The 6 Best Free WordPress Themes for Beginner Bloggers

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Looking to commencement a blog utilizing WordPress? Consider these themes that are cleanable for beginners to prime for their sites.

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WordPress is 1 of nan astir established platforms for building a website and starting your ain blog. One of its biggest advantages is really galore themes are available, and you’ll almost surely find thing that meets your desired aesthetic.

However, immoderate themes are harder to usage than others. If you’re a beginner blogger, it’s a overmuch amended thought to commencement pinch thing that’s user-friendly and alteration later if you consciousness for illustration you request to.

Today, you’ll observe nan champion free WordPress themes for caller bloggers. We’ll besides locomotion you done really to instal them.

1. Ashe

The Ashe Theme connected WordPress

Ashe is arguably nan champion WordPress taxable to statesman pinch if you’re starting a recreation blog (and yes, you tin run a recreation blog without a immense budget).

You tin take whether you want immoderate of your articles to characteristic arsenic sticky posts astatine nan apical of your page, on pinch choosing a widget connected nan right-hand broadside for a speedy bio and floor plan picture. Here, you tin besides adhd links to your societal media accounts.

When utilizing Ashe, you tin determine whether you want categories and authors to exist. On apical of that, you besides person nan action to set really matter looks connected your screen. Another use is nan taxable looks fantabulous connected mobile devices—meaning that you’ll beryllium capable to pull postulation from aggregate sources.

In summation to downloading a taxable for your website, you should besides see installing these essential WordPress plugins for beginner bloggers.

2. Twenty Twenty-Three

The Twenty Twenty-Three WordPress Theme

Another intuitive WordPress taxable for beginner bloggers is Twenty Twenty-Three. The squad astatine WordPress created this website theme, and it’s 1 of nan easiest themes to use. Twenty Twenty-Three features a minimalist creation pinch easy-to-read fonts, making it a awesome prime if you request thing without tons of fancy features.

When utilizing nan Twenty Twenty-Three theme, you besides person nan action to alteration your colour scheme. Some of nan devices besides fto you take nan texture of your background, which you mightiness find useful if you want to create a blog astir art, design, aliases programming.

Once you’ve grasped nan basics of blogging, you whitethorn want to make your website look much unique. It’s worthy learning how to customize your WordPress theme erstwhile you scope that point.

3. BlockMag

The BlockMag Theme onWordPress

Many blogs either move into aliases efficaciously run arsenic online magazines, and it’s basal that you support responsiveness astatine nan apical of your mind.

One of nan simplest but astir beautiful free WordPress themes for beginner bloggers is BlockMag. It features a elemental interface, pinch your main paper astatine nan apical and a conception for caller blog posts. You tin besides usage different sidebar for different posts.

With nan BlockMag WordPress theme, you tin prime from 11 different templates. On apical of that, nan taxable looks awesome connected smartphones, tablets, and machine screens. Considering that you tin adhd featured content, you will find it easier to make your champion contented much visible to tract visitors.

In summation to integrated contented connected your website, you tin usage societal media to build an online audience. Consider checking retired our Instagram vs. Pinterest comparison for bloggers if you’re fresh to adhd different channel.

A premium type of BlockMag is besides disposable if you later want much features; it costs $59.99.

4. Abisko

The Abisko Theme connected WordPress

The Abisko taxable is named aft a colony and nationalist parkland successful nan Swedish Arctic. You’ll get a Scandinavian-style minimalist creation pinch this theme, and it’s a awesome prime if you’re looking for thing that’s no-fuss and will coming your blog posts successful an easy-to-comprehend format.

When utilizing Abisko, your blog posts will look successful grid style. Like galore of nan others connected this list, you tin take from galore colour schemes to adhd a individual touch to your website. Another use is that you tin set nan size of your heading nevertheless you consciousness necessary, on pinch adding different useful pages—such arsenic portfolio and interaction pages.&

5. Blogboost

The Blogboost WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a beginner WordPress blogging taxable that’s still user-friendly but besides offers much ocular flexibility, Blogboost is worthy looking at. Your blog posts will still beryllium successful a grid format, but nan matter will characteristic connected nan pictures you take instead. You tin besides adhd your societal media icons successful a visually appealing way.

Blogboost lets you prime featured posts and to springiness users nan action to browse by different categories. When you’re later fresh to turn your imaginative pursuit into a full-time endeavor, you’ll besides person nan action to merge WooCommerce for easy eCommerce.

Before signing up for a blog pinch WordPress, it’s worthy reference astir the cardinal differences betwixt and Doing truthful will make it easier for you to make nan correct semipermanent decision.

6. Björk

The Blog Section successful nan Björk WordPress Theme

The Björk WordPress taxable was designed by nan aforesaid creator of Abisko—Anders Norén. This minimalist taxable is simply a awesome prime if you want to see your blog arsenic portion of a portfolio website. With that successful mind, it’s particularly worthy looking astatine if you’re a freelance writer, photographer, aliases designer.

Björk has a elemental homepage wherever you tin adhd a speedy introduction. You tin past adhd a nexus to your blog successful nan left-hand sidebar, on pinch adding different conception for these further down connected your homepage.

The Björk taxable allows for absorbing colour combinations, and you tin utilize images if you don’t want your tract to simply beryllium text-oriented.

How to Find and Implement These Themes

If you’ve decided that you want to effort utilizing 1 of these themes for your blog connected WordPress, travel these steps to instrumentality them.

  1. Sign successful to your WordPress relationship and spell to nan dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes.
    Choose nan WordPress Themes successful nan Backend
  3. Select Add New Theme.
    Add a New Theme successful WordPress
  4. Search for and take nan taxable you wish to install. Then, hover complete it and click connected nan bluish Install button.
    The Install Button connected WordPress
  5. Customize your taxable until you’re happy pinch nan result. Once you’ve sewage nan creation ready, and you person a fewer pages and/or blog posts connected your site, you tin motorboat everything.

Start With These Free WordPress Themes if You’ve Just Started a Blog

You mightiness alteration your WordPress taxable aggregate times during your travel arsenic a blogger, but picking thing that’s easy to usage will trim nan guidance opinionated betwixt you and getting started. These themes are a awesome spot to begin, and you mightiness determine that you want to instrumentality pinch them for nan agelong run.

Many of nan themes we’ve mentioned besides person premium options, truthful you tin later upgrade if you want a broader suite of customization options.

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