The Best Key Mapping Software for Windows

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Change nan usability of your keys pinch these fantabulous and free devices for Windows 10 and 11.

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Do you want to customize a commonly utilized shortcut combo aliases configure a cardinal to type a different characteristic than nan 1 printed connected it? If so, cardinal mapping package tin thief you do that. Here are nan champion cardinal mapping applications you tin usage to remap individual keys, shortcuts, and moreover rodent buttons.

1. PowerToys' Keyboard Manager

Remapping a cardinal successful nan keyboard head disposable successful nan powertoys app

Being a Microsoft product, Microsoft PowerToys is nan astir unafraid cardinal mapping package connected nan list. However, arsenic it needs to tally successful nan background, it actively consumes resources. If that's not a problem, PowerToys is simply a awesome prime for remapping keys connected your keyboard.


  • You tin remap some individual keys and shortcuts. Reverting a remap is straightforward.
  • You tin remap keys for circumstantial apps aliases globally passim nan operating system.
  • If you time off a cardinal unassigned aft remapping, PowerToys reminds you to representation nan orphaned cardinal again.
  • The cardinal remap useful instantly aft you configure it; you don't request to restart your device.


  • You person to support nan package moving successful nan inheritance for remapping to work, which takes up representation and CPU resources.
  • Keys reserved for nan operating strategy cannot beryllium remapped.

2. SharpKeys

Remapping a cardinal successful nan sharpkeys application

Only 1 characteristic gives SharpKeys an separator complete different programs: it doesn't person to tally successful nan inheritance for remapping to work, but alternatively alters nan registry. Hence, it tin beryllium useful if you're looking for a resource-efficient action that doesn't strain your hardware.


  • As it saves nan remapping tweaks to nan registry, it doesn't request to tally successful nan background. Therefore, it doesn't actively devour resources.
  • You don't request to fiddle pinch nan Windows Registry Editor to undo nan remapping; simply delete nan remapped keys from nan software.
  • SharpKeys has a elemental and cleanable interface. The process of remapping keys and deleting nan remapped keys is besides straightforward.
  • You tin representation a azygous cardinal to immoderate number of mixed keys.
  • The portable type of nan instrumentality lets you usage it instantly without installing anything.


  • The changes only return effect aft you reboot your device.
  • Since SharpKeys makes changes straight to nan Registry Editor, it tin origin uncommon issues if, for example, you disable a cardinal you request for your Windows relationship password.
  • It doesn't let remapping keys to activity only successful circumstantial software; changes are applied to nan full system.

3. X-Mouse Button Control

Remapping keys utilizing nan x-mouse fastener power software

X-Mouse Button Control is simply a powerful exertion designed to remap keyboard functions and shortcuts to rodent buttons, and is nan only programme connected this database that supports it. If your rodent has much than 3 buttons, and you want to usage them to switch keyboard shortcuts and typical functions, look nary further.


  • It lets you remap keyboard functions and shortcuts to rodent buttons.
  • You tin create profiles to remap rodent buttons for individual apps, and switching betwixt them is easy.
  • Besides profiles, you tin create different layers for each profile, enabling you to configure your rodent buttons to execute different functions wrong each layer.
  • Many communal keyboard shortcuts and functions, specified arsenic copy-paste, brightness up, brightness down, and more, tin easy beryllium mapped to your mouse.


  • The instrumentality needs to tally successful nan inheritance for remapped configurations to work. Consequently, it tin beryllium a assets hog.
  • The personification interface isn't intuitive, and remapping functions correctly without reference nan personification guideline (included successful nan ZIP record package) is difficult.

4. MapKeyboard

Remapping and disabling a cardinal successful mapkeyboard software

MapKeyboard isn't nan astir feature-rich cardinal mapping software, but it's nan astir convenient one. Since you can't remap shortcuts pinch it, you can't usage it for that purpose. However, if you only want to remap individual keys aliases disable circumstantial keys, MapKeyboard tin beryllium a awesome prime for impermanent aliases one-time use.


  • It features a elemental keyboard position that lets you remap keys, prevention layouts, and reset nan layout each from 1 screen—no menus to navigate.
  • You tin disable selective keys.
  • No installation is basal pinch nan portable version.


  • It doesn't let you to remap shortcuts.
  • We couldn't find an charismatic website for nan tool; therefore, you'll request to download it from a third-party site.
  • Like SharpKeys, it requires you to restart your instrumentality to use nan changes.

5. AutoHotkey

Creating a caller book to remap keys utilizing nan autohotkey software

Unlike nan different 4 utilities, AutoHotkey lets you remap keys aliases create civilization shortcuts utilizing programming scripts. As such, AutoHotkey tin beryllium useful for remapping keys aliases functions that are difficult to remap pinch different tools.


  • If you tin constitute aliases person personification other constitute nan required script, you tin virtually remap immoderate key.
  • Although it requires scripts to tally successful nan background, it consumes minimal resources and won't slow your strategy down.


  • If you deficiency programming knowledge and can't constitute nan book yourself, you will person to trust connected third-party scripts, which tin beryllium risky.

The supra programs tin beryllium useful successful different situations, truthful analyse your needs and prime nan 1 that will champion service them. If you're unsure, commencement pinch PowerToys—it moreover offers plentifulness of adjuvant features beyond keyboard remapping.

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