Sega Releases Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go on Apple Arcade

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Today, Sega released Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go, nan latest incarnation of nan hit crippled franchise, connected Apple Arcade. Samba de Amigo debuted successful 1999 successful arcades, pinch a Sega Dreamcast type coming nan adjacent year. In those first versions of nan game, you played by shaking a brace of maraca controllers to nan hit of nan music.

Party-To-Go has turned successful nan maracas successful favour of touch gestures, controllers, and keyboards pinch a merchandise that’s disposable done Apple Arcade connected nan iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Over nan past respective days, I’ve tried each but nan Apple TV type of nan crippled and person specifications and first impressions to share.

Party-To-Go features 40 up-tempo songs astatine launch, spanning a wide number of genres from Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon from nan 80s to Charlie XCX singing connected nan Icona Pop azygous connected I Love It. Sega, which is besides releasing abstracted versions of nan crippled called Party Central connected nan Nintendo Switch and Virtual Party later this twelvemonth connected nan Meta Quest 2 and 3, bundled exclusive features pinch nan Apple Arcade type of nan game, including 3 exclusive songs from Lady Gaga, Psy, and Fitz and nan Tantrums and a communicative mode wherever nan extremity is to retrieve euphony successful a bid of stages that adds a unsocial communicative touch to nan crippled and unsocial characters.

On an iPad aliases iPhone, nan Party-To-Go’s Rhythm Game mode, which features 4 trouble levels, is played by tapping and swiping connected six circles arsenic colorful globes radiate from nan halfway of nan surface to nan hit of nan music, showing you wherever to pat and swipe. It’s a small for illustration Tap Tap Revenge but successful a information shape alternatively of successful vertical lines. Your people depends connected really good you’re capable to pat and swipe to nan hit of each song.

On nan Mac, Party-To-Go uses nan keyboard for input, which I recovered difficult. I tried connecting an Xbox crippled controller, and it would only fto maine navigate nan game’s menus. However, nan aforesaid exemplary controller worked perfectly pinch my iPad Pro, utilizing nan thumbsticks to pat retired nan hit of each song. Overall, I’ve preferred utilizing a controller to touch because, connected nan iPad, I recovered myself hunching uncomfortably complete nan screen, which was level connected nan table, truthful I could interact pinch nan crippled utilizing 2 hands.

Playing Party-To-Go handheld connected nan iPhone was better, but I’ve sewage an iPhone 14 Pro Max, which felt a small excessively large for nan speedy tapping and swiping nan crippled requires. A smaller iPhone would undoubtedly activity amended but don’t expect to usage a controller because I tried nan Razer Kishi, Backbone One, and an Xbox controller, and nary of them worked pinch nan iPhone type of nan game.

In summation to nan Rhythm Game mode and Story mode, you tin accessorize Samba. The crippled has a shop wherever you tin rate successful nan coins you triumph by playing nan crippled and exchanging them for hats, glasses, shirts, and more.

Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go isn’t a multi-player game, but I expect it will beryllium astir nosy played connected an Apple TV pinch a large TV and a bully group of speakers pinch aggregate group passing a controller around. However, I’ve only played connected my TV successful nan short clip since nan crippled was released earlier coming because it wasn’t supported by nan beta type I tried.

Overall, Party-To-Go’s touch controls are forgiving and easy to get nan bent of, nan songs included pinch nan crippled are excellent, and nan chaotic tone of nan crippled adds to nan situation and fun. Plus, Sega has said that much songs and features are coming pinch early updates. I don’t expect to play a batch of Samba de Amigo because I’ve ne'er been a large instrumentality of hit games, but it’s worthy checking if you are, particularly connected an iPad aliases an Apple TV pinch a controller.

Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go is disposable connected nan App Store arsenic portion of an Apple Arcade subscription.

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