The 7 Best AI Prompt Marketplaces

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When you usage an AI chatbot, nan measurement to get what you want is pinch a clear prompt. However, crafting nan cleanable AI punctual for each business is much difficult than it sounds, which is wherever AI punctual marketplaces travel in.

If you're looking to bargain AI prompts aliases moreover waste immoderate prompts of your own, you whitethorn find AI punctual marketplaces useful—but which is nan champion AI punctual platform?

1. PromptBase

screenshot of promptbase website homepage

PromptBase offers complete 100,000 AI prompts for various celebrated models, including MidJourney, DALL-E, ChatGPT, and Stable Diffusion. This doesn't extremity astatine matter prompts alone. PromptBase has logo and icon prompts, creation prompts, gaming prompts, and photography prompts for each nan creatives retired there.

But if you're looking for simpler prompts, PromptBase has your back. Maybe you're looking for prompts to boost your productivity, assistance you successful coding, aliases thief you arsenic a business owner. PromptBase provides prompts for each these areas crossed galore models.

To find nan AI punctual you need, usage PromptBase's hunt input instrumentality aliases browse done nan categories successful nan apical barroom paper connected nan website's homepage.

screenshot of promptbase hunt results

Even erstwhile searching via category, you tin select your searches to constrictive down nan options based connected your preferences.

On apical of this, PromptBase gives users nan chance to waste their ain prompts and prosecute individuals to create prompts. PromptBase has a wide scope of punctual engineers to take from, and you tin position engineers based connected nan AI exemplary they tin create prompts for. After clicking connected nan engineer's profile, you tin spot which prompts they presently person for sale, though you tin connection them if you're looking for thing bespoke and specific.

You tin salary for prompts connected PromptBase via nan Stripe online costs processor.

To waste a prompt, PromptBase requires you to supply a punctual name, type, description, and price. Then, you'll request to straight paste your punctual into nan provided box. PromptBase will trial nan punctual to spot if it's legitimate, and if everything checks out, you tin spell up and database your prompt.

2. PromptHero

prompthero website homepage screenshot

PromptHero offers a reasonably akin work to PromptBase. This punctual marketplace offers prompts for ChatGPT, Midjourney, Openjourney, and Stable Diffusion. These prompts tin beryllium utilized for each kinds of purposes, including photography, anime, architecture, fashion, interior design, logos, and icons. If you want a wide browse, you tin besides return a look astatine PromptHero's Featured, Hot, New, and Top categories.

PromptHero allows you to browse categories via nan apical paper bar, though you tin besides usage nan website's hunt motor for much circumstantial results.

PromptHero offers a premium type of its marketplace for $9 monthly. Without this premium subscription, you'll only beryllium capable to usage 25 free punctual credits per month. With nan subscription, your monthly punctual headdress will beryllium accrued to 300.

A peculiarly absorbing characteristic offered by Prompt Hero is its Jobs section. This page lets you hunt for AI jobs, whether distant aliases in-house, which is awesome for those pinch skills successful AI. You tin usage PromptHero to entree nan exertion portal for nan occupation you desire, and you tin besides position nan salary, statement term, aliases hourly rate.

3. ChatX

screenshot of chatx website homepage

ChatX offers free and paid prompts for ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALL-E 2. When you get astatine nan homepage of ChatX, you've sewage 2 options. You tin caput to nan wide punctual marketplace aliases ChatX's punctual generator. If you want to find preexisting prompts, caput to nan wide punctual marketplace. If you want a circumstantial punctual created connected your behalf, caput to nan punctual generator.

On ChatX's punctual marketplace, you tin find prompts for ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. What's awesome is that galore of ChatX's prompts are wholly free. You tin find free image prompts, master prompts, repast scheme prompts, trading prompts, creation prompts, and much utilizing this platform, truthful there's thing for everyone. By either utilizing nan ChatX hunt barroom aliases AI exemplary categories, you tin find nan correct punctual for you.

On nan different hand, if you opt for ChatX's ChatGPT aliases Midjourney punctual generator, you tin person text-based prompts created connected your behalf for free.

chat x chatgpt punctual generator screenshot

Simply picture what you want nan AI exemplary to enactment arsenic and produce, and you'll beryllium provided pinch a matter punctual to download for early use.

