The best Patagonia jacket I’ve ever owned is 46% off ahead of Black Friday

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A personification climbing a upland successful a Patagonia nano Puff Hoody.
(Image credit: Patagonia)

I’ve been repping nan Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody since nan Obama era. Easily 1 of nan champion pieces of cold-weather cogwheel I’ve owned, it's presently disposable for 1 of nan lowest prices I’ve ever seen arsenic portion of early Black Friday deals. 

Right now, you tin people a men’s Nano Puff Hoody for conscionable $151 from Dick’s Sporting Goods, which is simply a whopping $128 disconnected retail. The woody is for nan Andes Blue colorway, which arsenic of publishing, is disposable successful small, other large, and double other large. It’s besides worthy mentioning that women tin easy stone nan men’s type of nan jacket, it’s conscionable a small spot little fitted than nan women’s model.  

Why I emotion nan Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody 

I’ve owned a Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody for conscionable awkward of thirteen years. And successful that clip it’s go thing of an big information blanket, particularly successful nan cooler months. Ridiculously comfy, lightweight and warm, this packable synthetic garment accompanies maine connected each flight, long-distance car ride, snowboarding travel and more. 

It’s besides a awesome one-and-done overgarment for braving Seattle’s ray rainfall without an umbrella. That said, while it’s h2o resistant, it’s not waterproof. Fortunately, my Nano Puff fits comfortably nether a windbreaker aliases downpour-appropriate outer shell, arsenic good arsenic nether my oversized snowboard jacket.  

For travel, nan Nano Puff Hoody tin beryllium packed wrong its soul zippered thorax pocket, minimizing nan footprint to nan size of a mini pillow. Coincidentally, successful this form, it besides useful nicely arsenic a recreation pillow for sliding down your backmost aliases resting your cervix while seated.

Want much early Black Friday deals connected cold-weather gear? Two of my different favourite high-performance jackets, nan Patagonia Houdini and Arc’terx Gamma, are besides connected waste correct now done REI for awesome prices.  

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