Samsung Galaxy S24 tipped for early launch to try and fight iPhone 15

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The motorboat of nan iPhone 15 whitethorn person caused rather a operation successful nan smartphone business. So acold nan telephone seems to person been trading beautiful well, contempt nan economical downturn that’s affected nan remainder of nan smartphone industry, and it’s claimed that this could beryllium putting Samsung connected nan offensive. Which could spot nan Galaxy S24 bid get moreover earlier than we expected.

According to leaker @Tech_Reve complete connected Twitter, nan Galaxy S24’s motorboat whitethorn beryllium brought guardant by “about a month” compared to nan Galaxy S23. The S23 bid was announced connected February 1, up of a February 17 merchandise date. If what @Tech_Reve says has immoderate truth to it, it intends Samsung could footwear disconnected nan caller twelvemonth pinch a marque caller bid of smartphones.

Components for Samsung's Galaxy S24 bid will statesman accumulation from mid-next month, and nan merchandise timing of nan Galaxy S24 bid is expected to beryllium brought guardant by astir a period compared to nan erstwhile year. 25, 2023

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It seems improbable that Samsung would motorboat a telephone connected January 1, but location is simply a spread betwixt nan caller twelvemonth and nan commencement of CES 2024 — which kicks disconnected connected January 9. While it seems improbable Samsung would want to stock nan spotlight pinch nan show, location aren’t apt to beryllium immoderate different awesome announcements successful that first week of nan year. 

But while Samsung could plaything and return immoderate glory, each nan attraction is still apt to dice disconnected beautiful quickly erstwhile CES begins. Bringing nan motorboat arena further backmost successful nan almanac could besides spot nan telephone overshadowed by nan holidays, and it doesn’t look apt Samsung would beryllium capable to hustle capable to get nan Galaxy S24 connected shop shelves successful clip for nan vacation shopping rush.

@Tech_Reve claims that accumulation connected nan Galaxy S24 will statesman “mid-next month”, fresh for that imaginable early launch. So it’s improbable that nan telephone would beryllium fresh successful clip for nan extremity of nan year. You besides person to wonderment what Samsung would summation from bringing nan motorboat of its telephone guardant arsenic a consequence to nan occurrence of nan iPhone 15.

For starters a month’s caput commencement complete nan Galaxy S23 would still spot nan S24 merchandise astir 3 months aft nan iPhone 15. Not to mention nan truth that Apple’s latest phones person already started trading successful immense numbers, and will apt do truthful during nan Black Friday and pre-Holiday income period. 

Granted Samsung’s telephone launches do look to alteration rather a bit. Several years agone we utilized to spot Galaxy S launches hap successful March, only for Samsung to propulsion things backmost to mid-to-late January. We’ve seen a fewer gaffe to February, including nan Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S22, but different Samsung has afloat embraced launching beautiful early connected successful nan year.

It could beryllium that this move to motorboat moreover earlier is conscionable a continuation of that — alternatively than a bizarre, panic-stricken effort to effort and drawback up pinch nan iPhone. Considering Samsung would ever admit that it’s trying to drawback up pinch Apple, we’re not apt to find retired for sure. So we’re conscionable going to person to hold and spot really this each plays out.

In nan meantime beryllium judge to cheque retired our Samsung Galaxy S24 and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hubs to get nan lowdown connected each nan latest news and rumors astir nan upcoming flagships.

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