The Google Pixel 9 might not get much of a chipset upgrade

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We're only a mates of weeks distant from nan large Google Pixel 8 reveal, but there's already talk of what's coming pinch nan Google Pixel 9 – and it seems nan 2024 flagship will only beryllium offering a humble upgrade arsenic acold arsenic its chipset goes.

According to sources speaking to Android Authority, nan Tensor G4 spot fitted wrong nan Pixel 9 is going to beryllium "semi-custom" and "co-designed pinch Samsung's System LSI division". Also, it "will astir apt beryllium a smaller upgrade than initially planned".

In different words, it looks arsenic though Google's long-term aim of producing a afloat civilization system-on-a-chip (SoC) without Samsung's thief is going to person to hold until 2025 and nan motorboat of nan Google Pixel 10 smartphones.

Android Authority compares nan jump successful capacity to nan 1 we sewage betwixt nan original Tensor spot (fitted wrong nan Pixel 6) and nan Tensor G2 spot (fitted wrong nan Pixel 7) that came a twelvemonth later – a jump, but not overmuch of one.

Chips pinch everything

Ultimately, Google wants to get wherever Apple is: designing its ain SoCs for its phones. It intends package and hardware tin beryllium much tightly integrated, because teams from nan aforesaid institution are communicating together.

It besides intends Google could tailor its chips much specifically for what it wants its Pixel phones to do (think tons of AI and precocious image processing). It's a spot for illustration building your ain PC compared pinch picking up a pre-built one.

However, civilization chipsets return a agelong clip to develop, and request a batch of resources devoting to them – which is why Google has truthful acold been partnering pinch Samsung to make nan silicon that has been fitted wrong caller Pixel phones.

It now seems arsenic though that will proceed for nan Pixel 9, which should look later adjacent year. In nan meantime, nan Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 launches are group for Wednesday, October 4, and we'll beryllium bringing you each nan news arsenic it happens.

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