Soundcore Motion 300 Review: This Budget-Beating Bluetooth Speaker Is One of 2023's Best

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The Soundcore Motion 300 is simply a mini package, but it delivers a full-sized sound.

soundcore mobility 300 awarded editors choiceGavin Phillips / MakeUseOf

Key Takeaways

  • The Soundcore Motion 300 is simply a rugged, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that offers a agleam and vibrant sound, making it 1 of nan champion portable Bluetooth speakers of 2023.
  • With 30W dual drivers, up to 13 hours of artillery life, and support for LDAC Hi-Res Audio, nan Motion 300 is an impressively large and versatile option.
  • Its customizable EQ and robust design, mixed pinch its affordable value constituent of $80, make nan Motion 300 a awesome worth proposition for each occasions.

Soundcore often creates products that make you mobility everything other successful nan market. Its caller Soundcore Motion 300 rugged Bluetooth speaker is nary exception—putting bigger, shinier, and, astir importantly, much costly alternatives to shame.

What's not to emotion astir nan Soundcore Motion 300? It looks good, is robust and rubberized, comes pinch an IPX7 waterproof rating, useful pinch nan Soundcore App, 1 of nan champion companion apps, and adjusts its EQ automatically depending connected its position.

With artillery life pushing up to 13 hours of playback, Soundcore's typically seamless audio quality, and an extended array of Bluetooth codec support, nan Soundcore Motion 300 is 1 of 2023's champion portable Bluetooth speakers.

anker soundcore mobility 300
Anker Soundcore Motion 300

Editor's Choice

The Soundcore Motion 300 is simply a rugged, waterproof Bluetooth speaker pinch a bright, vibrant sound. Key features see 30W dual drivers, up to 13 hours artillery life, USB-C charging, IPX7 waterproofing, EQ accommodation based connected speaker position, and support for LDAC Hi-Res Audio. Its robust creation and large portable sound make it 1 of nan champion Bluetooth speakers of 2023.

Bluetooth Connectivity? Bluetooth 5.3

Dimensions 2.2 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches

Brand Soundcore

Power 30w

Colors Mirage Black, Fern Green, Frost Blue

Battery Up to 13 hours

Waterproof Rating IPX7

Speaker configuration Stereo

Wireless capabilities Bluetooth

Drivers 10mm

Frequency response 65Hz-40kHz


  • Excellent worth Bluetooth speaker
  • Great sound for its size, optional Hi-Res Audio
  • Rugged, rubberized design; IPX7 rating
  • Customizable EQ
  • Decent artillery life


  • No AUX input
  • Buttons tin return a infinitesimal to register

Style and Construction

At times, you whitethorn consciousness for illustration you've seen each Bluetooth speaker nether nan sun. The Soundcore Motion 300 won't triumph immoderate creation awards, but it looks decent and well-built for illustration it'll past much than a fewer summers being lugged down to nan formation for a time out.

soundcore mobility 300 bluetooth speaker logo and buttonsImage Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

The rectangular portion measures 2.2 x 7.9 x 3.9 inches and is smoothed pinch nicely curved edges, fronted pinch a shiny grille sporting a ample Soundcore logo. The grille looks beautiful flashy, and it gains immoderate other style points done its scope of colour options: Fern Green, Frost Blue, and Mirage Black.

I've been sent nan Fern Green version, which looks great, and nan Frost Blue type besides looks sharp. In each cases, nan rubberized edges of nan Motion 300 make it easy to grasp and support successful hand, while nan rubber feet connected nan bottommost and rear of nan speaker guarantee it won't gaffe and broadside around.

However, arsenic nan buttons are buried underneath that rubberized furniture (for protection from nan wetter elements), your presses return a infinitesimal to register. We're talking 1-2s extra, truthful it's nary problem astatine all, and I'd alternatively this than a Bluetooth speaker that breaks astatine nan first show of a puddle.

soundcore mobility 300 bluetooth speaker clip disconnected transportation strapImage Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

There is simply a useful removable strap connected nan near of nan speaker, which is easy to unbutton and region erstwhile required. At nan different extremity is simply a USB-C charging larboard hidden down a sealed rubber cover. Like nan remainder of nan Motion 300 design, nan rubber screen fits exceptionally good and protected nan larboard during a shower-listening convention (no pictures of this, you'll beryllium gladsome to know).

soundcore mobility 300 bluetooth speaker usb c charging portImage Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

On that, nan Soundcore Motion 300's IPX7 waterproof standing intends you tin submerge nan speaker down to 1 metre for a maximum of 30 minutes. You astir apt don't want to push that to its limits, and listening to euphony underwater is somewhat pointless. However, it does mean nan Motion 300 will past a travel into nan drink, splashes from a paddling pool, or, successful my case, an energetic dancing ablution moment.

I'm impressed by nan weight of nan Motion 300; weighing 0.77kg (27oz), you tin easy propulsion nan speaker successful a container aliases connect it to a strap and not interest astir it weighing you down, yet it delivers a important sound for specified a size.

