The 6 Best SMS Apps for Android

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If you don't for illustration nan default matter messaging app connected your Android device, it's ace easy to change. There are tons of awesome alternatives retired there, and acknowledgment to nan customizable quality of Android, it's elemental to move over. Let's return a look astatine immoderate of nan champion replacement SMS app options retired there.

1. Messages

Now, this 1 whitethorn aliases whitethorn not beryllium an replacement app for you. That's because definite Android devices vessel pinch Messages arsenic nan default matter messaging app, for illustration Motorola devices aliases nan Google Pixels.

However, immoderate different manufacturers for illustration Samsung vessel their devices pinch a proprietary matter messaging app preinstalled successful their custom Android skin. If that's nan vessel you're in, you mightiness want to effort retired Google's Messages app.

It's not nan astir customizable texting app retired there, but it is arsenic elemental and unchangeable arsenic they come. It randomly assigns a caller colour to each matter speech and has immoderate support for stickers, positive it supports RCS messaging and will select retired your spam. Of course, location are nary ads aliases in-app purchases. This app is mostly for group who want thing that conscionable works.

Download: Messages (Free)

2. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is an astonishing blend of customizability and simplicity. You get each nan champion features present alongside a gorgeous Material Design look.

You tin alteration nan look of nan connection bubbles, group civilization colors for nan full app aliases individual conversations, schedule matter messages, blacklist numbers, archive conversations, and hold sending if you want to beryllium capable to cancel a fewer seconds aft sending.

And that's conscionable nan free type (which doesn't moreover person ads). With an in-app purchase, you tin nonstop and person messages from a assortment of different platforms. Pulse has a Chrome app, Chrome extension, Web messenger, Firefox add-on, Android TV app, Android tablet app, and Android Wear app. If your iPhone-loving friends ever brag astir iMessage letting them matter connected their Mac, conscionable show them astir Pulse.

That work costs $59.99 for a life pass, aliases you tin subscribe for a period aliases year. But moreover without nan messaging from anyplace functionality, it's still a solid, full-featured messaging app.

Download: Pulse SMS (Free, subscription available)

Textra has been astir for a while now, but it has evolved gracefully. It includes nan Textra Bot if you want to inquire it immoderate questions astir nan app, but speech from that, it offers tons of customization features successful a speedy package. You tin moreover edit nan emoji style successful nan app truthful that you tin person iOS-style emojis.

You tin customize conversations individually aliases batch-edit aggregate chats astatine once. If you want, you tin telephone group straight from nan texting surface aliases skim done each nan photos and videos you've sent to each other. There's not overmuch you can't do pinch Textra.

Despite seeming for illustration a wholly free app, Textra really starts you disconnected connected a 14-day ad-free trial. After that, you tin either proceed pinch ads aliases upgrade to Pro for a one-time payment. By upgrading to nan Pro version, you tin nonstop premium matter messages to immoderate of your contacts.

Download: Textra SMS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is brought to you by nan aforesaid folks who made Textra. Why they made 2 very akin texting apps is anyone's guess, but Chomp is besides a awesome choice. There's nary Textra Bot, but location are conscionable astir each nan different features: themes, emoji styles, individual speech editing, scheduled messages, a blacklist, and more.

The bully point astir utilizing Chomp SMS is that you don't get a limit connected scheduled messages. However, we don't urge utilizing Chomp to nonstop bulk messages, arsenic nan messages are occasionally delayed. Instead, usage 1 of nan recommended Android apps for sending SMS messages successful bulk.

In all, it's a reasonably reliable action for group who want personalization only. Just for illustration pinch Textra, astatine immoderate point, Chomp SMS will commencement showing ads aliases inquire you to salary a mini in-app acquisition to proceed without them.

Download: Chomp SMS (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Mood SMS

Mood SMS is surely nan astir unsocial of nan bunch. Themes spell chaotic successful Mood, nan settings paper is colorful and bubbly, and nan keyboard has animated iOS-style emojis. It's an eclectic and unsocial acquisition that isn't for everyone, but it will beryllium conscionable correct for some.

There are truthful galore themes to take from, you tin hide immoderate messages successful a backstage box, location are mini Chat Head-like notifications, it supports in-line GIFs and YouTube videos, and it's conscionable arsenic customizable arsenic each nan different apps connected this list.

It besides features a dedicated emoji shop wherever you tin either download free ones aliases make an in-app acquisition to unlock premium emojis. Besides that, for a monthly subscription aliases a one-time payment, you tin unlock much features specified arsenic premium themes, connection encryption, backup and restore, and nan expertise to get free of each ads astatine once.

For a quirky, super-customizable messaging app, you should take Mood SMS.

Download: Mood SMS (Free, subscription available)

6. Handcent Next SMS Messenger

Handcent's Next SMS Messenger does everything you'd expect a modern messaging app to do. You tin people conversations arsenic favorites, archive and blacklist them, alteration nan taxable of nan app, backmost up chats, schedule nonstop messages, pin conversations to nan apical and create shortcuts for them to your Home screen, and more.

The UI of nan app is admittedly not nan best, but Next SMS Messenger much than makes up for that via its extended characteristic set. And acknowledgment to Handcent Anywhere, you tin sync your chats and entree them connected your phone, computer, and smartwatch.

We besides liked nan Driving Mode characteristic that lets you auto-reply to matter messages truthful you're not distracted erstwhile driving. The Security Center paper shows you ways you tin amended nan information of nan app and protect your chats.

Note that galore of nan features successful nan app tin only beryllium utilized if you're signed successful to a Handcent account, truthful you mightiness person to create one. You tin besides motion up for a $5.99-a-year rank to get free of ads and unlock different premium benefits.

Download: Handcent Next SMS Messenger (Free, subscription available)

Which Is nan Best Android SMS App?

The SMS messaging app that useful champion for you mightiness not activity champion for personification else, and astir of these connection akin customization abilities anyway.

We urge Google's Messages app for you if you don't request immoderate fancy features, Mood SMS if you want customizations, and Pulse SMS and Handcent Next SMS for everyone else. But if you want moreover much features, you mightiness want to effort messaging apps for illustration WhatsApp aliases Telegram that nonstop messages complete nan net instead.

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