The 8 Types of Emails That Get the Most (And Least) Engagement, According to Marketers

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I nonstop nan HubSpot Marketing Emails each day, truthful I'm beautiful acquainted pinch nan types of trading emails marketers tin leverage. However, which ones summation nan astir engagement and which do not?

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To reply that question, and to walk that knowledge connected to you, we ran a study pinch Glimpse, asking marketers which types of emails execute nan highest performance.

Here's what I found:

4 Types of Emails That Get nan Most Engagement

The 4 emails get nan astir engagement, according to our latest Glimpse survey.

1. Multimedia Emails

Multimedia emails see videos, photos, GIFs, and different elements to make its contented guidelines out. 44% of nan marketers successful our study opportunity multimedia emails get nan highest engagement.

It makes consciousness because a assortment successful media gives consumers much move contented to interact pinch and is much appealing than emails pinch only text.

For example, Society6 sent nan beneath email featuring GIFs of dancing phones pinch changing cases to showcase nan assortment of cases disposable connected nan website.

It besides features moving matter pinch changing colors to stress nan phrases “Today Only” and “Flash Deals.”

2. Basic Emails

When I deliberation of basic, I usually deliberation “boring,” but that doesn't person to beryllium nan lawsuit pinch these emails.

39% of marketers opportunity they get nan astir engagement done basal email formats that item a database of links, articles, aliases pages to click connected pinch ray imagery.

For example, this email I received from Amazon Prime highlights links to nan films connected its level pinch clickable images that return maine to wherever it's disposable to stream.

Incorporating photos successful your emails will thief exemplify nan products, services, aliases accusation you're trying to convey and entice readers to click.

3. Discount Emails

Our study recovered almost a 3rd of marketers (31%) opportunity emails promoting coupons, discount codes, free resources, aliases income get nan astir engagement. Who doesn't emotion a chance to prevention money?

Bear successful mind, however, that nan concealed to nan occurrence of these emails isn‘t conscionable their content; it’s besides successful their taxable lines.

I get promotional emails highlighting deals each nan clip successful my ain inbox, and thing I've noticed is that almost each taxable statement includes quantitative accusation astir these coupons, discounts, and sales. See nan illustration below.

Notice each nan taxable lines read:

  • “50% disconnected Art Prints”
  • “Earn $7 rewards”
  • “25% of everything”
  • “Up to $100 off”

Include quantitative accusation astir deals successful nan taxable statement to instantly fto subscribers cognize why they should click and unfastened your email.

5 Types of Emails That Get nan Least Engagement

For context, our surveys asked marketers to sanction nan constituent retired nan types of emails that summation nan astir engagement. The emails successful this database are mentioned because they sewage nan slightest magnitude of votes from marketers.

1. Product/Service Announcement Emails

Only 24% of marketers opportunity emails announcing caller products output nan astir engagement. That said, I still find a batch of worth successful sending merchandise and work announcements via email — you conscionable person to do it right.

To make your product/service announcement emails guidelines retired successful your recipients' inboxes and boost their engagement, really thin into personalization.

Use nan accusation you person astir your consumers to nonstop targeted merchandise emails that are applicable to nan recipient. For example, let‘s opportunity you’re a pet proviso store.

If you‘re trading a caller feline toy, only nonstop that merchandise announcement to feline owners connected your email database aliases to recipients who often bargain feline supplies. And if you’re now offering canine grooming services, only nonstop nan accusation to subscribers who often acquisition canine supplies.

2. Article-Style Emails

Only 23% of marketers successful our study opportunity article-style emails pinch original contented output nan astir engagement.

Admittedly, it's not my favourite type of email to receive. Like astir consumers, I only walk a fewer seconds reference an email to scroll to nan adjacent aliases spell astir my day.

In fact, group spend, connected average, only 9 seconds reference an email. So, article-style emails aren't nan astir fruitful emails marketers tin nonstop nowadays.

Instead, I propose doing what I do for nan HubSpot Marketing Emails: see a short excerpt of articles aliases blog posts successful nan email and see clickable links and images truthful readers person nan action to publication nan afloat article connected your website.

Even if recipients don‘t publication nan afloat article, they’re astatine slightest much apt to click and spell to your website.

marketing email3. Emails Promoting Contests/Competitions

This took maine by astonishment because I emotion a chance to win, but only 18% of marketers said emails promoting contests and competitions output nan astir engagement.

However, I wouldn't fto that statistic dissuade you from leveraging contests and competitions successful your email trading campaigns. Instead, make your contests absorbing and nosy for your assemblage to promote participation.

For example, I precocious received an email from Canva challenging subscribers to creation a temper committee utilizing nan schematic creation platform's tools. If I make a temper committee and stock it pinch Canva, I could triumph a prize.

To make nan title much interesting, Canva says users must showcase their activity connected Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) on pinch nan brand's hashtag #CanvaDesignChallenge for a chance to win.

Canva tin past repost and stock these creations arsenic user-generated content.

It's a clever thought because nan situation does nan following:

  • Creates a nosy and engaging acquisition for users
  • Showcases nan brand's devices and features
  • Boosts marque consciousness connected societal media via hashtags and contented sharing
  • Leverages user-generated content

So, to get nan astir retired of your email contests and competitions, merge societal media and user-generated contented successful a measurement that is simple, engaging, and nosy for recipients. Furthermore, usage nan title arsenic an opportunity for recipients to acquisition aspects of your merchandise aliases service.

4. Educational Emails

Just 17% of marketers opportunity acquisition emails astir their manufacture alternatively than products aliases services get nan astir engagement.

This makes consciousness because consumers are typically little concerned pinch manufacture penetration than they are pinch nan products and services that could use them.

If you want to leverage these kinds of emails, make judge you fto you assemblage cognize really nan accusation benefits them and necktie it backmost to nan products and services you offer.

For example, this email from InVideo shares a speedy blurb of valuable information:

“The usage of apt matter and matter styles successful videos tin person a affirmative effect connected respective metrics, including watching time, engagement, and wide retention.”

The email past ties nan accusation backmost to its work pinch a telephone to action:

“Find 1 that champion goes pinch your content.”

The matter is followed by an image showing nan different kinds of matter and matter styles disposable connected nan platform.

In a way, nan email presents a imaginable problem (you request nan correct apt matter and matter style), and past it presents nan company's products/service arsenic a solution (look astatine each nan matter options they have).

Do nan aforesaid successful your ain acquisition emails.

5. Event Announcements

Finally, only 10% of marketers opportunity emails announcing events, specified arsenic conferences, livestreams, and webinars get nan astir engagement. To boost nan engagement of these kinds of emails, travel nan aforesaid proposal I gave for acquisition emails.

For example, let's opportunity InVideo is hosting a webinar astir choosing nan correct matter style for videos. The email could person nan aforesaid email connection arsenic nan 1 above:

“The usage of apt matter and matter styles successful videos tin person a affirmative effect connected respective metrics, including watching time, engagement, and wide retention.”

This time, however, nan email could past say:

“Sign up for our webinar to study really to take nan correct apt matter aliases matter style for your adjacent video.”

InVideo could besides sweeten nan woody by offering email recipients 20% disconnected connected immoderate of its features successful speech for signing up for nan webinar.

What I‘ve learned arsenic an email marketer is that nan type of email you nonstop will dangle connected nan extremity of your email run and type of contented your recipients respond to. I’ve besides learned each email has to connection worth to your consumers.

So, make judge each email you nonstop retired ties backmost to what solutions your statement provides. Keep this successful mind, and you'll surely person a successful email trading campaign.

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