Spotify's free audiobooks perk is now live in the US – here's how to find them

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Spotify's audiobooks retired successful nan US
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Spotify is expanding its audiobook work to nan US arsenic American Premium subscribers now person entree to complete 200,000 titles connected nan service.

According to nan announcement, nan level will connection individuals “as good arsenic scheme managers for Family and Duo accounts” 15 hours of listening per month. Spotify states that’s astir nan magnitude of “two mean audiobooks”. Once you’ve tally retired of nan allotted time, you tin acquisition a “top-up” for $12.99 which adds an other 10 hours to your listening time. A institution typical told america immoderate remaining clip from a top-up will rotation complete to nan adjacent period if you determine to bargain different one. Purchased allotments “expire 1 twelvemonth aft purchase.”

You tin acquisition these top-ups successful your account's Settings menu. There will besides beryllium a barroom telling you really galore hours you've listened to truthful far.

Spotify's clip allocated bar

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After updating nan app connected your mobile device, you should statesman to spot books pinch a "Included successful Premium” people successful nan app that you tin instantly play. We opportunity “should” because we didn’t spot nan labeling successful our experience. All we saw was a caller Audiobook tab astatine nan apical of nan screen.

Tapping it took america to a different portion of nan level wherever we were capable to perceive to an audiobook. Alternatively, you tin spell to nan Search barroom and cheque retired nan titles Spotify has available. You person classics connected location for illustration Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and newer books for illustration The Manor House by Gilly Macmillan.

Spotify - caller audiobook tab

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This update is disposable connected nan desktop type of Spotify, though not successful nan aforesaid fashion. To find audiobooks, we had to click nan Search instrumentality connected nan left-hand broadside past prime nan requisite entry. We didn’t tally into nan “Included successful Premium” explanation nor did we tally into audiobooks connected nan location page. Granted, nan spot is still rolling retired to users. Perhaps Spotify is releasing nan spot successful pieces alternatively of each astatine once.

Spotify's updated desktop app

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Possible bugs

We do want to mention location whitethorn beryllium immoderate bugs successful nan patch. During testing, we were capable to bask audiobooks connected a free relationship without immoderate limitations. We asked nan aforesaid typical from earlier astir this scenario, but they simply stated that  “access is disposable to eligible Spotify Premium users”. It’s imaginable we conscionable ran into a random bug connected nan level giving america unfettered access. You whitethorn aliases whitethorn not acquisition this – conscionable a heads up.

The remainder of nan announcement goes complete immoderate Spotify statistic positive immoderate audiobook recommendations. The level suggests Lord of nan Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, if you want to get started connected “your literate journey,” For euphony fans, location are several philharmonic biographies disposable on nan platform.

To each you bibliophiles retired there, beryllium judge to cheque retired TechRadar's database of nan best audiobook sites for 2023 if you want different root for reading. 

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