Samsung's Tiny T5 EVO SSD Offers up to 8TB of Storage

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If you request a ton of retention successful a mini SSD, nan T5 EVO is an absorbing option.

The Samsung T5 EVO SSD connected a colorful gradient background.Samsung

Portable SSDs thin to connection very small storage. But Samsung's caller T5 EVO SSD, which is conscionable 3.7 inches agelong and 0.6 inches thick, tin accommodate up to 8TB of documents, media, and different files. It's an absorbing product, but its unsocial retention capacity comes pinch a precocious value tag and compromised transportation rates.

Samsung's T5 EVO SDD is disposable successful 3 retention capacities. The cheapest configuration has 2TB of retention and costs $190. You'll salary $350 for nan 4TB configuration, and nan 8TB action is simply a whopping $650. Obviously, these prices are beautiful extreme, moreover erstwhile compared to other Samsung SSDs. But nan T5 EVO is nan only 8TB outer SSD from a trusted brand, truthful possibly nan pricing is justified. And, successful immoderate case, it'll astir apt autumn to a much reasonable value by nan extremity of 2024.

As for nan drive's transportation rate—well, it's faster than an outer HDD. The T5 EVO SSD uses USB 3.2 Gen 1 connectivity for continuous 460 MB/s read/write speeds. Cheaper Samsung SSDs, specified arsenic nan T7 Shield, are doubly arsenic fast. Some customers whitethorn spot nan comparatively slow transportation complaint arsenic an acceptable trade-off. Again, this is nan only 8TB outer SSD from a bully brand. But if you're shopping for a 2TB aliases 4TB SSD, nan T5 EVO is astir apt a skip. You could besides get a budget 2TB NVMe drive (or immoderate different capacity) and a USB 3.2 Gen2 enclosure for astir $100, which will max retired astatine astir 1.25 GB/s, but that's besides physically bigger than nan T5 EVO.

Like different Samsung SSDs, nan T5 EVO includes a three-year constricted warranty and offers AES 256-bit hardware encryption. It has a shock- and vibration-proof design, and its silicone exterior is built to withstand falls from heights up to 2 meters (or 6.5 feet). That said, nan deficiency of an IP particulate and h2o guidance standing is simply a spot odd, arsenic this SSD is beautiful costly and has a ample ringing for attaching to backpacks. For reference, nan aforementioned T7 Shield has an IP65 rating.

If you need an 8TB portable SSD, nan Samsung T5 EVO is your champion and only option. But it doesn't person an astonishing transportation rate, and nan $650 value tag is very extreme. If possible, I propose that you hold until different brands motorboat 8TH portable SSDs, arsenic nan accrued title will lead to overmuch much reasonable pricing.

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