Should You Buy a Matte Screen Protector for Your Phone? 8 Pros and Cons to Consider

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Key Takeaways

  • Matte surface protectors hide fingerprints well, allowing your telephone to enactment cleaner for longer without predominant cleaning.
  • The somewhat coarse aboveground of matte surface protectors enhances typing, scrolling, and mobile gaming experiences for smoother movement.
  • Matte surface protectors diffuse ray to destruct glare, improving your media viewing experience, but they besides trim opposition and colour saturation.

Applying a surface protector connected your telephone is simply a beautiful communal practice, but chartless to many, different types of surface protectors are disposable pinch different properties.

One specified type is simply a matte surface protector that offers benefits that your regular tempered solid can't. However, location are immoderate cons that you should beryllium alert of arsenic good earlier you spell up and bargain one. Let's excavation deeper and study more.

Pros of Matte Screen Protectors

First, see why you should bargain a matte surface protector for your telephone and why it's a overmuch amended finance than a tempered solid one.

1. No More Fingerprint Marks and Smudges

Modern flagship phones travel pinch an oleophobic coating for smudge resistance, but it isn't imperishable and usually wears disconnected wrong a year. That intends you'll person to cleanable it regular to destruct those fingerprint marks and smudges.

A matte surface protector isn't oleophobic (unless advertised), but it hides fingerprints really well, truthful you won't person to clean your phone arsenic often—once a week should beryllium much than enough. And because fingerprints don't show easily, your telephone continues to look caller and premium for a agelong time.

person wearing oura slumber ringing while utilizing smartphone search appImage Credit: Marco Verch/Flickr

However, you should statement that though matte surface protectors don't show fingerprints easily, they are harder to cleanable than regular tempered solid surface protectors erstwhile they accumulate capable ungraded and moisture, making maintaining your phone a spot trickier.

With nan latter, a speedy swipe utilizing a damp microfiber cloth usually does nan trick. But pinch nan former, you mightiness find that you person to swipe rather a spot earlier seeing immoderate results. Simply put, you won't person to cleanable your surface often, but erstwhile you do, it won't beryllium arsenic quick.

2. Improved Typing and Scrolling Experience

Unlike tempered glass, which has an moreover surface, nan aboveground of a matte surface is somewhat coarse and resembles insubstantial aliases canvas. Because of this, it's acold easier for your digit to glide connected a matte aboveground than connected a solid surface, which introduces much resistance.

This is particularly useful if you person sweaty aliases pruney fingers aliases person calluses connected them. A matte surface protector will present a acold superior typing and scrolling experience.

If you do a batch of texting aliases scrolling societal media feeds, a matte surface protector is simply a must. Also, if you hap to use a stylus pinch your smartphone for sketching aliases signing documents, nan papery texture of nan matte aboveground will consciousness really satisfying.

3. Improved Mobile Gaming Experience

galaxy s23 ultra gamingImage Credit: Samsung

You mightiness beryllium alert that immoderate mobile gamers buy thumb gloves (aka digit sleeves) to amended their gaming experience. The thought is that during nan gameplay, your hands often get sweaty, which results successful much clash and restricts your fingers' easiness of activity connected nan screen. Thumb gloves are expected to trim this friction.

With a matte surface protector, you don't request to bargain thumb gloves because nan aboveground is already soft capable that your thumb tin easy glide pinch small to nary friction. This allows for swifter activity and an improved mobile gaming experience.

4. Glare-Free Viewing Experience

A matte surface protector isn't conscionable for improved typing, scrolling, aliases gaming; it besides enhances your media depletion acknowledgment to its expertise to destruct glare.

Unlike an moreover solid surface, which reflects incoming ray from a fixed guidance astatine nan aforesaid perspective (also called specular reflection), nan people texture of a matte aboveground scatters ray astir nan constituent of reflection—effectively diffusing it.

In different words, alternatively of seeing a crisp glare connected your surface that renders nan contented unwatchable, you'll spot a soft ray connected your screen, which, though still a spot interrupting, will still let you to proceed viewing your content.

Cons of Matte Screen Protectors

Matte surface protectors person their perks, but they besides require you to make immoderate compromises, immoderate of which are large capable that you mightiness for illustration to instrumentality pinch your regular tempered solid surface protector instead.

1. Weaker Than Tempered Glass

man applying surface protector to smartphone featureImage Credit: Nor Gal/Shutterstock

Unlike tempered glass, which is stiff and reliable and made solely to protect your show from accidental drops and scratches, a matte surface protector is bladed and elastic and does not connection immoderate specified protection.

So, if you're clumsy aliases don't usage a lawsuit pinch your phone, it's astir apt amended to opt against a matte surface protector and prime a regular tempered solid 1 instead.

2. Reduced Contrast and Color Saturation

One quality you'll announcement almost instantly aft applying a matte surface protector connected your telephone is somewhat worse image quality. This is because nan aforesaid texture that gives a matte surface protector its anti-glare properties also, unfortunately, reduces opposition and colour saturation.

The quality isn't excessively big, and you'll astir apt get utilized to it complete time. However, if you attraction astir those bright, punchy colors and having an immersive viewing experience, you're amended disconnected without a matte solution.

3. Reduced Sharpness and Hazy-Looking Text

A woman lying connected nan sofa reference a book connected her iPhone

You whitethorn get utilized to nan somewhat reduced opposition and colour saturation, but 1 point you'll astir apt not beryllium capable to look past is really a matte surface protector reduces nan sharpness of matter and makes it look a spot hazy.

So, if you're personification who loves downloading and reference ebooks connected your phone, you wouldn't person nan champion clip pinch a matte surface protector and should astir apt instrumentality to a tempered solid 1 instead.

4. Reduced Brightness

Unlike afloat transparent tempered glass, a matte aboveground has a very flimsy tint that makes your surface look a small dull and not arsenic agleam arsenic it different would.

Because of this, you mightiness person to support nan brightness higher than you usually would like, consuming somewhat much artillery life.

Matte surface protectors person their ain pros and cons, and depending connected your priorities, they whitethorn aliases whitethorn not beryllium suited to you. That said, we highly urge that you effort it retired erstwhile if you've ne'er done truthful to acquisition nan buttery-smooth typing and scrolling acquisition it offers.

Matte surface protectors are rather cheap, truthful moreover if you don't for illustration them, you tin return disconnected nan 1 connected your screen, flip it successful nan bin, and hide astir it. But if you emotion it, you'll astir apt ne'er want to move to tempered glass.

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