The 10 Best Word Processing Apps for Your iPad

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If you scheme to usage your iPad to switch a computer, you'll want to usage nan champion connection processing app connected it. There are plentifulness of options available, including some free and premium connection processing apps, truthful we've compared each nan worthy choices below.

You tin usage immoderate of these iPad connection processors to edit documents, compile notes, aliases moreover ace retired a novel. Many of them moreover connection wide record compatibility, truthful you tin support moving pinch different group nary matter what instrumentality aliases app they use.

1. Pages

A Document Open successful Apple Pages

Pages is Apple's connection processor for its devices that's disposable for free connected nan App Store. In lawsuit you didn't know, you tin besides download Numbers and Keynote for free and usage nan full Apple iWork suite. Some users mightiness moreover find that Apple Pages is amended than Microsoft Word for them.

With afloat iCloud support, Pages syncs documents crossed each your Apple devices. Besides utilizing nan Pages app, you tin motion successful to to activity connected Pages documents done a web browser.

Pages makes it easy to create beautiful documents. It gives you afloat power complete nan layout of matter boxes, images, and shapes. You tin moreover usage free templates to create integer books, newsletters, reports, and more.

The scope of connection processing devices you tin usage from your iPad is powerful: footnotes, lists, connection count, charts, images, and different formatting tools. It besides supports collaboration. So you tin activity pinch different group connected nan aforesaid document, search immoderate changes they make.

Pages mightiness beryllium nan champion free connection processor to usage connected your iPad, but it is fto down by a deficiency of third-party unreality retention support for collaborative work. You tin only collaborate complete iCloud from your iPad, not complete Dropbox, Google Drive, aliases different unreality retention services.

Download: Pages (Free)

2. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word connected iPad

Microsoft Word for iPad is simply a mobile-friendly type of nan desktop app. It supports images, tables, charts, footnotes, equations, and more. You tin entree documents done OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, and different unreality retention services.

You tin besides collaborate pinch others and way nan changes they make, conscionable for illustration Pages lets you do. A large quality is that much of your colleagues are apt to usage Microsoft Word than Pages. So, you'll person a larger excavation of group to collaborate with.

If you already person a Microsoft 365 subscription, Microsoft Word is 1 of nan champion connection processing apps you tin return advantage of. Since it is nan go-to app for truthful galore people, Microsoft Word is nan champion action for sharing activity pinch others.

Download: Microsoft Word (Free, subscription available)

3. Google Docs

Google Docs connection processor template connected iPad

Google Docs makes it easy to write, edit, share, and collaborate connected important documents. You tin usage it wherever you are, connected immoderate device, making it 1 of the champion apps for penning connected an iPhone arsenic well. Like different Google products, it's wholly free.

Download Google Docs connected your Apple aliases Android instrumentality truthful you tin usage this connection processor wherever you are. Alternatively, you tin ever entree Google Docs from your Mac aliases Windows PC utilizing a web browser.

Work pinch in-line images and a scope of formatting options to create your resume, report, letter, aliases different important documents. You tin moreover return advantage of Google's scope of stylish templates to velocity up nan process.

Collaboration is astatine nan bosom of Google Docs. As your collaborators make changes to a shared document, their names look onscreen. Choose to make documents nationalist to everyone aliases backstage to a prime group, and moreover take editing privileges for your squad members.

Google Docs is compatible pinch DOC and DOCX files, truthful you tin unfastened aliases export Word files for different group to use. This makes Google Docs 1 of nan amended free connection processors for your iPad erstwhile not everyone uses Word.

Download: Google Docs (Free)

4. WPS Office

WPS Office connected iPad

WPS Office includes a suite of free business-oriented devices for iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. The package lets you create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, memos, and PDFs pinch a scope of templates disposable to get you started.

You tin besides stock documents successful a assortment of formats, including DOC and DOCX, truthful different group tin unfastened your reports successful immoderate app they take to use.

WPS Office values simplicity crossed everything from nan creation to nan personification interface. This makes it a snappy connection processor that's a breeze to commencement utilizing connected your iPad. A premium subscription is disposable for $29.99 per year. This removes ads and unlocks nan expertise to edit PDFs, gives you 20GB of unreality storage, and more.

Download: WPS Office (Free, subscription available)

5. Notes Writer

Notes Writer connected iPad showing formatting window

As you whitethorn person guessed from nan name, Notes Writer is chiefly for taking notes alternatively than producing polished documents. It's cleanable for capturing your thoughts during a lecture, meeting, aliases brainstorming session. You tin type retired your ideas aliases usage an Apple Pencil to constitute them by manus instead.

Notes Writer allows you to tie pictures, annotate PDFs, capable successful forms, motion documents, insert clipart, and more. Once you complete your notes, you tin stock them crossed a scope of unreality retention services. There are plentifulness of different bells and whistles arsenic well. These see distraction-free mode, unrecorded counters for search archive length, find and replace, and acheronian mode.

While you tin download and usage Notes Writer for free, a Pro type of nan app is besides disposable for nan iPad, which removes ads, gives you an unlimited number of notebooks, and adds password protection.

Despite being designed for notes, this app still lets you format matter and export various files. However, there's nary support for DOC aliases DOCX files. But astatine slightest you tin sync to a wide scope of unreality retention services.

