The Best Laptop Accessories of 2023

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Laptop accessories are a awesome measurement to make nan astir of your portable PC, particularly pinch nan existent harvest of slim and ray laptops sometimes lacking successful ports and other features. From laptop bags and thigh desks to portable monitors and USB hubs, we item immoderate of nan champion laptop accessories.

  • timbuk2 lane commuterTIMBUK2
    TIMBUK2 Lane Commuter

    Best Laptop Bag

  • logitech mx maestro 3sLogitech
    Logitech MX Master 3S

    Best Laptop Mouse

  • asus proart portable monitorASUS
    Asus ProArt Display PA148CTV

    Best Portable Monitor

  • mophie powerstation pro acMophie
    Mophie Powerstation Pro AC

    Best Portable Charger

  • ezquest usb-c hubEZQuest
    EZQuest USB-C Hub

    Best USB-C Hub

What to Look for successful a Laptop Accessory

The size and fresh are immoderate of nan first things to see erstwhile buying laptop accessories. If you want a laptop bag, you'll person to make judge it has capable room to location your laptop, peculiarly if you person a large-screen device. Size remains an important information erstwhile shopping for thigh desks and laptop stands arsenic well.

Your laptop's operating strategy besides plays an important role. Some laptop accessories, for illustration wired aliases wireless mice and keyboards, mightiness only beryllium compatible pinch Windows, macOS, aliases Linux. While platform-specific accessories will supply nan champion acquisition pinch a peculiar OS, look for cosmopolitan compatibility if you scheme to usage these accessories crossed aggregate devices and platforms.

Finally, there's connectivity. A USB hub is nan champion measurement to grow your laptop's capabilities pinch nan summation of other ports and various connectivity options. But guarantee that you tin easy link nan hub to your laptop. Most existent laptops person further USB-C ports for this purpose, while you mightiness request a USB-A hub for older devices.

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Best Laptop Bag: TIMBUK2 Lane Commuter Laptop Bag

TIMBUK2 Lane Commuter Laptop Bag connected gradient backgroundTIMBUK2



Compact yet roomy capable for 15-inch laptops

Pricey for a laptop bag

Weatherproof creation protects against nan elements

Limited colour options

Mesh padding to forestall sweating connected your back

Lifetime warranty

The TIMBUK2 Lane Commuter is perfect for anyone looking for a simple, stylish, yet applicable laptop bag. It comes pinch an 18-liter capacity and tin accommodate a 15-inch laptop, pinch room for different peripherals, textbooks, aliases moreover a alteration of clothes. Despite its roomy interior, nan TIMBUK2 Lane Commuter is amazingly compact and won't beryllium a hindrance connected a motorcycle ride.

This weatherproof laptop container features a durable outer layer, an ultra water-resistant soul liner, and a removable outer screen that protects its contents against nan elements wherever you go. It sports 2 broadside pouches for extras for illustration h2o bottles and mesh padding that allows airflow to your backmost moreover successful basking weather. It besides features reflective panels for safety.

The TIMBUK2 Lane Commuter is 1 of nan champion laptop bags you tin get, but that value comes astatine a important premium arsenic well. If you're looking for an affordable replacement pinch a akin capacity, nan Matein Travel Laptop Bag is simply a awesome choice. You won't get immoderate weather-proofing aliases nan luxurious decorativeness of nan former, but nan Matein laptop container is much than $150 cheaper than nan TIMBUK2.

timbuk2 lane commuterTIMBUK2

TIMBUK2 Lane Commuter

Best Laptop Bag

The Timbuk2 Lane Commuter is comfortable, compact, and weather-tight for transporting your laptop astir municipality successful immoderate weather. It features 18 liters of abstraction and reflective panels to guarantee you guidelines retired successful nan dark, positive it's backed by a life warranty.

