The Apple 2023 Fall iPhone Event Live Blog (Starts at 10am PT/17:00 UTC)

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It's that clip of nan twelvemonth again - Apple's autumn iPhone event, wherever nan Cupertino institution to unveil its newest procreation family of iPhones. This year's taxable is "Wonderlust," and will beryllium nan backdrop for nan motorboat of iOS 17 arsenic good arsenic what should beryllium nan iPhone 15 series.

This twelvemonth is wide expected to spot Apple move from their proprietary Lightning connector to nan newer USB-C connector, successful ample portion to comply pinch EU telephone charger regulations. Besides nan compatibility benefits that entails, nan Lightning connector itself is coming up connected 11 years old – fulfilling Apple's committedness for 10 years of support and then-some. And while Lightning is nan progenitor to nan modern reversible connector, its little wide pin count is limiting its functionality successful immoderate ways that nan denser USB-C should thief with.

Internally, it's each but assured that Apple will present a caller procreation processor successful nan shape of nan A17. Fab partner TSMC's accumulation schedule has their first-generation 3nm node, N3B, good successful to measurement accumulation astatine this point, truthful we're expecting to spot our first shipping 3nm smartphone SoC. TSMC has ne'er published generalized capacity figures comparing N3B to N4 (used connected nan A16 SoC), truthful there's small ground for making circumstantial capacity estimates successful advance. But arsenic a afloat node betterment from nan N5/N4 family, N3B should supply a perky punch, particularly if Apple invests their gains successful powerfulness depletion alternatively of performance.

Interestingly, Apple whitethorn beryllium nan only crippled successful municipality for a while owed to different chipmakers opting for nan forthcoming N3E node owed to costs – but that's a communicative for different time. Regardless, Apple's SoC silicon has a beardown history of delivering manufacture starring capacity and immoderate unexpected innovations, and we expect nan caller spot to erstwhile again push nan letter cover successful capacity and efficiency, arsenic Apple is wont to do.

The unrecorded blog will commencement on pinch nan arena astatine 10am PT / 17:00 UTC / 19:00 CEST.

12:55PM EDT - Thank you, arsenic always, for joining america for this year's Apple iPhone event

12:55PM EDT - Apple's position should footwear disconnected present successful a fewer minutes

12:57PM EDT - As pinch their past mates of events, Apple is doing hybrid events these days, pinch nan property gathering successful Cupertino. We're expecting this will beryllium different recorded presentation, meaning tons of flashy transitions and a speedy pace, but nary unrecorded demos connected nan broadcast

12:57PM EDT - Joining maine for this unrecorded blog is nan ever awesome Gavin Bonshor

12:58PM EDT - As noted successful our introduction, this twelvemonth is wide expected to beryllium Apple's large modulation from Lightning to USB-C

12:59PM EDT - I, for one, shall miss nan Lightning connector. But it's had a bully run. It'll beryllium amended for everyone successful nan agelong tally to beryllium connected a communal larboard standard

12:59PM EDT - And present we go

01:00PM EDT - Opening pinch a trailer

01:00PM EDT - Apparently nan taxable is birthdays?

01:01PM EDT - Lots of different group celebrating birthdays

01:02PM EDT - And now listing immoderate various instances wherever Apple's i-device emergency tech (SOS, Apple Watch bio monitoring, etc) saved someone

01:03PM EDT - "This twelvemonth they each celebrated a day they thought they ne'er would have"

01:03PM EDT - And connected to nan existent presentation

01:04PM EDT - Starting pinch a sweeping position of nan Apple Park campus

01:04PM EDT - Big announcements astir 2 basal products: Apple Watch and iPhone

01:04PM EDT - But first, a Mac update!