Download: Notes Writer (Free)

Download: Notes Writer Pro ($5.99)

6. Bear

Bear Welcome notes connected iPad

Much for illustration Notes Writer, Bear is designed astir keeping organized notes. But its simplistic creation and easy statement make it different 1 of nan champion connection processors to usage connected your iPad.

Bear is perfect for everything from short notes to agelong essays. It offers a assortment of formatting tools, in-line image support, links, checklists, and more. Keep your penning organized utilizing nan folders successful nan sidebar, which you tin customize pinch different icons for speedy navigation.

Best of all, Bear is wholly free to usage connected your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. However, to sync your notes crossed different devices, you request to motion up to Bear Pro for $2.99 per period aliases $29.99 per year. This premium subscription besides unlocks themes and much exporting options. So, if you're looking for nan champion looking connection processor for notetaking connected your iPad, Bear is astir apt it.

Download: Bear (Free, subscription available)

7. Werdsmith

Werdsmith app connected iPad showing cleanable interface

With nan purpose of being a portable penning studio, Werdsmith is disposable for your iPad, iPhone, and moreover your Apple Watch. The app is almost free, but there's a limit connected really galore documents you tin activity connected astatine nan aforesaid time. To bypass this restriction, you request to salary for a subscription.

Aimed astatine authors, Werdsmith comes pinch templates for penning stories, blogs, poems, and screenplays. It's a awesome spot to support notes, shape ideas, aliases activity towards nan last draught of a large project.

Werdsmith lacks nan rich | editing features of different apps connected this list, specified arsenic image aliases array support. Instead, it opts for motivation-based features for illustration penning rituals and connection goals to thief support you moving connected your stories each day.

If you want a customizable connection processor that focuses connected contented supra each else, springiness Werdsmith a shot. You tin moreover usage nan dedicated unreality work to backmost up your activity and protect everything pinch Face ID aliases Touch ID.

Download: Werdsmith (Free, subscription available)

8. iA Writer

iA Writer screenshot

Apple has made iA Writer an "App of nan Year" connected respective occasions, and it's easy to spot why. Behind nan somewhat startling introduction interest is simply a powerful connection processor pinch an elegant situation successful which to get superior activity done.

This app uses markdown connection to format text, which is worthy learning for immoderate superior writer. It besides places your archive room a swipe distant to nan right, pinch a archive preview tucked distant to nan left. Rearrange nan keyboard to personalize your penning experience, past usage Focus Mode to ore connected your words. When you're finished, backmost up everything for safekeeping. You tin moreover people consecutive to WordPress.

iA Writer is simply a connection processor for iPad that focuses connected nan words supra each else. But it still offers a heap of features pinch full-on markdown support.

Download: iA Writer ($49.99)

9. Ulysses

A Document Open successful nan Ulysses App connected iPad

Ulysses is different champion of nan connection processing world and tin easy slot into your workflow pinch apps for iPad, Mac, and iPhone. It's awesome for students, novelists, bloggers, and each different penning fanatic. Ulysses is not cheap, but it's packed pinch features.

At nan bosom of Ulysses is simply a elemental yet powerful markup-based matter editor pinch a wide toolset. Enable distraction-free mode, and nan personification interface melts away, allowing you to attraction connected conscionable nan words. Store each your penning wrong nan library, which syncs via iCloud to your different Apple devices.

Drop into typewriter mode to attraction connected 1 statement astatine a time. Add attachments for investigation notes, images, keywords, and PDFs. You tin export to PDF, WEB, EPUB, DOC, RTF, and plain matter files. You tin moreover people your activity consecutive to WordPress and Medium.

You tin return advantage of nan free proceedings Ulysses offers aliases get a premium subscription for $29.99 per year. It mightiness beryllium 1 of nan astir costly iPad connection processing apps available, but it's besides 1 of nan best. If you ain a Mac, cognize that Ulysses is besides 1 of nan champion penning apps for macOS.

Download: Ulysses (Subscription required, free proceedings available)

10. Scrivener

Scrivener is simply a penning instrumentality for larger penning projects. If you're moving connected a screenplay, film, aliases shape production, Scrivener is 1 of nan champion iPad connection processors for nan job.

Scrivener puts an accent connected organization, letting you group documents together, shop images and PDFs arsenic investigation material, rearrange your contented pinch ease, and hunt crossed nan full project. All of this makes it a must-have app for those undertaking larger penning projects.

A immense scope of features is connected connection pinch this premium app:

  • Export a assortment of formats for Word, PDF, Final Draft, aliases plain matter apps
  • Convert your activity to markdown
  • Zip your task into a compressed files
  • Take snapshots to prevention erstwhile versions of your draught

Scrivener isn't cheap, but it mightiness beryllium nan champion iPad connection processor for immoderate budding novelist. When you're fresh to stock your activity pinch nan world, you tin effort immoderate of nan best self-publishing platforms.

Download: Scrivener ($23.99)

Pick nan Best Writing App for nan Job

These are each nan champion connection processor apps to usage connected your iPad. Each offers thing different, which is why it's important to prime nan correct instrumentality for you. Whether you're looking for a powerful scratchpad for illustration iA Writer aliases a tin editor for illustration Ulysses, you should find what you request above.

Of course, you won't ever person your iPad connected you erstwhile you request to activity connected caller documents. And that's why an online connection processor would beryllium an perfect prime successful astir cases.

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