Surface Pro 9 Owners Get 90 Days of Free 5G Service

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The free work proceedings comes courtesy of T-Mobile.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The year-old Surface Pro 9 now includes 90 days (or 30 GB) of free 5G service, courtesy of T-Mobile. This free proceedings is only disposable successful nan U.S. and requires a Surface Pro 9 pinch 5G tablet—the modular Surface Pro 9 does not person a cellular modem and cannot link to 5G networks. You do not request to beryllium a T-Mobile customer to redeem this trial.

If you shelled retired for nan costly Surface Pro 9 pinch 5G, there's a decent chance that you already person a 5G PC work plan. Still, this is simply a very generous offer, particularly if you scheme connected buying a Surface Pro 9 pinch 5G during Black Friday. The Surface Pro 9 pinch 5G is already connected waste astatine Amazon and Best Buy, but nan champion discounts won't get until Thanksgiving week.

To activate T-Mobile's free 5G service, unfastened nan Network settings connected your Surface Pro 9 pinch 5G and prime "Connect pinch eSIM." Click nan T-Mobile icon, take "Get Connected," and you'll beryllium redirected to nan T-Mobile website. From here, log into your T-Mobile relationship (or create a caller one) and you'll beryllium guided done nan free proceedings setup process. In different words, travel nan T-Mobile PC service instructions until you're deed pinch nan free proceedings offer. You must group up nan free proceedings on your Surface Pro 9 pinch 5G, arsenic it won't activity connected different computer.

Your free T-Mobile 5G proceedings will expire aft 90 days of work aliases 30 GB of cellular information depletion (whatever comes first). For this reason, you whitethorn want to debar data-hungry websites (YouTube, Netflix, etc) aliases ample downloads while utilizing nan free cellular service. Activity connected Wi-Fi networks will not lend to nan 30 GB cellular information limit.

T-Mobile's free 5G work connection is disposable today. It's only disposable successful nan U.S. and requires a Surface Pro 9 pinch 5G tablet. We've asked nan institution if this free proceedings auto-renews and will update this article erstwhile we person an answer. For reference, T-Mobile's cellular work for tablets starts astatine conscionable $10. You tin besides get a free T-Mobile proceedings for your smartphone if you're reasoning of switching over.

Source: T-Mobile

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