01:04PM EDT - Recapping nan latest Mac Studio and Mac Pro, completing nan Apple Silicon transition

01:05PM EDT - Quoting Tom's Guide (congrats to a chap Future brand)

01:05PM EDT - Also recapping nan Apple Vision Pro headset announcement

01:06PM EDT - Apple is already getting developers engaged pinch nan Vision Pro

01:06PM EDT - Vision Pro is connected way to vessel early adjacent year

01:06PM EDT - Now connected to today's news

01:07PM EDT - "If you near either 1 astatine home, I stake you'd spell backmost and get it"

01:07PM EDT - Starting things pinch Apple Watch

01:07PM EDT - Today Apple is introducing nan adjacent procreation of Apple Watch

01:08PM EDT - Rolling a speedy trailer

01:08PM EDT - Now connected to Apple Watch Series 9

01:08PM EDT - New features, and a caller Apple Silicon SoC

01:08PM EDT - S9 SiP

01:09PM EDT - "Most powerful watch spot yet"

01:09PM EDT - 5.6B transistors

01:09PM EDT - 30% faster GPU

01:09PM EDT - 4 halfway neural engine; 2x arsenic accelerated ML processing

01:09PM EDT - 18 hr artillery life

01:09PM EDT - Siri requests are now being processed connected device

01:10PM EDT - "Making them faster and much secure"

01:10PM EDT - So communal requests should beryllium faster

01:10PM EDT - Dictation should besides beryllium much meticulous connected S9 than S8

01:10PM EDT - Siri tin now beryllium queried astir wellness data

01:11PM EDT - Series 9 has a second-gen Ultra Wideband chip

01:11PM EDT - So you tin usage nan Watch to find iPhones aliases different bad boy UWB-equipped devices

01:12PM EDT - The show connected Watch Series 9 tin now spell to 2000 nits of brightness, and down to 1 nit

01:13PM EDT - "Today we're adding thing really cool"

01:13PM EDT - Adding a caller motion that uses conscionable your watch hand

01:13PM EDT - Introducing: Double Tap

01:13PM EDT - Tap your scale digit and thumb together twice

01:14PM EDT - Double tapping does respective different actions, depending connected what's going connected pinch nan Watch

01:14PM EDT - Uses nan gyroscope, bosom sensor, and different sensors to find if nan personification is intentionally making nan gesture

01:14PM EDT - Now rolling a trailer of Double Tap successful action

01:15PM EDT - (Sadly, I don't deliberation they'll beryllium putting a Zombieland changeable successful this one. Always double tap!)

01:15PM EDT - It will beryllium disposable adjacent month

01:16PM EDT - Series 9 will beryllium disposable successful a caller pinkish case, on pinch Apple's usually bevvy of different options

01:16PM EDT - Now to a conception astir environmentalism

01:17PM EDT - Mother nature?

01:18PM EDT - Removing each integrative from their packaging by nan extremity of adjacent year

01:19PM EDT - Apple is reducing nan magnitude of aerial shipping they use, successful favour of oversea shipping

01:21PM EDT - Aiming to get to a "net zero" ambiance effect connected each Apple devices by 2030

01:21PM EDT - And now a spot much connected biology initiatives

01:22PM EDT - Using recycled aluminum their watch cases. As good arsenic recycled cobalt successful nan battery

01:23PM EDT - 82% recycled yarn successful nan sports loop band

01:23PM EDT - All Apple Watch manufacturing is now powered by cleanable electricity

01:24PM EDT - New, smaller container for nan Watch. Apple tin vessel 25% much Watches per pallet

01:25PM EDT - Net c effect of nan Watch Series 9 pinch an aluminum lawsuit and sports loop is 0

01:25PM EDT - And Apple will beryllium putting a caller logo connected their boxes to advertise that fact

01:25PM EDT - Apple will nary longer connection leather successful immoderate caller product, including watch bands. Starting today

