The Best Apps to Manage Flatpak Permissions, Remotes, and Data

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Flatpak has go nan modular measurement to instal package connected galore Linux-powered PCs, including gaming hardware for illustration nan Steam Deck and nan laptops that Endless makes disposable to first-time machine owners successful galore parts of nan world.

You tin easy instal and region Flatpak connected galore versions of Linux, but immoderate related tasks will request other package to get nan occupation done. Here are nan champion options among them.

1. GNOME Software

Removing Dippi successful GNOME Software.

GNOME Software is nan app shop that comes pinch galore versions of desktop Linux. It offers fantabulous Flatpak integration, truthful it's an easy measurement to observe caller Flatpak apps.

You tin usage GNOME Software to download apps, spot which ones you person presently installed, and uninstall those you're fresh to opportunity goodbye to. When you region an app, GNOME Software will moreover punctual you to region its associated data, which would usually enactment behind, taking up space.

GNOME Software tin besides show which sources, known arsenic Flatpak remotes, your strategy is downloading apps from. You tin alteration and disable remotes, but you can't adhd caller ones, truthful you’ll request to move to nan bid statement aliases download a third-party app for that.

If GNOME Software isn't preinstalled connected your computer, you tin instal it yourself. Ubuntu, for example, stopped utilizing GNOME Software successful 23.10, and versions earlier that came pinch a modified type that did not support Flatpaks. If you want to usage Flatpaks connected Ubuntu, your first measurement is to instal GNOME Software pinch nan Flatpak plugin:

sudo apt instal gnome-software gnome-software-plugin-flatpak

2. Flatseal

Flatseal displaying Android Studio Flatpak information

The expertise to limit apps from accessing definite files connected your PC and artifact disconnected definite components, for illustration webcams, is one of nan reasons nan Flatpak format exists. This is known arsenic sandboxing, and it has been a activity successful progress.

Linux didn't already person sandboxed apps for illustration connected Android and iOS, truthful nan exertion is younger, and astir apps don't inquire you to assistance entree nan measurement mobile apps do. Instead, they default to having a definite group of permissions, and your prime is mostly to judge aliases cull them. For nan astir part, apps don't moreover pass you what permissions they need.

Without sandboxing, your strategy tin beryllium unfastened to each sorts of information risks. Many apps default to having entree to your full location folder, moreover though they whitethorn only request entree to nan files storing your euphony aliases pictures.

Flatseal lets you spell done nan database of permissions that each of your apps has, and toggle them connected aliases off. This offers bid of mind that a programme isn't up to thing nefarious aliases capable to summation entree to your machine.

On nan flip side, restricting permissions tin break definite apps. Some apps don't activity arsenic expected because they initially deficiency entree to each your files and are constricted to definite folders. You whitethorn find yourself baffled arsenic to why a photograph editor won't unfastened aliases prevention a record successful your Downloads folder, only to find that this is because nan app tin only spot what happens successful your Pictures folder.

Many Linux apps won't adequately explicate what’s going on, truthful if you don't person an knowing of really Flatpaks and permissions work, you whitethorn reason that nan package is broken. But erstwhile you do summation understanding, nan solution is usually to download and learn really to usage Flatseal.

3. Warehouse

Warehouse displaying Flatpak accusation for Clapper app

There's a batch of accusation contained wrong a Flatpak. Each has its ain app ID and type number, runs connected definite types of architecture, and whitethorn beryllium unchangeable aliases beta. If you want immoderate of these details, you tin find them wrong nan Warehouse app. It serves arsenic a storehouse of astir everything you mightiness want to cognize astir a Flatpak.

Warehouse besides mitigates 1 of nan fewer insignificant flaws of Flatpaks: automatic updates. With Warehouse, you tin show an app to disregard updates. This measurement you tin instrumentality to a type that you cognize works, that you’re happy to instrumentality with. This way, if a early merchandise comes pinch bugs aliases important changes, it won’t effect you. Warehouse besides lets you downgrade to a erstwhile type of nan app.

Like GNOME Software, Warehouse tin database your disposable Flatpak remotes. On 1 hand, its database is little extensive, since it appears to disregard nan repositories affiliated pinch your distro and, instead, shows those you whitethorn person added manually, specified arsenic Flathub. On nan different hand, 1 immense characteristic it introduces is nan expertise to easy observe and adhd further remotes. The app lists options specified arsenic nan "elementaryOS AppCenter," "GNOME Nightly," and "KDE Testing Applications." You tin besides adhd your ain repo record aliases URL.

Another standout characteristic of Warehouse is nan expertise to position nan folders that shop your Flatpak app data. With Warehouse, it's easy to find wherever an app's information sits connected your difficult thrust and really overmuch abstraction it's taking up. Then you person nan action to delete this folder.

Deleting an app's files tin free up abstraction connected your difficult drive, and tin lick issues erstwhile an app is misbehaving. And Warehouse isn't constricted to nan package you person presently installed. There's a "Manage Leftover Data" action that lists and cleans up aft nan apps you've already deleted.

4. Flatsweep

Flatsweep cleaning Flatpak information connected Fedora Silverblue.

Flatsweep is simply a elemental instrumentality that shows really overmuch abstraction each Flatpak app files is taking up connected your PC. Unlike Warehouse, it doesn't effort to do thing else.

That's okay. Flatsweep's singular intent makes it a useful instrumentality to cleanable nan clutter that has accumulated connected your PC complete nan years. Unlike wide strategy cleaners, you cognize it won't touch parts of your instrumentality that could origin unexpected issues. Flatsweep is isolated conscionable to your Flatpak apps.

Like immoderate of nan champion apps designed for nan GNOME desktop environment, Flatsweep does a awesome occupation performing conscionable 1 task but giving you each nan accusation you request to do it well. Open Flatsweep, swipe your files, and move on.

Flatpak Largely Just Works

Flatpak makes getting apps connected Linux easier than it has ever been. But nan format, aliases nan devices built astir it, still has a fewer kinks to activity out. This is existent of different alternatives, for illustration Canonical's Snap package format. But arsenic clip goes on, nan request to instal other devices whitethorn gradually spell away.

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