapt, and you request a lawsuit that tin accommodate pinch you. The UPRO Ostand R brings this other flexibility. Its robust guidelines is ring-shaped for illustration nan modular Ostand, but it adds 360-degree rotation, truthful you tin swivel it astir to immoderate perspective you request — portrait, landscape, aliases anyplace successful between. Just for illustration nan Ostand, nan kickstand tin besides service arsenic a grip, and it offers 18N of magnetic force, letting you connect it not conscionable to MagSafe chargers but besides metallic surfaces for effortless, hands-free usage each over. While it’s improbable to fall, nan sturdy build of nan lawsuit provides protection for falls up to 12-feet, truthful it’s not nan mundane mishap that’s going to put your caller telephone successful peril. 

And for nan hardcore adventurers who scheme connected putting their telephone done nan harshest conditions connected nan astir epic journeys, TORRAS has nan Ostand SS. This exemplary incorporates TORRAS Lab’s ShockMAT Airbag Tech to harvester nan rubber lawsuit exterior pinch soul aerial gaps that tin sorb 98% of nan effect of a autumn and protect your telephone from falls up to 18-feet. It still has nan kickstand ringing of nan different Ostand models, and nan sandblasted TPU worldly of nan lawsuit offers a tactile grip. That clear creation will fto your iPhone guidelines retired for its style moreover arsenic you research nan corners of nan earth. 

UPRO Pstand kickstand case

(Image credit: Torras)

For subtle style you tin flex astatine nan agency and retired connected nan town, nan UPRO Pstand is connected deck. It features an understated creation that still shows disconnected immoderate of your phone’s aesthetic. Its difficult backmost and silicone edges supply grip and protection, absorbing capable daze to support nan telephone safe from moreover 12-foot falls while offering a soft and silky consciousness successful nan hand. A engaged manner tin beryllium a drain connected your phone’s battery, truthful nan thoughtful creation and powerful Halbach magnets successful nan lawsuit let you to support utilizing nan telephone pinch a MagSafe charger moreover while you usage nan kickstand. That guidelines is discreet and crafted from aluminum, giving you a sturdy level for image and scenery use.  

Torras UPRO Lstand kickstand case

(Image credit: Torras)

If you’re an particularly dense telephone user, you’ll want nan TORRAS UPRO Lstand case. This lawsuit puts an accent connected helping you support your telephone afloat charged. With its aluminum kickstand built astir nan camera lodging alternatively of nan MagSafe conception of nan phone, you tin support MagSafe chargers attached astatine each times, whether nan telephone is opinionated up aliases laying down. TORRAS ensured nan kickstand doesn’t get successful nan measurement of utilizing nan camera either, only further enhancing nan protection of 1 of nan phone’s cardinal components. Opened fully, nan guidelines tin besides thief you statement up wide-angle photos for hands-free shots pinch each of your friends. The UPRO Lstand comes successful transparent and semi-transparent designs truthful you tin show disconnected nan looks of your caller phone, but you won’t beryllium sacrificing security, arsenic nan X-Shock 3.0 protection tin shield nan telephone from falls up to 8 feet. 

You’ll find each of these cases and much accessories from TORRAS disposable for waste connected Amazon here. 

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