01:26PM EDT - Meanwhile, they're introducing a caller worldly called FineWoven

01:27PM EDT - New Nike watch bands, arsenic well

01:27PM EDT - Also pinch much recycled materials

01:27PM EDT - And that's nan Apple Watch Series 9

01:27PM EDT - Double tap, on-device Siri, and nan S9 SiP

01:27PM EDT - Now connected to nan Apple Watch Ultra

01:28PM EDT - Introducing Apple Watch Ultra 2

01:29PM EDT - Ultra 2 besides gets nan S9 SiP and different awesome features of nan Series 9 Watch

01:29PM EDT - Max brightness of 3000 nits for nan Ultra 2 display

01:30PM EDT - And nighttime mode tin usage nan ambient ray sensor to activate successful nan dark

01:31PM EDT - "We can't hold to spot wherever you return Ultra 2"

01:31PM EDT - Ultra 2's artillery life is up to 36 hours successful normal mode, 72 hours successful debased powerfulness mode

01:32PM EDT - Ultra 2 is besides c neutral erstwhile utilized pinch circumstantial watch bands

01:32PM EDT - And that's nan Ultra 2

01:32PM EDT - Apple Watch SE is besides c neutral pinch nan correct band

01:33PM EDT - Series 9 starts astatine $399, and Ultra 2 starts astatine $799

01:33PM EDT - Pre-orders starting today. Available connected September 22nd

01:34PM EDT - Now connected to iPhone

01:34PM EDT - (aka nan moneymaker)

01:34PM EDT - Now rolling a trailer for nan adjacent iPhone

01:35PM EDT - iPhone 15 "is perfectly incredible"

01:35PM EDT - The notch is out, successful favour of nan move land from nan iPhone Pro series

01:36PM EDT - Super Retina XDR show based connected OLED technology

01:36PM EDT - Peak HDR brightness is now 1600 nits

01:36PM EDT - Oh, and highest outdoor brightness is moreover higher, 2000 nits

01:37PM EDT - 6.1-inches for iPhone 15, and 6.7-inches for iPhone 15 Plus

01:37PM EDT - (But where's nan Mini?)

01:37PM EDT - Apple is utilizing colour infused solid to colour nan telephone assemblage now

01:38PM EDT - Ceramic shield protection arsenic well

01:38PM EDT - And, going pinch nan biology taxable from earlier, Apple is utilizing 75% recycled aluminum for nan body

01:38PM EDT - As good arsenic recycled cobalt successful nan battery

01:39PM EDT - The main camera for iPhone 15 is 48MP

01:39PM EDT - f/1.6, 26mm focal length

01:39PM EDT - Quad pixel sensor

01:40PM EDT - And of course, Apple's awesome usage of computational photography

01:40PM EDT - Resulting successful a 24MPixel photo

01:41PM EDT - New 2x telephoto option. 12MP photos

01:41PM EDT - "Next-generation portraits"

01:42PM EDT - Recapping features for illustration zero shutter lag and bokeh

01:42PM EDT - Adding attraction and extent power utilizing nan extent representation captured for nan photo

01:43PM EDT - Night mode photography is improved arsenic well

01:43PM EDT - Updated Smart HDR functionality arsenic well

01:44PM EDT - And that's nan iPhone 15's camera

01:44PM EDT - Now connected to performance

01:44PM EDT - The SoC for nan iPhone 15 is nan A16. Which was intro'ed past twelvemonth for nan iPhone 14 Pro

01:45PM EDT - 16 halfway neural engine, 5 halfway GPU, 6 halfway CPU (2 precocious perf, 4 precocious efficiency)

01:45PM EDT - "Still has all-day artillery life"

01:45PM EDT - And nan positive has an moreover bigger artillery for more

01:45PM EDT - So Apple is officially cascading A-series SoCs down their merchandise lineup now

01:46PM EDT - Now talking astir connectivity

01:46PM EDT - Ultra Wideband is getting moreover amended this twelvemonth pinch nan second-gen UWB chip. iPhone 15 tin scope retired to different UWB gen 2 chips from up to 3x away

01:47PM EDT - Quickly demoing UWB for FindMy

01:47PM EDT - Phone telephone audio value is being improved

01:47PM EDT - Improved instrumentality learning exemplary to amended select retired inheritance noise

