The 10 EVs With the Most Unique Wheel Designs

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Key Takeaways

  • Electric vehicles are incorporating stylish and aerodynamic wheels that heighten their capacity and design.
  • Tesla Model S Plaid's 19-inch Tempest wheels bring people and complement nan vehicle's stealthy capacity nature.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG EQS and EQE characteristic stunning wheels that adhd to their mean and charismatic appearance.

Electric vehicles are starting to go synonymous pinch powerfulness and insane acceleration, truthful it's only fitting that nan wheels adorning these powerhouse vehicles are besides really cool.

EVs request to locomotion a good statement betwixt blending capacity pinch aerodynamics (slipping done nan aerial arsenic efficiently arsenic imaginable maximizes range), and nan creation of nan wheels is very important.

Manufacturers of electrical vehicles often usage what are known arsenic "aero covers" to make their wheels much aerodynamic arsenic good arsenic adhd a touch of style, though successful immoderate cases nan wheels look amended sans covers.

Let's research nan electrical vehicles pinch nan coolest wheels!

1. Tesla Model S Plaid (19-Inch Tempest Wheels)

19-inch Tempest wheels connected nan Model S Plaid (white)Image Credit: Tesla

The Model S Plaid is among the quickest electrical vehicles you tin buy, and this world-conquering ace EV sedan besides gets awesome points for its creation choices (especially nan wheels).

It wouldn't beryllium crazy to opportunity that nan Model S is nan astir handsome conveyance Tesla makes, and nan 19-inch Tempest wheels bring a touch of people to nan sporty EV sedan.

Wheels don't person to beryllium overtly sporty to look good, and nan subtle creation of nan Tempest wheels complements nan Tesla's stealthy capacity nature. The Tempest wheels should besides amended nan Model S's thrust compared to nan 21-inch Arachnid wheels (a $4,500 option) connected unsmooth roads.

2. Model X Plaid (22-Inch Turbine Wheels)

Tesla Model X Plaid successful achromatic pinch 22Image Credit: Tesla

The Model X is 1 of the champion electrical SUVs retired there, and nan Plaid version elevates capacity into nan stratosphere. The Plaid's 22-inch turbine wheels mightiness not thief nan thrust quality, but they up nan Model X Plaid's cool facet by a important factor.

Surprisingly, scope doesn't suffer excessively overmuch pinch nan tremendous Turbine wheels (you'll spot 311 miles of scope pinch nan 22-inchers), and apical velocity really goes up to 163 mph from nan 149 mph you'd get pinch nan 20" Cyberstream wheels.

3. Tesla Model 3 Performance (20-Inch Übertine Wheels)

Tesla Model 3 Performance pinch 20Image Credit: Tesla

The Model 3 Performance is simply a morganatic BMW M3 rival, and it besides has nan looks to backmost up its blitzing acceleration and handling to please a driving enthusiast. The 20-inch Übertine wheels adhd conscionable nan correct magnitude of ocular play to nan Model 3 Performance's different blimpish styling.

The Model 3 Performance doesn't shriek astatine you that it's a capacity car, but nan 20-inch wheels hint astatine its capabilities. The operation of nan achromatic wheels pinch nan grey overgarment is particularly attractive, and it goes good pinch nan Model 3's sleeper capacity car personality.

4. BMW i7 M70 (21-Inch M Aerodynamic Jet Black Wheels)

BMW i7 M70 EVImage Credit: BMW

The BMW i7 ample electrical sedan has 1 of the champion EV interiors successful immoderate car (if not nan champion outright), and its capacity is besides outstanding. The top-of-the-range M70 version is tin of bonzer launches, reaching 60 mph from a standstill successful 3.5 seconds, truthful nan wheels request to bespeak this capacity potential.

The 21-inch M Aerodynamic Jet Black Wheels look for illustration accepted BMW M wheels, which is refreshing successful nan world of EVs pinch chaotic aerodynamic covers. These sporty-looking wheels do create a nosy juxtaposition pinch nan executive sedan's immense magnitude and wide blimpish design.

5. AMG EQS (21-inch AMG multi-Y-spoke)AMG Mercedes EQS successful black

The EQS has received a batch of disapproval regarding its highly subdued styling, but nan AMG EQS sedan remedies this pinch immoderate awesome creation choices (especially erstwhile it comes to nan wheels).

The 21-inch AMG multi-Y-spoke wheels are astir apt nan best-looking wheels of immoderate EV. Yes, they're that nice. These wheels are conscionable plain awesome, moreover successful spite of their aerodynamic aspirations, which often consequence successful not-very-attractive designs.

These wheels wouldn't look retired of spot connected an AMG touring title car. Mercedes-Benz besides deserves applause for nan truth that wheels this bully are included free of charge, though only connected nan apical AMG version of nan EQS.

