The 3 Best New Power Station Products From IFA 2023

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It's a competitory powerfulness position market, but this is what we liked most.

Jackery IFA 2023

Key Takeaways

  • The Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus won nan Best Tech successful Show grant astatine IFA 2023 owed to its lightweight creation and array of ports.
  • Anker's Solix F3800 is simply a portable home-emergency artillery pinch a 6,000W capacity and nan action to grow pinch further batteries.
  • EcoFlow's Delta Pro Ultra is simply a important whole-home backup powerfulness solution pinch a 6kWh capacity, expandable to 92kWh, cleanable for extended powerfulness outages.

The yearly IFA tech show successful Berlin is good known for its caller monitors, TVs, headphones, wearables, and different tech. But successful caller years, IFA has besides go big to a caller type of tech: portable powerfulness stations.

The portable powerfulness position and full-home backup powerfulness solution marketplace continues to grow, arsenic evidenced by nan sheer number of options connected nan marketplace from established names for illustration Anker, Jackery, Ecoflow, Bluetti, and Ugreen, And those are conscionable nan names that person go mainstream; location are countless different white-label portable powerfulness position sellers, too.

With that successful mind, present are nan champion portable powerfulness stations we saw astatine IFA 2023.

1. Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus

jackery star generator positive 300 connected shape astatine ifaImage Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

Jackery launched 2 caller portable powerfulness stations astatine IFA 2023: nan Solar Generator 300 Plus and Solar Generator 1000 Plus. The 2 caller units some person merits, but nan Solar Generator 300 Plus picked up a coveted IFA 2023 Best Tech successful Show award, truthful it's worthy a mention here, too.

The award-winning Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus comes pinch a 288Wh capacity and a continuous output of 300W and weighs conscionable 3.75kg. It besides has a bully array of ports, including 1 AC socket, 1 USB-A port, 2 USB-C ports, and a 12v car socket.

When utilized pinch nan folding star panels, nan full weight rises to astir 5kg, but it's still a lightweight operation that won't destruct your shoulders and backmost erstwhile retired for a multi-day hike.

2. Anker Solix F3800 (and Solix Home Power Panel)

anker solix f3800 powerfulness portion banal imageImage Credit: Anker

Whole location powerfulness backups are still a small niche. But pinch nan changing situation often wreaking havoc worldwide and pinch hurricane play having battered galore US states, much folks than ever are wondering really to support nan lights connected erstwhile disaster strikes.

Newly launched astatine IFA 2023, Anker's Solix F3800 is designed arsenic a portable home-emergency artillery that comes complete pinch wheels, truthful you tin rotation it into position arsenic required. It packs a decent 6,000W and has a 3.84kWh capacity, capable to support immoderate captious appliances connected for a while.

anker solix powerfulness portion astatine ifa 2023Image Credit: Hannah Stryker/MakeUseOf

Now, nan Solix F3800 is bully connected its own. However, you tin usage nan Solix Home Power Panel to adhd six description batteries, bringing nan Solix strategy up to a whopping 26.86kWh.

Interestingly, Anker claims nan Solix F3800 has been designed pinch EVs successful mind and tin "directly complaint your EV." Its AC wattage tin present betwixt 6kW and 12kW continuous, truthful it should person nan power-chops to complaint an EV, but we've not tested this specifically.

The Anker Solix F3800 Kickstarter run goes unrecorded connected October 9, 2023.

3. EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra

ecoflow deltra pro ultra portion astatine ifa 2023Image Credit: Hannah Stryker/MakeUseOf

EcoFlow unveiled nan latest summation to its Delta powerfulness portion line, nan EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra, a whole-home backup powerfulness solution that's a spot of a unit.

But, fixed nan Delta Pro Ultra tin support your location powered pinch its important 6kWh, 7,200W capacity, you'll beryllium unsurprised it's a chunky unit.

Like different EcoFlow Delta units, you create a civilization modular attack to your location backup, expanding nan Delta Pro Ultra's full capacity to an tremendous 92kWh, keeping nan lights connected astatine astir homes for astir 1 month.

Portable Power and Whole-Home Backup Solutions Keep nan Lights Switched On

You whitethorn not person considered a whole-home powerfulness solution aliases moreover a portable powerfulness position action for those moments you request to get powerfulness location it's not usually found.

Keeping a important powerfulness solution successful your location fresh for those moments erstwhile a large wind hits and knocks retired nan powerfulness is incredibly useful, and pinch companies for illustration EcoFlow, Jackery, and Anker starring nan way, your backup powerfulness requirements are successful safe hands.

Just make judge nan units are charged earlier nan storms come!

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