01:47PM EDT - With a full isolation mode if you request it

01:48PM EDT - Emergency SOS via outer is backmost arsenic well

01:48PM EDT - Now avaialble successful 14 countries successful 3 continents, and being expanded to moreover more

01:48PM EDT - Introducing Roadside Assistance via Satellite

01:49PM EDT - Now you tin usage sat comms to petition roadside assistance

01:49PM EDT - Launching successful nan US pinch AAA (covered pinch a AAA membership)

01:49PM EDT - Sat comms are free for 2 years pinch iPhone 15, nan aforesaid committedness made pinch nan iPhone 14

01:49PM EDT - (Still thing astir what happens aft those 2 years)

01:50PM EDT - Lightning is officially out. USB-C is in

01:50PM EDT - Apple has replaced nan Lightning larboard pinch USB-C connected nan iPhone

01:50PM EDT - This besides intends EarPods, AirPods, etc, are moving to USB-C

01:51PM EDT - And if wireless is your thing, MagSafe wireless charging

01:51PM EDT - And that's iPhone 15

01:52PM EDT - (It's good, but it needs to not upstage nan iPhone Pro)

01:52PM EDT - Now rolling different iPhone 15 trailer

01:52PM EDT - "A immense leap forward"

01:53PM EDT - Starting astatine $799 for iPhone 15, and $899 for iPhone 15 Plus

01:53PM EDT - Base retention remains 128GB (or astir $10 successful NAND)

01:53PM EDT - Tim: "And we're not done yet"

01:54PM EDT - Now connected to nan iPhone Pro lineup

01:54PM EDT - Now rolling an intro trailer for nan iPhone 15 Pro

01:54PM EDT - "The astir pro iPhone we've ever created"

01:55PM EDT - "Powered by our astir precocious Apple Silicon yet"

01:55PM EDT - And a caller titanium body

01:55PM EDT - "Lightest pro models ever"

01:56PM EDT - Apple has reduced nan iPhone Pro dimensions without reducing nan show size

01:56PM EDT - 6.1-inch for Pro and 6.7-inch for Pro Max

01:57PM EDT - New assemblage uses "grade 5" titanium

01:57PM EDT - Same alloy utilized for nan Mars rover (presumably Opportunity)

01:57PM EDT - Titanium connected nan outside, aluminum connected nan inside

01:58PM EDT - Apple is nary alien to titanium. They've utilized it arsenic acold backmost arsenic nan first PowerPC G4 PowerBook successful nan early 2000s

01:58PM EDT - New soul chassis architecture to make nan telephone much repairable, and making nan backmost solid easier to replace

01:59PM EDT - The iPhone 15 Pro has replaced nan silencer move pinch a button

01:59PM EDT - Copying nan action fastener conception from nan Apple Watch

02:00PM EDT - Super Retina XDR display. ProMotion support, utmost move range, etc

02:00PM EDT - New StandBy characteristic utilizing nan always-on show of nan pro

02:01PM EDT - So you tin usage your telephone arsenic a nightstand clock

02:01PM EDT - Apple A17 Pro SoC

02:01PM EDT - (Interesting that they're utilizing nan Pro moniker for nan SoC now. Does that connote a non-pro SoC down nan line?)

02:01PM EDT - "Changes passim nan full chip"

02:01PM EDT - And a "breakthrough caller GPU"

02:02PM EDT - Confirmed to beryllium made connected 3nm

02:02PM EDT - 19 cardinal transistors

02:02PM EDT - 6-core CPU

02:02PM EDT - Microarchitectural improvements

02:02PM EDT - 2 perf cores. 10% faster

02:02PM EDT - 4 ratio cores are besides faster. 3x perf-per-watt of competition

02:03PM EDT - 16 halfway neural engine. "Up to doubly arsenic fast" arsenic before

02:03PM EDT - 35 TOPS of performance

02:03PM EDT - Dedicated video engines and show controller

02:03PM EDT - AV1 decode support!

