The 5 Best SSH Clients for Mac

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Key Takeaways

  • SSH clients for illustration Terminal, PuTTY for Mac, iTerm2, Termius, and ZOC Terminal let you to remotely entree and power different computers done an encrypted connection.
  • Terminal, nan built-in SSH customer connected Mac, is free and already installed connected your computer, making it a convenient prime for those pinch coding experience.
  • PuTTY for Mac provides a graphical personification interface and nan expertise to prevention login and convention information, while iTerm2 offers precocious features for illustration divided panes and autocomplete codification options. Termius is simply a versatile action that useful connected aggregate devices, and ZOC Terminal offers statement and customization features for precocious users.

SSH, aliases Secure Shell, is simply a web protocol that allows you to remotely entree different machine via an encrypted connection. You usage SSH to unfastened files and tally programs connected 1 machine while utilizing another.

SSH comes built into astir modern computers, including Macs. This is awesome for moving remotely and getting easy entree to files. But which SSH customer is nan champion 1 for Mac?

We’ve compiled a database of our favourite Mac SSH clients below. Check it retired to spot which 1 is champion for you truthful you tin commencement utilizing it arsenic soon arsenic possible!

1. Terminal

The Terminal exertion unfastened connected a MacBook Pro

Your Mac comes pinch an exertion that will fto you entree and tally SSH built into it. This exertion is Terminal, which you tin usually find by heading to your Applications files and looking wrong Utilities, though location are a fewer ways to unfastened Terminal connected a Mac.

With Terminal open, you tin log into a distant machine via an SSH relationship by inputting ssh user@IP-Address, wherever user is replaced pinch your username for nan system, and IP-Address is replaced pinch nan IP reside of nan distant server.

From location you tin input commands to entree files and tally programs connected nan different computer. There is nary graphical strategy for this—Terminal is matter based—so you type retired your commands and deed Enter to access, run, and make changes connected different system.

We person a Mac Terminal commands cheat sheet if you request ideas aliases reminders of what you tin input and tally via bid statement successful Terminal.

If you don’t cognize a ton astir coding, aliases haven’t utilized Terminal overmuch before, it mightiness beryllium a reliable Mac SSH customer to use. But if you do person immoderate inheritance successful these areas, you should beryllium fine. Plus, it’s free, and already connected your Mac! For us, immoderate SSH customer for Mac would person to beryllium very awesome to hit it.

2. PuTTY for Mac

PuTTY for Mac GUIA PuTTY Configuration model unfastened connected a Mac pinch nan Window Colors tab highlighted

PuTTY is simply a Windows exertion for connecting to SSH servers that tin also beryllium installed and utilized connected Macs. PuTTY for Mac, for illustration Windows PuTTY, allows for SSH connections by creating Terminal windows that tally bid statement inputs for logging into and utilizing distant computers.

Unlike Unix-based Macs, Windows doesn’t person Terminal built into it. PuTTY fills that gap. So PuTTY for Mac isn’t basal to make an SSH relationship aliases tally bid statement connected a Mac, but it does travel pinch features that make it useful arsenic an SSH customer connected Macs.

PuTTY for Mac has a graphical personification interface (GUI) that you tin log successful pinch alternatively of utilizing nan Terminal windows. The GUI has options for redeeming your SSH login information, truthful you don’t person to support passwords written down everyplace to retrieve them.

You tin besides usage PuTTY for Mac to prevention your SSH convention information—the IP reside and larboard number you’re logging into. This saves a batch of clip erstwhile logging successful and switching betwixt distant computers.

Ultimately, though, PuTTY for Mac useful overmuch for illustration Terminal successful position of cognition and what actions it tin perform. It’s besides recommended to usage Terminal to instal PuTTY onto a Mac. It mightiness make consciousness to conscionable usage Terminal alternatively than downloading a wholly abstracted SSH customer for nan aforesaid basal functions.

But if you cognize PuTTY from Windows, aliases really want your login and convention accusation saved, PuTTY for Mac is great, and we’d still urge it.

Download: PuTTY for Mac (Free)

3. iTerm2

iTerm2's autocomplete characteristic being utilized successful an iTerm2 window

If you’re acquainted pinch Terminal and person immoderate complaints astir it, aliases consciousness it has immoderate limitations, iTerm2 is nan SSH customer for you. iTerm2 is simply a complete Terminal replacement. In summation to letting you found SSH connections, this customer lets you execute functions connected your Mac that Terminal performs, but pinch a bunch of further useful features.

iTerm2 supports divided panes, truthful you tin person aggregate Terminal windows unfastened and operating correct beside each different aliases connected apical of each other. It besides lets you hunt done an iTerm2 Terminal model for a peculiar connection aliases command, truthful you tin get to that spot of codification you request successful seconds.

