The 10 Best Raspberry Pi LEGO Projects

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Bring your motorized LEGO projects to life pinch nan summation of a Raspberry Pi encephalon and these task ideas.

A LEGO robot pinch 2 eyes and a camera

Key Takeaways

  • You tin usage LEGO and Raspberry Pi to create tech-savvy projects for illustration a pirate skull hexapod and a chess robot. Get imaginative and person fun!
  • Capture astonishing photos and videos pinch a Raspberry Pi camera utilizing LEGO and a servo. Perfect for quality enthusiasts and photography lovers.
  • Combine nan charm of LEGO pinch nan computation powerfulness of Raspberry Pi to build a candy sorter aliases a smart piggy bank. Fun and applicable projects for Halloween and redeeming money.

Remember playing astir pinch LEGO bricks during your childhood? Those colorful interlocking blocks sparked nan imagination of galore of america backmost successful nan day, allowing america to build awesome worlds, 1 ceramic astatine a time. But here’s nan breathtaking part: conscionable because you’re each grown up doesn’t mean you person to ditch LEGOs. These pieces person evolved truthful overmuch that you tin brace them pinch technologies for illustration Raspberry Pi to create meaningful, tech-savvy projects.

Interesting successful building thing caller and exciting? You’re successful for a treat! Here are nan 10 champion Raspberry Pi LEGO projects to kick-start your travel into this breathtaking fusion.

1. LEGO Raspberry Pi Pirate Skull Hexapod

Do you request much Halloween ideas? Want to person nan astir unthinkable decorations adjacent Halloween? Then effort building nan LEGO Raspberry Pi pirate skull hexapod, and convey america later.

With Raspberry Pi arsenic its brain, this hexapod comes to life, allowing you to power its movements and moreover equip it pinch cameras for exploring chartless territories. It reminds america of nan mini bots often featured successful games for illustration Doom 3 and, too moving, it tin observe obstacles and alteration its way accordingly.

Willing to springiness it a try? See nan project for nan supplies and nan code. If you’d for illustration to build a Halloween disguise instead, cheque retired these tech masks to return your Halloween costume to nan adjacent level.

2. Chess Robot Made With LEGO and Raspberry Pi

Love chess and are truthful bully that nary 1 successful your circle tin hit you astatine a game? Thank nan heavens that you person recovered nan cleanable contender: nan chess robot made pinch LEGO and Raspberry Pi successful this Instructables project. This innovative creation combines nan timeless strategy crippled pinch classical LEGOs and modern exertion to present a captivating and interactive chess-playing experience.

You don’t person to exemplary your type precisely arsenic successful nan Instructable since nan codification tin beryllium altered to fresh different chess robot projects. Check retired these different DIY projects for chess players for inspiration.

3. Focus nan Pi High-Quality Camera With LEGO and a Servo

Love nan small vertebrate that comes to your model each greeting but person nary measurement to seizure it because it ever flies distant whenever you travel near? Build nan attraction Raspberry Pi HQ Camera pinch LEGO and a servo, and you’ll person a measurement to photograph it remotely.

This Instructables project will guideline you done creating it utilizing LEGO bricks and a screw mechanism. By nan clip you’re done, you should person a Raspberry Pi camera tin of capturing macro shots, time-lapses, and elaborate videos.

4. Rainbow Unicorn

With truthful galore awesome uses of Raspberry Pi, location is nary limit to what you tin do pinch it—you tin moreover build a unicorn! With Raspberry Pi arsenic its encephalon and LEGO arsenic its body, nan charming rainbow unicorn successful this Instructables project is nan cleanable template for you to guidelines your unicorn on. It tin move, interact, and moreover show a rainbow-colored ray show. It besides makes nan perfect gift for your unicorn-obsessed niece aliases nephew.

5. Robot Candy Sorter

Halloween is coming up fast, and beyond nan creepy and scary decor, 1 much constituent will shine: nan candy. Add a touch of automation to your candy-giving crippled pinch nan robot candy sorter successful this Instructables guide. It combines nan charm of LEGO pinch nan computation powerfulness of Raspberry Pi to benignant Halloween candy. This will guarantee that each trick-or-treater automatically gets their favourite candy alternatively of manually sorting done nan candy rubble.

Whether you're a genitor looking to impressment your kids and their friends aliases a tech enthusiast eager to harvester your emotion for LEGO and Raspberry Pi, nan BrickPi Candy Sorter offers a saccharine solution to your Halloween candy conundrums.

6. LEGO Robot Pumpkin

Want your kid aliases your favourite nephew aliases niece to guidelines retired during trick-or-treat? Build them nan LEGO robot pumpkin to ray their way. With nan step-by-step instructions successful nan Instructables guide and nan YouTube demo above, you tin make a moving, interactive masterpiece utilizing LEGO components and Raspberry Pi’s Build HAT, designed to let users to harvester LEGO pinch astir anything.

7. LEGO Technic Rubik’s Cube Machine

Hate that you are ne'er capable to lick nan Rubik’s cube quickly? Beat it pinch technology! The fascinating LEGO Technic Rubik’s cube instrumentality task has you covered. By combining nan powerfulness of Raspberry Pi and Build HAT, nan superb breakout committee released by Raspberry Pi and LEGO Education, you’ll create a Technic motortruck that will effortlessly lick nan cube for you. Check retired much specifications successful nan Instructables guide.

8. Smart Piggy Bank

If you’d for illustration to support up pinch really overmuch you person saved up successful your piggy slope without opening it, we person nan cleanable LEGO Raspberry Pi task for you: nan smart piggy bank. It detects each clip you adhd money and triggers an email notification pinch specifications of really overmuch you person successful location successful total. Cool right? No much temptations to walk your savings erstwhile checking retired really overmuch you’ve got. The Instructables project features nan step-by-step instructions and supplies you’ll request to build it.

9. LEGO Gardener

Having indoor plants is bliss until you request to recreation aliases time off your location for a fewer days and person nary 1 to h2o them. Thankfully, pinch nan easy-build LEGO watering strategy successful this project, you won’t request anyone. It’s easy to build and successful summation to watering your works babies, it triggers SMS notifications erstwhile nan vessel is almost empty.

10. LEGO Chassis for Raspberry Pi Robot

2 DIY Lego Chassis Image Credit: not_the_one/Instructables

If you’re caller to robotics and looking to effort elemental projects, build a LEGO chassis for your Raspberry Pi robot, arsenic shown successful this Instructables guide. This task takes you done constructing a robust chassis for a Pi-powered robot utilizing LEGO bricks.

Not only does it supply a sturdy guidelines for your robot, but it besides allows for easy customization. You tin easy connect further sensors, cameras, aliases different modules to heighten nan robot's capabilities. Try retired immoderate much nosy DIY projects to get your feet bedewed successful robotics.

Best Raspberry Pi LEGO Projects: Final Thoughts

Raspberry Pi and LEGO activity good together for illustration breadstuff and butter. And pinch their collaboration to merchandise nan Build HAT, bringing mixed LEGO and Pi creations to life has ne'er been easier. Try 1 of nan projects supra to spot really seamless it is to trade innovative builds.

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