Siri Suggestions Not Popping Up on iPhone? Here's How to Fix It

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Is Siri not showing suggestions connected your iPhone? This could consequence owed to incorrect settings aliases package bugs. Either way, we'll thief you hole it.

Siri Suggestions surface while searching connected an iPhone

If you ain an iPhone, Siri is your champion friend. It tin schedule emails, group reminders, nonstop matter messages, initiate telephone calls, and moreover springiness suggestions based connected your iPhone usage.

Depending connected Siri is unavoidable if you usage it for these tasks. But what happens if Siri suggestions extremity popping up connected your iPhone? No worries, because we person a fewer fixes you tin try.

Check Siri & Search Settings

One logic why Siri suggestions won't popular up is if your Siri settings are configured incorrectly. So, nan first measurement is to caput to your Siri & Search settings to cheque if it has been turned off. Even if it's turned on, toggle it disconnected and connected to troubleshoot nan issue.

To cheque Siri & Search settings, caput to Settings connected your device, scroll down, and pat Siri & Search. Toggle Show Suggestions on, and if you spot nan action to Reset Hidden Suggestions correct below, pat connected it to reconstruct suggestions you've previouly hidden.

Check if Your iPhone Is Updated

Apple often releases caller package updates, which usually incorporate bug fixes for issues you mightiness face. So if you haven't updated your iPhone, getting nan latest iOS version tin resoluteness your Siri issues.

Head to Settings > General > Software Update to spot if a newer iOS type is available. If you person one, travel nan prompts to update your iPhone.

Restart Your iPhone

If your Siri suggestions are still not popping up, you tin restart your iPhone to troubleshoot it. However, your iPhone doesn't person a restart option, truthful you'll person to powerfulness disconnected your iPhone and move it backmost on.

The buttons you request to property to do this whitethorn alteration depending connected nan model, but it's easy to restart immoderate iPhone, moreover if nan buttons are broken.

Get nan Best of Siri Suggestions

Siri suggestions make it easy to commencement a hunt nan infinitesimal you swipe down connected your Home Screen. In fact, you wouldn't request to type thing successful Spotlight hunt to motorboat your favourite app, arsenic Siri would've already suggested it for you.

However, if nary of these solutions worked successful your favor, you tin interaction Apple Support aliases sojourn a adjacent Apple Store for in-person assistance.


Q: Do I Need nan Latest Version of iOS to Use Siri Suggestions connected My iPhone?

No—you usually don't request nan latest type of iOS to usage Siri Suggestions connected your iPhone. But if you're having problems utilizing nan feature, it makes consciousness to update your package if an update is available. There are galore different reasons why you should update your iOS software arsenic well.

Q: Can I Turn Siri Suggestions On for Individual Apps?

Yes! In summation to utilizing Siri suggestions for aggregate apps connected your iPhone, it's besides imaginable to alteration nan characteristic for conscionable 1 aliases a mates of your favourite ones. You'll request to spell to nan Settings app connected your instrumentality and look for nan app wherever you want to alteration Siri Suggestions.

Q: How Do I Clear nan Siri Suggestions History connected My iPhone?

You tin easy clear Siri and Search Suggestions history connected your iPhone if you determine that this is thing you want to do. Go to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri & Search Dictation History. Then, click connected nan Delete Siri & Dictation option. You tin besides disable your iPhone's suggested contacts row.

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