The 7 Best PDF-to-Word Converters for Linux

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Have you ever felt nan request to edit aliases customize your PDFs pinch nan easiness and familiarity of a Word document? If so, you tin usage PDF-to-Word converters that are designed to toggle shape fixed PDF documents into editable Word files, suitable for Linux users of each levels of expertise.

Whether your extremity is streamlined archive collaboration, preservation of analyzable formatting, aliases user-friendly conversion, present are nan champion Linux-based PDF-to-Word converters.

1. Adobe Reader

Coverting PDF to Word utilizing Adobe Reader app Linux

Adobe Reader is simply a celebrated PDF scholar and editor that is disposable for Linux systems. It enables you to position and adhd annotations to PDF documents, making it a versatile instrumentality for reviewing and editing PDFs. Moreover, it besides provides nan basal PDF-to-Word conversion feature, utilizing which you tin prevention a PDF archive arsenic a Word file.

You tin usage Adobe PDF Reader to insert commands, highlight text, tie shapes, and connect notes straight to nan PDF documents. It besides offers support for surface readers, shape filling, integer signature, text-to-speech functionality, keyboard shortcuts, and archive protection options.

One of its cardinal advantages is cross-platform compatibility arsenic Adobe Reader is disposable for various platforms including Linux. This functionality allows you to stock documents and collaborate easily.

Download: Adobe Reader (Free)


Coverting PDF to Word utilizing ONLYOFFICE app Linux

ONLYOFFICE is simply a broad agency suite for Linux that includes devices for connection processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, pinch built-in PDF-to-Word conversion capabilities.

It provides a complete agency suite, offering a wide scope of devices for archive creation and editing. Notably, it allows you to easy person PDF documents to Word format while retaining formatting and layout, which makes it a reliable prime for Linux users.

ONLYOFFICE supports a real-time collaboration platform, which enables aggregate users to activity connected nan aforesaid archive simultaneously. You tin activity pinch ONLYOFFICE moreover erstwhile you're not connected to nan internet, arsenic it is suitable for some online and offline work.

Download: ONLYOFFICE (Free, Subscription available)

3. Sejda PDF Desktop

Coverting PDF to Word utilizing Sejda app Linux

Sejda PDF Desktop is simply a versatile desktop PDF editing and conversion instrumentality that provides respective features for Linux users, including PDF-to-Word conversion. It allows you to edit PDF documents, adhd annotations, and make different changes.

This instrumentality besides supports batch processing, which enables you to person aggregate PDFs to Word simultaneously. Cross-platform compatibility is simply a notable characteristic of Sejda PDF Desktop arsenic this instrumentality is disposable for Linux, Windows, and macOS. This characteristic ensures accordant archive processing crossed platforms.

Sejda PDF Desktop includes features for illustration password protection and encryption for PDFs. Additionally, it is simply a feature-rich instrumentality that offers some PDF editing and PDF-to-Word conversion, making it a valuable plus for Linux users dealing pinch various archive tasks.

Download: Sejda PDF Desktop (Free, Subscription available)

4. PDF24

Coverting PDF to Word utilizing PDF24 Linux

PDF24 is simply a versatile PDF toolbox for Linux users, which offers a wide scope of features, including PDF-to-Word conversion. It has a elemental and intuitive interface, allowing you to easy person PDFs to Word. It besides offers nan elasticity of online and offline modes, wherever you tin take betwixt having conversion hap connected nan PDF24 servers aliases locally connected your systems.

Moreover, PDF24 supports batch conversion, utilizing which you tin person aggregate PDF files to Word successful 1 go. Additionally, it includes devices for compressing and optimizing PDFs, which trim record sizes while maintaining quality.

PDF24 offers a user-friendly acquisition for Linux users seeking speedy and businesslike PDF-to-Word conversion, pinch nan elasticity of online and offline modes.

Download: PDF24 (Free)

5. Smallpdf

Coverting PDF to Word utilizing Smallpdf Linux

Smallpdf is an online level that provides a assortment of PDF tools, including PDF-to-Word conversion, making it accessible to Linux users done web browsers. Smallpdf operates wholly successful your web browser and eliminates nan request for package installation connected Linux systems.

It offers a straightforward and speedy conversion process, which makes it suitable for users looking for a hassle-free experience. Smallpdf besides supports various record formats for some input and output, providing elasticity successful archive conversion. Additionally, you tin straight entree and prevention converted files to unreality retention services for illustration Google Drive and Dropbox.

Smallpdf offers a convenient and accessible solution for Linux users who for illustration web-based devices for their PDF-to-Word conversion needs.

Download: Smallpdf (Free, Subscription available)

6. Okular

Coverting PDF to Word utilizing Okular app Linux

Okular is simply a Linux-based PDF spectator and editor pinch basal PDF-to-Word conversion capabilities. This instrumentality excels astatine viewing and annotating PDF documents, which makes it perfect for reviewing and marking up PDF content. Moreover, you tin extract matter from nan PDF documents for quoting aliases citing contented successful a document.

As an open-source software, Okular is freely available, supports aggregate languages, and is actively maintained by nan Linux community. It offers basal PDF-to-Word conversion functionality that allows you to export PDF contented to Word format, though pinch imaginable formatting limitations.

Okular is chiefly a PDF spectator and editor and provides immoderate PDF-to-Word conversion capabilities. Therefore, it is suitable for tasks that attraction connected viewing, annotating, and performing basal PDF-to-Word conversions.

Download: Okular (Free)

7. PDF Studio

Coverting PDF to Word utilizing PDF Studio app Linux

PDF Studio is simply a professional-grade PDF editor and converter for Linux that offers precocious features for PDF-to-Word conversion. It offers precise PDF-to-Word conversion while preserving formatting, fonts, and layouts accurately. Moreover, it simplifies nan process of reducing PDF record sizes pinch its built-in PDF optimizer.

PDF Studio includes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) support for converting scanned PDFs into editable Word documents. It besides offers different features specified arsenic batch processing, archive comparison, adding integer signatures, generating a array of contents, online collaboration, and integration and plugin support.

PDF Studio is simply a powerful instrumentality for Linux users who require professional-grade PDF editing and high-quality PDF-to-Word conversion pinch OCR support; it is besides considered perfect for analyzable archive tasks.

Download: PDF Studio (Paid, Free proceedings available)

Converting PDF to Word connected Linux Is Now a Breeze

Whether you are a master Linux personification aliases conscionable stepping into nan world of open-source operating systems, PDF-to-Word converters cater to each levels of expertise. From nan user-friendly interfaces to nan precocious features specified arsenic real-time collaboration, these devices let you to research nan afloat imaginable of your PDF documents.

These PDF-to-Word converters span nan spread betwixt fixed PDFs and editable Word documents, which yet heighten nan productivity of Linux users worldwide.

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