Stock up on Apple AirTags While They're on Sale

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Grab a azygous AirTag for $24 aliases a four-pack for $80.

Apple AirTag laying connected nan ground

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Every year, millions of group suffer their luggage, their pets, and their keys. That's why Apple's mini and affordable AirTag locator is simply a cleanable stocking stuffer—everyone tin use from one. Now, Apple AirTags are connected waste for conscionable $24 apiece, and you tin bargain a four-pack for conscionable $80.

Most search devices trust connected a mini web and tin beryllium difficult to find erstwhile lost. But Apple has spent years baking its Find My web into each iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Whenever your AirTag is wrong scope of an Apple instrumentality (regardless of who owns nan device), its location will beryllium automatically and privately logged into nan Find My app. AirTags are nan astir reliable search devices astatine this value point, and pinch nan caller iOS 17 update, AirTags tin really beryllium shared among friends and family.

Also, AirTags are extremely versatile. They person a one-year artillery life and an IP67 h2o guidance rating, truthful you tin propulsion them successful a bag, hide them successful your car, connect them to your keychain, aliases moreover put 1 on your pet's collar. You'll get a informing erstwhile an AirTag's artillery is moving low, and replacement coin compartment batteries are easy to install.

This woody slashes nan value of a azygous AirTag by $7. More notably, it cuts nan costs of a four-pack by $20. These trackers are already inexpensive, but today's woody is excellent, particularly for those who want to bargain aggregate AirTags earlier nan holidays.

You tin find AirTags for $24 astatine astir retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. But if you request aggregate AirTags, aliases if you're shopping for nan full family, you're amended disconnected buying nan four-pack for $80 (it useful retired to $20 apiece). Presumably, this woody will vanish aft Black Friday weekend. If you want to bargain AirTags, now's nan clip to propulsion nan trigger. I besides propose looking into AirTag accessories (key rings and such) if you're buying an AirTag arsenic a gift.

Apple AirTag (4 Pack)

$80 $99 Save $19

Need much AirTags? You tin brace up to 16 AirTags pinch a azygous Apple ID account.

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