Best Laptop Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3S

Logitech MX Master 3S Mouse ON GRADIENT BACKGROUNDLogitech



Well-built, comfortable, and ergonomic mouse

Quite pricey

Horizontal and vertical scrolling support

No left-handed option

Wireless connectivity pinch USB-A dongle aliases Bluetooth

Long-lasting artillery pinch USB-C charging while successful use

The Logitech MX Master 3S/MX Master 3S for Mac is simply a well-built, ace comfortable, and ergonomic wireless mouse. A decent upgrade complete nan 2019 MX Master 3, nan MX Master 3S comes pinch an 8,000 DPI sensor and a 90 percent quieter rodent click, making it 1 of nan quietest mice available. You'll emotion it if you dislike noisy and clicky mice.

It features a sculpted creation pinch a near thumb remainder for your correct manus and offers a very comfortable feel. It comes pinch 2 scroll wheels for horizontal and vertical scrolling pinch ratcheting and free-spinning modes. The 2nd instrumentality tin beryllium programmed to execute circumstantial functions utilizing Logitech's Option Plus software. All successful all, it offers a smooth, one-of-a-kind scrolling experience.

You tin link nan MX Master 3S to your laptop utilizing nan supplied USB-A dongle aliases via Bluetooth, and you tin easy move betwixt devices. Another cool characteristic of nan MX Master 3S is that it has a built-in artillery that charges while you work. What's more, this long-lasting artillery tin support mean users going for months.

logitech mx maestro 3sLogitech

Logitech MX Master 3S

Best Laptop Mouse

The Logitech MX Master 3S takes a awesome rodent and makes it moreover better. Keeping nan comfortable shape facet that will fresh nan needs of each user, arsenic agelong arsenic they're not left-handed.

Best Portable Monitor: ASUS ProArt Display PA148CV

ASUS ProArt Display PA148CV connected gradient backgroundASUS



Portable 14-inch Full HD screen

Not built for hardcore gaming

Easy to group up pinch USB-C and micro HDMI inputs

Touch functionality whitethorn not activity pinch definite Macs

Built-in kickstand for multi-angle viewing

Intuitive on-screen and adjustable jog instrumentality controls

If you're looking for a coagulated portable monitor to amended your productivity while connected nan go, we urge nan ASUS ProArt Display PA148CV. It is ace easy to group up and comes pinch a factory-calibrated 14-inch Full HD touchscreen for superb clarity. Its precocious pixel density and bluish ray select make it perfect for professionals for illustration freelancers, photograph editors, and contented creators.

It is besides slim and lightweight, weighing conscionable 1.63 pounds, truthful it tin easy fresh successful your laptop bag. When it's clip to group up, you tin easy link it utilizing immoderate of its 2 USB-C ports aliases micro HDMI input. To make nan astir of your viewing experience, nan portable show comes pinch a built-in kickstand that lets you tilt nan surface and prop it up successful some scenery and image orientations.

A scrolling instrumentality connected nan broadside (when successful landscape) provides an easy measurement to make adjustments to nan monitor's settings and besides useful pinch apps for illustration Photoshop and hardware for illustration Microsoft's Surface Dial. On-screen menus besides let you to customize nan show for parameters specified arsenic colour hue, temperature, and gamma adjustments.

asus proart portable monitorASUS

Asus ProArt Display PA148CTV

Best Portable Monitor

The Asus ProArt Display PA148CTV is simply a awesome show for beautiful overmuch everything isolated from gaming. If you want a dual-screen setup connected nan spell for productivity, you can't spell incorrect pinch it.

Best Portable Charger: Mophie Powerstation Pro AC Portable Charger

Mophie Powerstation Pro AC connected gradient backgroundMophie



27,000mAh charger for your astir demanding devices

Bulky and heavy

Fast charging support via 60W USB-C PD port

Additional USB-C and USB-A ports for aggregate instrumentality charging

4-light LED indicators for artillery percent and charging status

Even nan champion laptops will yet tally retired of juice, and you're retired of luck if you don't person entree to a convenient charging constituent erstwhile connected nan go. That's wherever a portable charger tin prevention nan day, and nan Mophie Powerstation Pro AC Power Charger is our apical recommendation. It packs an awesome 27,000mAh artillery and supports accelerated charging via its 60W USB-C PD port.