Copying and pasting successful iTerm2 is simply a batch easier than it is successful PuTTY for Mac, and it keeps a paste history for you truthful you tin quickly find nan second-to-last point you copied. It besides lets you spell backmost and retrieve matter you deleted aliases changed pinch an Instant Replay feature.

In position of SSH, iTerm2 will support you informed of which directory you’re in, and will fto you navigate backmost to erstwhile commands by hitting Shift + Cmd + Up aliases Shift + Cmd + Down.

iTerm2 besides keeps way of which directories you sojourn astir often connected your SSH connections, truthful you tin get into them again overmuch faster. And it lets you group up and quickly move betwixt profiles, truthful you tin utilize different support levels aliases quickly spell to different SSH connections.

With autocomplete codification options (which activity successful SSH connections and successful normal Terminal windows) and nan expertise to propulsion up nan exertion pinch a hotkey, iTerm2’s features are unthinkable for making and utilizing SSH connections, and for completing Terminal functions successful general.

It whitethorn person a spot of a learning curve if you don’t cognize Terminal commands reasonably good already. But if you want to study Terminal—and person a small thief pinch it done an autocomplete feature—iTerm2 could beryllium a awesome SSH customer for Mac, though it mightiness spoil you pinch its galore awesome features.

Download: iTerm2 (Free)

4. Termius

The GUI position of Termius' SFTP system

Termius is an SSH customer that useful not only connected Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, but besides connected mobile devices. So you tin usage it to link to SSH servers connected your Mac, but besides connected your iOS devices. This intends it’s a coagulated method for encrypting and sending information betwixt devices you own, arsenic good arsenic immoderate distant devices you request to access.

Termius isn’t a Terminal replacement for illustration iTerm2, but it does person a akin autocomplete characteristic for typing retired bid statement text, arsenic good arsenic nan expertise to prevention often utilized commands, which you tin stock pinch others connected nan SSH server.

In summation to Terminal-like windows and controls, Termius has a GUI for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), a unafraid method of sharing files betwixt devices. So you tin upload and download files via an SSH relationship successful Termius without needing to usage bid line!

This, successful our view, makes Termius an easier Mac SSH customer to understand and usage than galore options connected this list. To get nan SFTP feature, though, you request to salary $10 period for nan Pro type of Termius. Termius does person a Starter type that is free, but without nan SFTP GUI, it’s beautiful akin to nan different options connected our list.

If not learning bid statement is worthy it to you, aliases to a squad of group you’ll usage this pinch (Termius besides has a Teams type that’s $20 per period per squad personnel and Termius Business which is $30 per period per employee), Termius Premium mightiness beryllium worthy nan money. Otherwise, Termius Basic is still a really bully SSH customer for Mac!

Download: Termius (Free, subscription available)

5. ZOC Terminal

ZOC Terminal main model connected Mac pinch color-coded tabs visible

Another Terminal emulator that useful incredibly good arsenic an SSH Mac customer is ZOC Terminal. This is an emulator that is really awesome for staying organized erstwhile utilizing and moving files astir successful SSH connections.

ZOC Terminal lets you unfastened aggregate Terminal tabs and colour codification them to punctual yourself what you’re connected to and where. It besides maintains an “address book” of folders and hosts for you that are besides colour coded for speedy entree and attraction of different servers.

You tin easy scroll backmost done commands you’ve input successful ZOC Terminal and spot everything you’ve input successful a convention arsenic well. So you tin spell backmost successful a convention arsenic good aliases usage nan aforesaid commands complete and complete again arsenic quickly arsenic you need.

ZOC Terminal besides allows for a ton of customizing. You tin afloat remap your keyboard wrong ZOC Terminal to create hotkey shortcuts for definite bid statement functions and matter inputs. It besides allows for F-Macro keys and customized fastener bars for commands.

Once again, we person an SSH customer for Mac that requires a batch of knowledge of Terminal and bid statement to use. But if you person that knowledge and want thing that, for illustration iTerm2, tin switch Terminal pinch much statement and customization features, ZOC Terminal is for you.

Download: ZOC Terminal (Free)

There Are So Many SSH Clients to Use connected Mac

Macs person a built-in measurement to make SSH connections pinch Terminal. But plentifulness of different SSH clients beryllium for Mac arsenic well, and they each person their ain features that make them awesome ways to usage SSH connections to remotely entree different devices.

We dream you find an SSH customer that useful good for your needs connected your Mac. We cognize we’ve recovered ours, and we’ll beryllium sharing files and information securely and safely from present connected out!

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