02:04PM EDT - A17 Pro gets a caller USB3 controller. So they're making afloat usage of USB-C

02:04PM EDT - (A16 still only has a USB 2.x controller)

02:04PM EDT - Brand caller Apple-designed shader architecture for nan GPU

02:04PM EDT - 6 halfway GPU design. 20% faster highest performance

02:05PM EDT - Added mesh shading support

02:05PM EDT - Hardware accelerated ray tracing

02:05PM EDT - "Fastest RT capacity successful immoderate smartphone"

02:05PM EDT - Coincidentally, 3DMark's ray tracing benchmark has go disposable for iOS arsenic of earlier today

02:06PM EDT - 4x faster than software-based RT connected A16

02:06PM EDT - Metal FX upscaling

02:07PM EDT - (Apple Arcade is nan redeeming grace for smartphone gamining, fixed nan industry's reliance connected F2P games and microtransactions)

02:07PM EDT - Now rolling a trailer astir gaming connected nan iPhone

02:08PM EDT - With various crippled developers speaking

02:08PM EDT - Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Village moving connected nan iPhone

02:09PM EDT - "The Division Resurgence" launching connected nan iPhone successful 2024

02:09PM EDT - Apple has achieved what should beryllium characteristic parity pinch nan 9th gen crippled consoles

02:09PM EDT - Now connected to nan cameras

02:10PM EDT - "Equivalent of 7 camera lenses"

02:10PM EDT - iPhone 15 Pro features a 48MP main camera pinch an moreover bigger sensor

02:11PM EDT - Can sprout successful 48MP HEIF-encoded images

02:11PM EDT - Can sprout higher res photos successful 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm focal length

02:12PM EDT - 2x amended low-light performance

02:13PM EDT - 3x telephoto camera

02:13PM EDT - 5x optical zoom astatine 120mm focal length. 12MP telephoto camera, 1.12 micron pxiel, f/2.8 aperture. 100% attraction pixels

02:14PM EDT - "Tetra-prism" creation to fresh successful a 120mm focal magnitude lense strategy into a phone

02:14PM EDT - 10K microadjustments per second

02:15PM EDT - 12MP ultra wide camera. Improved anti-reflective coating. 13mm focal length

02:16PM EDT - Recapping USB 3 information rates from nan USB-C port. Finally a measurement to get very ample image files disconnected of an iPhone Pro quickly complete a wired connection

02:16PM EDT - ProRes signaling tin now do 4K60

02:16PM EDT - Log encoding (Hybrid-Log Gamma, I'd assume?)

02:17PM EDT - Spatial (3D) video support. Using nan UW and main cameras together to grounds astatine once

02:17PM EDT - So that will beryllium very useful for nan Apple Vision Pro headset

02:18PM EDT - Spatial video seizure will not beryllium disposable astatine launch. It will beryllium disposable later this year

02:18PM EDT - And that's iPhone 15 Pro

02:18PM EDT - Wi-Fi 6E mentioned. That's new

02:18PM EDT - iPhone 15 Pro, starting astatine $999. iPhone 15 Pro Max for $1199

02:19PM EDT - 128GB guidelines retention for nan Pro. 256GB guidelines retention for nan Pro Max

02:19PM EDT - Pre-orders starting today. Available September 22nd

02:19PM EDT - iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 stay arsenic portion of Apple's progressive merchandise lineup arsenic well

02:20PM EDT - So iPhone SE, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro (& Pro Max)

02:20PM EDT - Not mentioned and presumably discontinued: iPhone 14 Pro

02:20PM EDT - Now backmost to Tim who is recapping today's announcements

02:21PM EDT - And that's nan caller iPhone and Apple Watch products

02:22PM EDT - Thanks for joining us

02:22PM EDT - Now to spot if Apple is publishing immoderate further specifications connected that caller GPU...

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