The Mophie Powerstation Pro AC has a 100-watt AC port, a 60-watt USB-C PD port, a USB-C port, and a USB-A larboard truthful that you tin complaint up to 4 devices, from laptops to smartphones, simultaneously. The ample artillery capacity makes for a dense accessory, but you should still beryllium capable to location it successful a laptop container aliases carry-on pinch nary problems. And to make judge that nan charger itself doesn't tally out, 4 LED indicators fto you show artillery percent and charging status.

mophie powerstation pro acMophie

Mophie Powerstation Pro AC

Best Portable Charger

With 27,00 mAh of soul artillery capacity,100 watts of AC, and 60 watts of USB-C accelerated charge, nan Mophie Powerstation Pro AC packs capable juice to get your laptop up and moving again successful nary time.

Best USB-C Hub: EZQuest USB-C Hub

EZQuest USB-C Hub connected gradient backgroundEZQuest



Up to 8 further ports for your laptop

Not nan champion HDMI resolution

Fast USB-A ports pinch information transportation speeds of up to 5Gbps

USB-C PD larboard pinch 85W pass-through charging

HDMI support up to 4K astatine 30Hz

One consequence of laptops getting slimmer and lighter is nan deficiency of ports to link outer accessories and peripherals. Most current-gen laptops travel pinch conscionable USB-C ports for charging and connectivity, truthful you'll request a bully USB-C hub to dress up for what's missing. There are plentifulness of fantabulous USB-C hubs retired there, offering a varied action of ports. Our apical pick, though, is nan EZQuest USB-C hub.

This robust 8-in-1 USB-C hub comes pinch 3 USB-A ports pinch information transportation speeds of up to 5Gbps and 10W powerfulness output and a USB-C PD larboard pinch 85W pass-through charging. You besides get an HDMI larboard supporting a 4K solution astatine 30Hz, microSD and SD card slots, and a Gigabit Ethernet port.

The EZ Quest USB-C hub is compatible pinch each laptops that person USB-C ports, Thunderbolt 4 ports, and USB-C smartphones and tablets pinch OTG support.

If you don’t request an ethernet port, you tin prevention immoderate money pinch nan Anker 7-in-1 USB-C Hub.

ezquest usb-c hubEZQuest

EZQuest USB-C Hub

Best USB-C Hub

$60 $70 Save $10

EZQuest offers an all-around coagulated USB-C hub pinch a complete action of ports, accelerated powerfulness delivery, and decent media capabilities.

Best Lap Desk: LapGear Designer Lap Desk

LapGear Designer Lap Desk connected gradient backgroundLapGear



Large lightweight thigh table for laptops up to 15.6 inches

Soft microbead cushion whitethorn suffer style pinch time

Device ledge prevents laptop from skidding off

Cushion will require cleaning/washing often

Phone slot and elastic strap to clasp worldly successful place

Convenient transportation grip for mobility and travel

While laptops are meant to beryllium highly portable devices you tin usage anywhere, it's not nan astir comfortable acquisition if you person 1 connected your thigh each nan time. Lap desks are nan perfect accessory if you don't person entree to a table erstwhile retired and about, and 1 of nan champion you tin get is nan LapGear Designer Lap Desk.

It comes pinch a soft padded cushion that acts arsenic a buffer betwixt your laptop and your thighs and is roomy capable to clasp a 15.6-inch laptop and more. A instrumentality ledge holds your laptop successful spot and stops it from sliding off, while a built-in telephone slot keeps your telephone wrong easy reach. There's moreover an elastic set astatine nan area to clasp your notes and different papers successful place.

