The 7 Best Barcode Scanner Apps

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Look astir nan room you're in. You will find astatine slightest a twelve products pinch a barcode connected them. Every merchandise sold comes pinch a unsocial identifier. You tin scan these codes utilizing a barcode scanner app and find nan associated merchandise connected nan web.

You tin besides usage it to make online payments and cheque menus since galore bars and restaurants coming are switching to QR codes. Many businesses usage QR codes truthful group tin quickly spell to their tract without having to type nan URL. Knowing this, here's a curated database of nan champion barcode scanner apps for Android and iOS.

1. Google Lens

Did you cognize you scan barcodes successful nan Google Lens app? Just constituent nan hunt framework to a barcode aliases a QR code, and fto nan app do its thing. The upside of utilizing Google Lens is that location are a batch of interesting things you tin do pinch Google Lens.

You tin transcript aliases construe text, place plants, find akin products, and a batch more. Lens is portion of nan Google app connected iPhones, truthful you won't request a abstracted app for scanning QR codes. Overall, Google Lens is 1 of nan champion barcode scanner apps for Android and iOS.

Download: Google Lens for Android (Free)

Download: Google for iOS (Free)

2. Orca Scan

Orca Scan isn't a run-of-the-mill barcode scanner; you tin usage it arsenic an replacement to hardware scanners. Orca Scan tin way an full inventory without immoderate specialized software.

The app won't redirect you to nan web erstwhile scanning a barcode. Instead, it will inquire you to capable successful specifications astir nan merchandise for plus tracking. The app has a web-based spreadsheet wherever each nan information gets synced.

Of course, you tin export nan database successful nan shape of a spreadsheet aliases a JSON file. If you want a free replacement to costly barcode scanning solutions, Orca Scan is nan champion barcode scanner for you.

Download: Orca Scan for Android | iOS (Free)

3. SecScanQR

If you are looking for a privacy-focused option, past you request to return a look astatine SecScanQR.

It's an open-source app only disposable for Android via nan F-Droid store. It allows scanning aggregate types of barcodes and QR codes, and you tin determine which hunt motor should unfastened nan link. Choose DuckDuckGo if you want to steer clear of web tracking.

On apical of barcode scanning, SecScanQR tin make different types of barcodes aliases QR codes. You tin create a location QR code, a interaction QR code, aliases moreover a elemental matter QR code. It moreover has a nighttime mode; a beautiful saccharine woody for an open-source app.

Download: SecScanQR for Android (Free)

4. Goodreads

Goodreads is an fantabulous book-tracking app that tin shape your out-of-control reference list, and springiness you book recommendations. An underlying characteristic of Goodreads is that you tin usage its barcode scanner to adhd books to your reference list.

Let's opportunity you are astatine a bookstore aliases a library. You tin scan nan book screen pinch nan app, adhd it to your read-later section, aliases cheque its reviews online. With nan Goodreads scanner, you tin quickly adhd a bunch of books and determine whether to support them connected your reference database later on.

Goodreads is only for avid readers. If you are looking for a due QR scanner app past cheque retired different apps connected this list.

Download: Goodreads for Android | iOS (Free)

5. QRbot

QRbot tin scan each nan communal barcode formats and QR codes and supports barcode scanning from photos. You tin usage nan hunt shortcuts specified arsenic "Search it connected Amazon" which will redirect you to nan product's listing connected nan Amazon app aliases website.

The barcode scanner app allows creating codes, but nan champion portion is you tin creation QR codes. For instance, you tin alteration nan creation aliases adhd your ain image successful your QR code, though this characteristic is only disposable connected nan iOS app. Moreover, astir of nan creation templates are exclusive to paid users.

Download: QRbot for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Open Food Facts

Reading nutrient labels is simply a bully thought if you are conscious of what you consume. But they tin beryllium tricky to publication and sometimes difficult to make consciousness of. That's wherever you tin return nan thief of Open Food Facts (OFF), a nutrient database wherever you tin get a nutritional people of nan nutrient that you are readying to eat.

You tin usage nan barcode scanner successful nan Open Food Facts app to find nutritional facts astir nutrient items. If nan accusation is not available, consciousness free to adhd it to nan database yourself. All successful all, OFF is simply a awesome food app to simplify nutrition and 1 of nan champion barcode scanner apps.

Download: Open Food Facts for Android | iOS (Free)

7. QR & Barcode Scanner by Gamma Play

If you want a no-fuss QR scanner app that tin do everything you'd expect from it without immoderate unnecessary features, QR & Barcode Scanner by Gamma Play is astir apt your champion bet. It's easy to use, has a elemental UI, and is lightweight astatine conscionable nether 30MB.

The app has a zoom slider which you tin usage to zoom successful aliases retired and amended framework nan QR codification you're trying to scan successful your changeable to maximize nan chances of nan app recognizing it.

You tin besides scan images saved successful your gallery that incorporate QR codes, spot nan history of your scanned QR codes, and moreover create your ain QR code for your telephone number, email ID, almanac event, Wi-Fi network, and more.

You tin besides alteration nan colour strategy of nan app if you don't for illustration nan default bluish one, and alteration vibrations to get haptic feedback erstwhile nan app recognizes a QR code.

Download: QR & Barcode Scanner for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Scan Barcodes Without an App

If you are wary of third-party barcode scanners, you tin scan QR codes connected Android and iPhone utilizing their in-house barcode scanners. If you ain an Android phone, you tin usage nan camera app to scan barcodes.

Some Android devices connection a dedicated barcode scanner action successful nan Quick settings menu. Meanwhile, if you ain an iPhone aliases an iPad, you will find nan barcode scanner action successful nan power center.

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