Should you buy the Eight Sleep Mattress this Black Friday? I'm a sleep writer – here's my take

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Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Cover successful a luxury chamber pinch a Black Friday mattress deals badge overlaid
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The Eight Sleep Pod screen is simply a speedy measurement to move your existing mattress into a smart furniture – and astatine a fraction of nan value too. An app-controlled mattress screen pinch integrated slumber tracking, nan Eight Sleep mattress screen enables you to person dual cooling and heating, truthful you and your partner tin slumber astatine different temperatures. And the Eight Sleep Pod Cover has been reduced by $250 , pinch its cheapest model, nan Eight Sleep Pod 2, now priced from $1,545 (was $1,795) successful nan Black Friday mattress deals.

However, arsenic a slumber writer, I cognize moreover nan astir affordable of smart mattresses doesn’t travel cheap, truthful it's important to measurement nan pros and cons earlier buying. Luckily, I’ve created a guideline to nan advantages and nan disadvantages of nan Eight Sleep Pod 2 Cover, on pinch a breakdown of its halfway features, to thief you determine if this portion of slumber exertion is correct for you. 

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Why you should bargain nan Eight Sleep Mattress Cover this Black Friday

✅ 1. Eight Sleep's mattress screen keeps you lukewarm and cool

Ranked arsenic 1 of our best cooling mattresses, this mattress screen uses individualised cooling and heating exertion which adapts to your chamber conditions and slumber stages. This is not only perfect for those who unrecorded successful a lukewarm climate, but besides for those who thin to overheat astatine night. If you bask nan comfortableness of a representation foam mattress, but don’t bask its inclination to trap heat, this cooling smart screen makes a awesome summation to your bed.  

✅ 2. It tracks your slumber and resting bosom rate

A favourite among pro-athletes, nan Pod 2 Cover uses medical-grade hardware and package to way your bosom and respiratory rate, on pinch your chamber conditions. The mattress past collects and compresses this information into daily, weekly, and monthly reports truthful you tin support way of your sleep, health, and fittingness levels. This characteristic is perfect for those who unrecorded an progressive manner aliases want to amended their wide health.  

✅ 3. It's perfect for early-risers  

Why you shouldn't bargain nan Eight Sleep Mattress Cover this Black Friday

❌ 1. It has rank costs attached to it

While it goes without saying that nan high-tech features of nan screen is each wellness guru’s dream, I should pass you that a batch of these features are hidden down a paywall. To unlock nan afloat features of nan pod, you are required to motion up to a 12-month Eight Sleep Membership, which starts astatine $15 a month. 

While 1 rank covers some you and your partner, this tin beryllium rather annoying for those who signed up for a cool mattress cover, not a year-long membership. Plus, nan extras aren’t awesome – astir mattresses person tests up to 365 nights, while this mattress screen has a 30-night trial. This hardly scrapes nan recommended accommodation period, and its 5-year warranty could beryllium somewhat longer, too. 

❌ 2. There’s only a constricted magnitude of size options 

The Pod 2 screen is only compatible pinch mattresses 10” to 11” thick, but you tin get a one-size-fits-all type if you upgrade to nan celebrated Pod 3 PerfectFit. However, whichever exemplary you choose, nan screen only comes successful 4 sizing options: full, queen, king, and Cal king. If your mattress is simply a copy aliases copy XL size, you should unluckily look elsewhere for a smart cover.  

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