Available successful 8 nosy colors, nan soft microbead cushion of nan LapGear Designer Lap Desk is ace comfortable and assumes nan style of your lap. Weighing conscionable 2 pounds, it is lightweight and portable capable to beryllium carried astir nan location aliases taken connected a travel to nan agency aliases connected a vacation, acknowledgment to a useful transportation handle.

lapgear thigh deskLapGear

LapGear Designer Lap Desk

Best Lap Desk

The LapGear Designer Lap Desk is an fantabulous general-purpose thigh table pinch tons of colour and shape options, pinch a bully equilibrium of value and quality.

Best Laptop Stand: Rain Design iLevel2 Laptop Stand

Rain Design iLevel2 Laptop Stand connected gradient backgroundRain Design



Made of sturdy heavy-duty anodized steel

Limited adjustable height

Easily adjustable laptop stand

Too bulky to fresh successful a container aliases move around

Supports laptops of up to 15 inches

Rubber stoppers for improved clash and tilt view

A laptop guidelines is simply a must-have accessory for anyone who spends a batch of clip typing distant connected their laptops astatine a desk. A guidelines lets you raise nan tallness of nan laptop and its keyboard to let for a acold much comfortable typing and viewing acquisition and is besides a bully measurement to guarantee your table aboveground isn't blocking nan laptop's fans. The Rain Design iLevel2 Laptop Stand is 1 of nan best laptop stands you tin buy.

This laptop guidelines has a beforehand slider that lets you set its tallness to oculus level for amended posture. Made of anodized aluminum, nan Rain Design iLevel2 Stand is sturdy capable to clasp up to a 15-inch laptop. It besides features rubber stoppers that forestall your laptop and guidelines from sliding aliases tipping over. The tilt creation allows power to flight much easy while propping up your laptop and bringing nan surface closer.

The iLevel2 has a resting tallness of 6.5 inches and an further 2 inches of prop. It's besides a touch dense astatine 3.52 pounds, truthful it isn't nan astir portable laptop guidelines around. However, it is perfect for group who walk tons of clip seated astatine a desk. Its ergonomic creation helps trim cervix strain and encourages users to effort different seating/standing positions.

rain creation ilevel 2Rain Design

Rain Design iLevel 2

Best Laptop Stand

The Rain Design iLevel 2 is an exceptionally sturdy and stylish laptop guidelines that tin transportation astir laptops. It's highly adjustable and lets you find nan astir comfortable viewing and typing acquisition erstwhile astatine your desk, but it isn't nan astir portable action around.


How do I cleanable my laptop?

First, unopen down your laptop and unplug it from nan wall. Next, cleanable nan ports, keys, vents, and different openings utilizing compressed air. You tin besides swipe it down pinch a microfiber cloth. There are plentifulness of laptop-friendly cleaning sprays you tin bargain to support your surface and keyboard successful cleanable condition. Some laptop manufacturers moreover see circumstantial instructions for cleaning their devices.

Should I get a Windows laptop aliases a MacBook?

Whether you get a Windows laptop aliases a MacBook depends connected your circumstantial needs, preferences, and budget. If you want an affordable laptop, a wide action of software/apps, and much personification control, past spell for a Windows laptop. On nan different hand, if you person a bigger budget, want much security, aliases ain different Apple devices, a MacBook mightiness beryllium your champion bet.

Do I request a rodent pinch my laptop?

All laptops travel pinch a built-in touchpad aliases trackpad that functions arsenic a rodent pointer. However, they're often little businesslike than a accepted mouse. Most group for illustration to bargain a dedicated rodent to boost productivity and amended ergonomics. There are besides wired and wireless options to consider, depending connected your usage and budget.

How do I cognize what size my laptop is?

There are respective ways to show laptop size. Using a ruler, measurement nan diagonal from nan little near area to nan precocious correct corner, past person your measurement to inches. You tin besides cheque your laptop's surface size online, if you cognize nan exemplary number, aliases look done nan personification manual. You tin besides get this accusation from your laptop's Display aliases Screen settings.

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