The GeForce RTX 4090 has a more powerful sibling with twice the memory that few people know — meet the fantastic L40S, the cheaper alternative to the uber-expensive Nvidia H100

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Nvidia’s H100 GPU is among nan astir celebrated products nan tech elephantine has launched successful caller years, albeit pinch immoderate notable pricing concerns and lengthy delays connected orders. 

Luckily, location are much costs effective alternatives that customers whitethorn not beryllium alert of - namely nan L40S series. 

This powerful related GPU to nan H100 offers doubly nan representation and is simply a cheaper action for those without nan financial clout to put successful nan much pricier range. 

"Fascinating" H100 alternative

Just for illustration its H100 and A100 counterparts, nan L40S GPU is built specifically to powerfulness nan adjacent procreation of information halfway workloads successful nan property of AI, tin of coping pinch nan aggravated pressures of generative AI and LLM inferencing and hefty 3D graphics workloads. 

Serve The Home managed to get its hands connected an L40S and sang its praises, dubbing it a “fascinating” and cheaper replacement to nan H100. 

“The L40S is thing rather different. Nvidia took nan guidelines L40, a information halfway visualization GPU utilizing Nvidia’s newest Ada Lovelace architecture, and changed nan tunings truthful that it was tuned much for AI alternatively than visualization,” nan publication said. 

The L40S still boasts emblematic features recovered successful its predecessor, nan L40, specified arsenic ray tracing cores, DisplayPort outputs, and NVENC/NVDEC pinch AV1 support. 

However, successful this instance, much powerfulness is allocated toward nan AI portions of nan GPU, making it a powerful portion of kit for training models connected a budget.

The L40S has acold little representation capacity than nan A100, which is simply a notable downside to this series. However, what it lacks successful size it makes up for successful performance. 

The GPU supports some nan Nvidia Transformer Engine and FP8, meaning that it tin importantly trim nan size of information and requires little representation bandwidth. 

Metrics from Nvidia show nan GPU offers tensor capacity of up to 1,466 teraflops alongside an awesome RT halfway capacity of 212 teraflops. 

Nvidia L40S: A costs effective alternative

Cost, naturally, is simply a cardinal trading constituent for nan L40S. At existent rates, nan H100 is astir 2.6x nan value of nan GPU, making it a acold cheaper option.

Availability is besides different notable advantage. H100 GPUs person proven immensely celebrated since launch, making them difficult to get ahold of.

Being a much obscure and little good known GPU intends nan L40S is much easy accessible without lengthy waits.

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