6. AMG EQE (20-inch AMG Twin 5-spoke With Black Accents)Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE sedan pinch 20-inch wheels

The Mercedes-Benz AMG EQE sedan is different high-performance EV from nan German marque that is equipped pinch stunning wheels.

The 20-inch AMG copy 5-spoke pinch achromatic accents look for illustration accepted five-spoke wheels from a region (a creation that is an AMG trademark) and toggle shape nan AMG EQE into a very mean-looking EV.

The creation of nan AMG EQE useful overmuch amended connected this vehicle's smaller dimensions than connected nan larger EQS, and nan horizontal faux-grille (combined pinch nan wheels) makes for 1 very charismatic electrical AMG.

7. Lucid Air Sapphire (Aero Sapphire Wheels, 20-Inch Front, 21-Inch Rear)

Lucid Air Sapphire wheels pinch c fibre aero-coverImage Credit: Lucid Motors

The Lucid Air Sapphire is simply a capacity monster that tin frighten moreover nan likes of nan mighty Tesla Model S Plaid, and its wheels are arsenic awesome and unique.

The Sapphire features staggered wheels, which intends nan beforehand and rear wheels disagree successful diameter (20 inches successful nan front, 21 inches successful nan rear) arsenic good arsenic width. This is really rather communal successful extreme-performance cars, for illustration apical versions of nan Porsche 911 aliases BMW M cars.

The Lucid Air Sapphire's wheels are besides aero-friendly, and you tin besides fresh c fibre aero covers to nan wheels (which look awesome, by nan way). With nan c fibre covers on, nan wheels fundamentally look for illustration coagulated units, giving nan car a menacing presence.

These wheels are made moreover much typical by having a halfway fastener alternatively of nan accustomed 5 lug nuts (or bolts) coming connected mean vehicles. You'll often spot this utilized successful motorsport, arsenic it allows pit crews to quickly unscrew nan halfway fastener to alteration tires alternatively of having to region 5 abstracted lugs.

8. Porsche Taycan Turbo S (21-Inch Mission E Design Wheels)

Porsche Taycan Turbo S pinch Mission E wheelsImage Credit: Porsche

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S is an unthinkable sports car, disguising itself arsenic an electrical sedan. But don't beryllium fooled; nan Taycan Turbo S is 1 of nan champion capacity cars for waste today, and its iconic 21-inch Mission E wheels springiness it an old-school flair that you wouldn't expect from a super-high-tech EV.

The Mission E wheels are reminiscent of classical 1980s 911 Turbo wheels, particularly nan light-colored outer ringing framing nan achromatic five-spoke design. If you're fortunate capable to acquisition a Porsche Taycan Turbo S, nan Mission E wheels are a must.

9. Audi RS e-tron GT (20-Inch 5-spoke Aero Module Design Wheels)

Audi RS e-tron GT successful silverImage Credit: Audi

The Porsche Taycan's Audi copy besides has immoderate of nan coolest (and astir distinctive) wheels you're going to find connected immoderate existent accumulation car. Audi ever fits awesome wheels to its sports cars, and nan five-spoke units connected nan RS e-tron GT are nary exception.

The wheels spell perfectly pinch nan e-tron GT's ace modern look and negociate to look sporty without having to sacrifice aerodynamic properties. Overall, these wheels thief cement nan RS e-tron GT arsenic 1 of nan best-looking EVs presently connected sale.

10. Hyundai Ioniq Limited AWD (20-inch Alloy)

The Ioniq 5's creation is 1 of its awesome strengths, and it helps nan EV guidelines retired from nan crowd successful a competitory segment.

The bold 20-inch wheels are nan cleanable fresh for nan Ioniq 5's futuristic-retro vibe, and nan glossy achromatic decorativeness mixed pinch nan diamond-cut specifications really thief information retired nan Ioniq 5's design.

The Gravity Gold colour action is besides a awesome measurement to make nan achromatic wheels popular owed to nan opposition pinch nan light-gold matte paint. The Ioniq 5 looks for illustration a conception car that escaped nan showroom floor, and nan 20-inch wheels are conscionable arsenic cutting-edge arsenic nan remainder of nan car.

EVs Are Equipped With Some of nan Coolest Wheels Available

Although location are immoderate critics of aero covers connected EV wheels, you tin reason that these covers really look futuristic and really group EVs isolated from nan crowd.

Contemporary EVs person been capable to dispel long-standing myths surrounding EVs that are simply not true. Chief among these is that EVs are boring vehicles made for non-car people, but nan truth is that modern EVs are ace nosy to thrust and characteristic superior acceleration to soul combustion vehicles.

One look astatine nan instrumentality designs of nan latest harvest of EVs, and you'll cognize that these vehicles are winning awesome style points while outperforming ICE vehicles successful position of capacity and efficiency.

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