Battery Life and Connectivity

Soundcore rates nan Motion 300 for up to 13 hours of playback while astatine 50 percent measurement and pinch Bass Mode off. It's an meticulous figure; I afloat charged nan speaker, past had it blasting retired euphony while cooking for respective hours, past switched it up and utilized it connected my table alternatively of my regular speakers. To apical it off, I took it for a chaotic and windy locomotion connected nan formation and still didn't tally retired of charge.

soundcore mobility 300 bluetooth speaker buttons pinch lightsImage Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

If you tally nan Motion 300 astatine afloat measurement for aggregate hours, it will tally retired of artillery faster, arsenic would immoderate speaker. However, fixed really large nan Motion 300 gets, you're improbable to beryllium doing that excessively often, and 13 hours of playback is plentifulness capable for a time hanging pinch friends, by nan pool, astatine nan beach, aliases otherwise.

soundcore mobility 300 bluetooth speaker beforehand grille pinch logoImage Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

Connectivity comes from nan AAC, SBC, and, interestingly, LDAC Bluetooth codecs. The inclusion of LDAC ensures nan Motion 300 is rated for Hi-Res Audio and allows nan speaker to watercourse astatine a maximum of 990kbps. However, contempt nan certification and nan Motion 300's wide quality, it's not really built to present existent high-quality audio. Your audio will sound good, but nan Hi-Res Audio explanation won't toggle shape nan Motion 300 into an audiophile spot of hardware.

Still, I'd alternatively person nan LDAC action than not, arsenic it gives Android users nan chance for immoderate higher-quality audio streaming.

Sound Quality

Under nan Motion 300's beforehand grille are dual move drivers rated for 30 watts (combined). I'm thoroughly impressed pinch nan full measurement of nan Motion 300—considering its size, this point gets loud.

soundcore mobility 300 bluetooth speaker beforehand position connected woody surfaceImage Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

Better still, it maintains a bully level of audio value erstwhile nan measurement is cranked up. Its 65Hz-40kHz wave scope besides helps pinch sound quality, giving nan Motion 300 plentifulness of breathing abstraction to pump retired your favourite tunes.

The Motion 300 has a broadly V-shaped tuning retired of nan box. Music sounds nosy and bright, emphasized pinch bass and high-end to bring each way to life. Given nan accent connected nan debased and high-end, you mightiness wonderment if nan mid-range suffers; it's not bad astatine all. Vocals are often clear enough, while individual instruments are typically easy to hear. While it's not nan broadest soundstage you'll travel across, it's worthy remembering we're talking astir an 80-dollar speaker here.

soundcore mobility 300 bluetooth speaker beforehand viewImage Credit: Gavin Phillips/MakeUseOf

That's not forgetting nan Motion 300 EQ changes automatically depending connected nan speaker's position. For example, if nan speaker is lying down, you'll get a small much bass and treble to boost nan speaker's reach, while if you bent nan speaker utilizing its removable strap, nan bass and treble flatten retired a little.

The automatically adjusting EQ is simply a neat thought and 1 that makes an audible difference. Still, nan action to move it disconnected and instrumentality to 1 EQ is disposable via nan Soundcore App, on pinch different EQ customization options.

I'm besides impressed pinch nan Motion 300's stereo design. Having 2 drivers, moreover successful specified adjacent proximity, allows nan Motion 300 to pump retired overmuch greater value audio than a azygous driver. You get amended audio sum successful almost immoderate type of space, indoor aliases outdoor, and it's awesome to spot connected a speaker successful this value range.

Hi-Res Audio is an action via LDAC, and location is simply a flimsy difference, arsenic you'd expect, but again, this isn't a speaker for audiophiles. Still, if you person lossless audio files to hand, why not usage them?

The Soundcore Motion 300 Is One of 2023's Best Bluetooth Speakers

The Soundcore Motion 300 costs $80 successful nan U.S. (£89.99 successful nan U.K.), and astatine this price, it easy ranks arsenic 1 of nan champion Bluetooth speakers of 2023.

Combining a rugged, compact creation pinch a decent artillery and a large sound, Soundcore has packed nan Motion 300 pinch features you need, and, astir importantly, really work.

It's a awesome small Bluetooth speaker and 1 that I could easy spot arsenic a cleanable stocking filler for nan holidays, arsenic a gift for a birthday, aliases conscionable if you're looking for a Bluetooth speaker to fresh immoderate occasion. Again, fixed nan value point, what much could you inquire for?

anker soundcore mobility 300
Anker Soundcore Motion 300

Best Value

The Soundcore Motion 300 is simply a rugged, waterproof Bluetooth speaker pinch a bright, vibrant sound. Key features see 30W dual drivers, up to 13 hours artillery life, USB-C charging, IPX7 waterproofing, EQ accommodation based connected speaker position, and support for LDAC Hi-Res Audio. Its robust creation and large portable sound make it 1 of nan champion Bluetooth speakers of 2023.

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