4. PromptSea

promptsea website homepage screenshot

PromptSea isn't conscionable an AI punctual marketplace but tin surely beryllium utilized to find useful AI prompts. When you caput to nan PromptSea website, you won't beryllium instantly met pinch nan punctual marketplace. However, if you scroll down a little, you'll spot a mini number of featured AI prompts displayed. Click connected nan Prompts title, and you'll beryllium taken to PromptSea's prompts platform. Here, you tin find image prompts for ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALLE-2, Novel AI, Nightcafe, Jasper, and Niji Journey.

It's important to statement that PromptSea has an absorbing twist: each punctual is simply a non-fungible token (NFT). This prevents prompts from being copied and resold without nan correct authorization. These NFTs are stored connected nan Tezos, Polygon, aliases BNB Chain blockchains.

screenshot of promptsea merchandise acquisition page

On PromptSea, you tin salary for prompts utilizing cryptocurrencies specified arsenic Tezos, Polygon, aliases BNB. You can't usage accepted tenders, specified arsenic dollars aliases pounds, to salary for integer items connected PromptSea. If you're not a instrumentality of crypto aliases NFTs, you whitethorn want to opt for 1 of nan different marketplaces listed here.

5. Etsy

screenshot of promptsea website homepage

You whitethorn cognize Etsy arsenic nan premier level for unsocial and handmade gifts, fashion, and homeware. But did you cognize Etsy besides sells immoderate useful AI prompts?

Typing "AI prompts" successful Etsy's hunt barroom reveals nan scope of AI prompts for waste connected nan platform. You tin find prompts for Midjourney, ChatGPT, DALL-E, and different AI models connected Etsy, though these very often travel successful bundles. On nan different punctual marketplaces discussed here, you tin bargain aliases make a azygous prompt, but Etsy sellers waste prompts successful packs of hundreds aliases moreover thousands.

So, really do you cognize what you're buying?

When you spot a punctual bundle you're willing successful connected Etsy, click connected nan listing and publication nan point details. This is important to find what benignant of prompts you're purchasing here. The title will apt bespeak nan type aliases taxable of nan prompts included, but you tin usually entree much accusation successful nan point specifications section.

highlighted point specifications conception connected etsy merchandise page

If you want to bargain conscionable a fistful of AI prompts aliases thing highly specific, Etsy whitethorn not beryllium nan correct platform. Don't hide that Etsy isn't a dedicated AI punctual marketplace designed for uncovering and searching for prompts specifically.


chatgpt interface pinch aiprm plugin active

AIPRM isn't a website-based marketplace. Rather, it is simply a free Chrome hold that lets you entree useful ChatGPT prompts while utilizing nan ChatGPT interface.

After installing nan AIPRM plugin, link your AIPRM relationship to your ChatGPT account. This lets AIPRM run while you usage ChatGPT. Once you've sewage this sorted, you tin get started pinch AIPRM.

While utilizing AIPRM connected ChatGPT, you'll announcement that nan normal chat page now has overmuch much content. You'll spot a myriad of suggested pitches and immoderate hunt filters you tin usage to find nan correct punctual for you. You tin select prompts by topic, activity, GPT model, writer name, punctual hint, and different factors. Alternatively, you tin hunt for a punctual successful nan hunt barroom connected nan right-hand broadside of nan page.

There are a fewer premium versions of AIPRM available, which lets you prevention your favourite prompts, hide prompts, create civilization punctual lists, and overmuch more. The other features connected connection dangle connected nan benignant of premium scheme you spell for. Currently, AIPRM offers nan pursuing premium tiers:

  • Plus: $5/month
  • Pro: $20/month
  • Elite: $50/month
  • Titan: $500/month

Check retired AIPRM's scheme accusation page to spot what each tier offers.

7. FlowGPT

screennshot of flowgpt website homepage

FlowGPT offers a scope of useful AI services, including a punctual marketplace for ChatGPT users. FlowGPT's marketplace useful a small otherwise from your modular punctual marketplace, pinch nan action to really interact pinch a wide scope of AI chatbots utilizing GPT.

You tin inquire your chosen GPT-based bot to nutrient a punctual for you, though it's important to retrieve that circumstantial bots are designed for circumstantial kinds of prompts. For instance, if you want a job-hunting prompt, caput to FlowGPT's job-hunting section.

You tin besides create prompts connected FlowGPT if you want to database your prompts for different users to access.

Prompt Marketplaces Can Transform Your AI Chabot Experience

AI chatbots are incredibly useful tools, but having nan correct AI prompts to manus tin thief you get nan champion imaginable responses from your chosen generative AI tool. Check retired immoderate of nan platforms listed supra if you're willing successful uncovering effective AI chat prompts for immoderate situation!

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