System Reserved Partition Is Too Small? Fix It Now

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By Ariel | Follow | Last Updated September 19, 2023

A awesome galore users reported that nan System Reserved Partition is excessively mini on Windows 10/11. How to summation System Reserved Partition size? If you are besides trying to find a way, this station from MiniTool Partition Wizard is worthy reading.

On This Page :System Reserved Partition is excessively mini connected Windows 10. I person a Windows 10 build 1909 ... 2 years agone I had problem updating to 1909 owed to System Reserve Partition being excessively small.  At nan clip I worked pinch a programme and astir apt person made a mess. I want to make judge location is capable abstraction successful nan System Reserved Partition to judge nan upgrade and yet to Windows 11. Anyone tin thief me?

What Is System Reserved Partition

System Reserved Partition is simply a very important partition that is usually located earlier nan strategy partition (the C: drive) erstwhile you clean instal Windows 11/10/8/7. This partition contains nan Boot Manager code, Startup files utilized for BitLocker Drive Encryption, and Boot configuration database. In Windows 10, nan Recovery Environment information is besides stored successful nan partition.

System Reserved Partition usually requires astir 100MB of abstraction connected Windows 7, 350MB connected Windows 8, and 600 MB connected Windows 10. Sometimes, it whitethorn request much disk abstraction erstwhile you upgrade to Windows 11. How to hole Windows 10 System Reserved Partition being excessively small? Let’s support reading.

How to Fix Windows 10/11 System Reserved Partition Too Small

How to summation System Reserved Partition size connected Windows 10/11? The simplest solution is to widen nan System Reserved Partition. However, you whitethorn find nan “Extend Volume action is greyed out” erstwhile utilizing Disk Management. Sometimes you whitethorn besides brushwood nan “failed to widen nan volume” utilizing DiskPart connected Windows 10/11.

Extend Volume greyed out

Thus, it’s highly recommended that you usage a master partition head – MiniTool Partition Wizard. It tin thief you extend/resize/move/merge/copy partitions to moreover non-contiguous unallocated space, change serial numbers, alteration cluster size, person NTFS to FAT without information loss, recover mislaid data, rebuild MBR, and more.

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To widen nan C thrust aliases strategy partition without footwear issues, we highly urge you usage the bootable MiniTool Partition Wizard Edition.

Way 1. Extend nan System Reserved Partition

First of all, you tin widen nan System Reserved partition to a larger size utilizing nan MiniTool software. Here’s really to do that:

Step 1.  Run MiniTool Partition Wizard to participate its main interface, prime nan System Reserved partition, and click on Extend Partition from nan near action pane. Alternatively, you tin right-click nan partition and prime Extend.

Step 2.  Select nan thrust aliases allocated abstraction that you want to return free abstraction from nan drop-down menu, and past resistance nan bluish slider barroom to inhabit nan free space. Then click on OK to corroborate nan change.

Step 3.  Click on Apply to execute nan extending operation. After that, you tin spot if nan System Reserved Partition is full,

extend System Partition utilizing MiniTool

Way 2. Merge nan System Reserved Partition pinch Other Partition

In addition, you tin merge nan System Reserved partition pinch different partition that has free space. Let’s spot really to summation System Reserved partition size via merging partitions.

Step 1. In nan main interface of nan MiniTool software, prime nan System Reserved partition from nan disk map, and click connected Merge Partition from nan near panel.

Step 2. Select nan partition that you would for illustration to merge pinch and click connected Next.

click Merge Partition connected MiniTool

Step 3. Click connected Finish > Apply to execute nan pending operation.

merge partitions utilizing MiniTool

How to hole it if nan System Reserved Partition is excessively mini connected Windows 10/11. You tin widen nan System Reserved partition aliases merge nan partition utilizing MiniTool Partition Wizard. If you person immoderate different opinions astir this question, please stock them pinch america successful nan pursuing remark zone.

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