The best iPhone 15 Pro Action button feature won't be available at launch

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An iPhone 15 Pro pinch nan move translating "Can one get a coffee" from English to Japanese
(Image credit: Apple)

One large alteration to travel retired of this year’s iPhone 15 motorboat event is that nan shut up move connected nan iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max has been replaced by nan Action button, which tin besides execute various further tasks.

However, we've now learned that nan afloat powers of nan caller fastener won’t beryllium realized astatine launch, pinch astatine slightest 1 characteristic – translator – not becoming disposable until “later this year”, according to Apple. (Read our hands-on iPhone 15 Pro review and hands-on iPhone 15 Pro Max review for much connected nan Action button, and nan different caller features and upgrades.)

When nan iPhone 15 Pro makes it into people’s hands its Action fastener will still beryllium capable to do a lot. It tin unfastened up nan camera app, commencement signaling a sound memo, move connected your iPhone’s flashlight, aliases move connected accessibility features for illustration nan magnifier. And if you want that classical iPhone emotion it tin still switch your instrumentality betwixt ringing and silent, which it does by default. To entree immoderate of nan options you conscionable person to property and clasp nan Action button.

Quick-access translation, though, won’t beryllium disposable correct away. In nan conception introducing nan Action fastener connected nan iPhone 15 Pro page astatine Apple website there's an asterisk adjacent to 'Translate' successful nan database of Action fastener options, and nan good people astatine nan bottommost of nan page notes that “Translate action is coming successful an update later this year.”

Translation is 1 of nan Action fastener features we were much excited for. While it’s ever adjuvant to prime up astatine slightest a fewer cardinal phrases earlier you recreation somewhere, having easy entree to a translator instrumentality is ever handy, and it's besides adjuvant if you request to lend a manus to personification successful your location state who isn’t a maestro of nan section language.

A snapshot of nan cardinal iPhone 15 Pro fetaures including it's caller titanium frame, nan A17 Pro chip, its All-day artillery life and 48MP main camera

(Image credit: Apple)

Ready, set, Action! 

The 1 metallic lining of construe not being an Action fastener characteristic correct distant is that it suggests Apple is already reasoning astir ways to amended and upgrade nan caller move beyond its motorboat capabilities, which intends that we mightiness spot different adjuvant devices tied to nan Action fastener successful nan adjacent future.

Some we tin already deliberation of would beryllium launching a civilization app – providing an instant shortcut to your favourite package – aliases utilizing it to person your telephone perceive to a opus that’s playing to show you what it is. For now though, we’ll conscionable person to hold and spot what Apple has up its sleeve. 

If you want to prime up nan iPhone 15 Pro aliases immoderate of nan caller iPhones, preorders spell unrecorded connected September 15, pinch nan handsets going connected waste connected September 22 – spot our iPhone preorders page for everything you request to know.

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