The Best Car Apps for Your Android Device

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Use these apps for navigation, maintenance, entertainment, and more.

Car console moving Android Auto. Josh Hendrickson / How-To Geek

Android has galore apps that tin amended your regular commute aliases thief hole for a roadworthy trip. I'm not talking astir Google Maps aliases Android Auto, either. Instead, we person a adjuvant postulation of apps for amended navigation, car attraction tracking, ways to prevention connected gasoline aliases charging, and overmuch more.


Waze is simply a car app you've astir apt heard of earlier but possibly haven't tried yet. It's nan champion navigation app for Android that'll springiness you elemental directions, thief you debar closures aliases traffic, pass you astir roadworthy hazards, and moreover alert you astir a velocity trap aliases constabulary ahead. Waze has saved maine from countless speeding tickets and getting stuck successful postulation jams. It's truthful bully that I ditched Google Maps for Waze entirely.

Additionally, if you bask going disconnected nan beaten way aliases to distant locations, you'll besides want to effort nan app onX Offroad.

Download: Waze (free)


GasBuddy app logo. GasBuddy

Everything is much costly these days, and that includes gasoline. If you want to return your paycheck further, nan GasBuddy app uses online and crowdsourced personification information to find nan champion state prices. It'll show you a representation of each nan adjacent state stations truthful you tin take nan retailer and value that you'd prefer. It's cleanable for roadworthy trips aliases astir town.

Better yet, GasBuddy gives you a small organization to subordinate wherever you tin show nan app astir value changes, gain rewards, and motion up for nan GasBuddy paper for discounts connected each fill-up. You tin moreover group what type of car you thrust to find Premium aliases Diesel fuel, not to mention car callback alerts and more.

Download: GasBuddy (free)

A Better Routeplanner (EVs)

Screenshots showing nan A Better Route Planner EV app. ABRP

If you thrust an electrical car, location are several EV charging apps you'll want to download. And while apps for illustration PlugShare and ChargeHub will show you adjacent charging locations, nan app A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) takes things up a notch. As nan sanction suggests, it combines Google Maps, EV charging locations, and navigation info into 1 app.

With A Better Routeplanner, you tin take optimal aliases perfect routes for improved electrical range, find a way to chargers on nan way, and bask nan thrust alternatively of dealing pinch scope anxiety.

Download: A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) (free)

Weather & Radar

Woman holding a telephone showing nan Weather and Radar app. Weather & Radar

I cognize we each person upwind apps preinstalled connected our phones, but having much accusation is ever invited erstwhile it comes to roadworthy trips. Last year, I tried an app called Weather & Radar, and it's now my go-to upwind app for traveling. This goes for aerial travel, driving, and more.

Weather & Radar gives you up-to-date and meticulous upwind information, alerts, large wind warnings, tracks rainfall and fog, and has an fantabulous radar view, truthful you tin spot if you're headed into a storm. It does a small of everything and moreover useful pinch Android Auto. Give it a try, and you'll beryllium gladsome you did.

Download: Weather & Radar (free, premium ad-free action pinch much features)


Maintenance is an basal portion of car ownership that galore group place aliases person trouble keeping up with. If that sounds familiar, you'll perfectly emotion nan Drivvo app. It's hands down 1 of nan champion car attraction apps for Android. Better yet, too helping you way aliases enactment connected apical of maintenance, it's an fantabulous app for search expenses for gas, repairs, and more. You tin input mileage, state mileage, and group reminders for that pesky lipid alteration and tyre rotation.

If you want a guidance app for your car, truck, bus, aliases moreover an full fleet of activity trucks, see Drivvo. A akin action pinch much attraction connected state is available, too, called Fuelio.

Download: Drivvo (free, optional in-app purchases)


ParkMobile app and logo. ParkMobile

Want an easier and smarter measurement to find and salary for parking? The ParkMobile app will thief you find parking lots, dedicated thoroughfare parking, aliases garages pinch ease. Then, you tin navigate to nan location and park, reserve a spot up of clip if necessary, and moreover salary for parking.

Once you parkland and pay, nan app will moreover thief way really agelong you're gone successful lawsuit you transcend nan allotted time, making it easier to widen parking and forestall getting a ticket. It's awesome for sporting events, concerts, aliases walking retired of town. It'll moreover show you wherever you parked.

For what it's worth, location are akin apps for parking (or uncovering your car aft nan large event) specified arsenic SpotHero aliases SpotAngels, and immoderate of these are worthy downloading connected Android.

Download: ParkMobile (free, pinch paid parking options)

Car Insurance Apps for Android

Screenshots of nan Geico app and its features. Geico

Almost each awesome car security institution has a dedicated mobile app that you should download for a multitude of reasons. For starters, you'll ever person impervious of insurance, arsenic that's a cardinal characteristic for astir car security apps. You tin besides make argumentation changes, salary your bill, get roadside assistance, aliases easy taxable a declare if an unfortunate mishap happens.

For example, nan State Farm app gives mishap information tips, tells you not to admit responsibility (of people it does), and says to quickly return photos of nan scene, situation, and conveyance damage. From there, you tin interaction a rep, record a claim, cheque nan declare status, and more. I cognize we each person a insubstantial security paper successful nan mitt box, but successful these modern times, you'll want to download your car security company's app and beryllium fresh for anything.

Download: State Farm, AAA, Allstate, GEICO, Progressive (free, limited connected your insurance)


Screenshots of nan myCARFAX Android app. CARFAX

Speaking of accidents and insurance, different Android car app you'll want to see is CARFAX Car Care. It's a car guidance app akin to Drivvo, only from a sanction galore already cognize and trust. Instead of simply search attraction and such, it'll fto you cognize astir immoderate repairs earlier ownership aliases during, way progress, alert you astir recalls aliases yearly registration renewal, and more.

The CARFAX Car Care app is besides an easy measurement to cheque your vehicle's worth and attraction records earlier trading it, find reputable repair shops nearby, and way wide attraction and car care.

Download: CARFAX Car Care (free)


Spotify logoCorbin Davenport / Spotify

There's thing amended than jamming retired to immoderate tunes while cruising down nan road connected a picnic roadworthy trip. I'm beautiful judge astir of you already person a euphony app aliases two, but if it's not installed connected Android Auto, it should be. By downloading Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal, aliases different euphony apps to Android Auto, you'll get a acold amended in-car experience.

Not only will you beryllium capable to easy spot and power euphony from nan infotainment halfway aliases steering wheel, but it'll thief support your eyes connected nan roadworthy alternatively of looking down astatine your phone. Spotify besides has a increasing action of podcasts, free audiobooks, family plans, and much to get you nan astir value.

Download: Spotify (free, aliases $10.99 per month)

Torque Pro

Torque Pro app logo. Torque Pro

If you're mechanically inclined aliases bask doing things yourself, Torque Pro is an fantabulous Android app that each car proprietor needs to have. You'll request an OBD (on-board diagnostics) dongle, which makes immoderate car smarter by accessing nan OBD-2 port of nan vehicle.

Once you link nan OBD-2 dongle complete Wi-Fi aliases Bluetooth, Torque Pro tin pass pinch your conveyance to scan for codes and issues and moreover show you why you person a cheque motor light. You tin publication each sorts of data, get real-time stats from nan gauges, cheque emissions, clear codes, and publication immoderate different sensors and systems wrong a vehicle. I've utilized this app for much than 5 years and perfectly emotion it.

Download: Torque Pro (free, aliases $4.95)

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts features shown successful screenshots. Pocket Casts

These days, everyone seems to emotion listening to podcasts aliases tuning into nan latest true-crime series. If that's you, you'll want a podcast app that pairs pinch your conveyance aliases useful pinch Android Auto. Pocket Casts is 1 of nan astir celebrated apps because it has a slew of options, features, and endless content, truthful you tin hide that you're connected a agelong roadworthy trip.

The hand-curated podcast lists, recommendations, and find feeds make it an fantabulous choice. Additionally, cheque retired an app called Libby (previously known arsenic OverDrive), which has millions of free audiobooks from your section room to bask connected your travels.

Download: Pocket Casts (free, in-app purchases, aliases $39.99 yearly plan)

Car Manufacturer Apps

Last but surely not least, you'll want to return advantage of nan powerful car apps that enactment arsenic a companion for your caller vehicle. Most manufacturers now connection their ain car apps that are highly useful.

Automobiles are smarter than ever, and if you person a comparatively modern vehicle, nan manufacturer's car app will fto you distant commencement nan engine, unlock doors from almost immoderate distance, distant ambiance control, entree diagnostics, judge and instal over-the-air (OTA) package updates, schedule work aliases attraction appointments, get notified astir recalls, etc.

Download: myChevrolet, FordPass, OnStar Guardian, Kia Access, MyHyundai, Toyota (free; immoderate features require yearly subscriptions)

As a reminder, believe nan "safety first" rule. Keep your hands connected nan instrumentality and your eyes connected nan road. You tin usage these apps safely erstwhile you're parked aliases riding arsenic a passenger. Alternatively, adhd them to Android Auto truthful you tin entree them from nan driver's seat.

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