Samsung Galaxy S23 FE render leak hints at its design and colors

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Who remembers nan Galaxy S21 FE? (Image credit: Samsung)

Now that we're much aliases little complete nan excitement of seeing Apple motorboat its caller phones, we tin move our attraction to what's adjacent for Samsung – specifically nan Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, which has been shown disconnected successful a recently leaked render.

The render, from MSPowerUser via SamMobile, shows nan upcoming mid-ranger successful 4 shades: black, white, a alternatively heavy purple, and a very ray green. It surely looks for illustration it could beryllium an charismatic promotional image from Samsung itself.

Of people nan render would besides look to corroborate nan existent beingness of nan phone, and its name. Bear successful mind that we ne'er sewage a Samsung Galaxy S22 FE, truthful location were nary guarantees that we would get 1 of these Fan Edition phones this twelvemonth – aliases ever again.

The number of earlier leaks we've seen, together pinch this latest one, suggests that nan Galaxy S23 FE is so connected nan way. The creation is very overmuch reminiscent of nan Galaxy S23, arsenic you would expect, pinch individual camera cut-outs and level panels.

What we deliberation we cognize truthful far

As we've said, location person been plentifulness of Samsung Galaxy S23 FE rumors and leaks already, which tin thief you determine whether aliases not this should beryllium your adjacent smartphone – aliases if you're really amended disconnected waiting until 2024 and nan Samsung Galaxy S24.

The very dependable Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 spot from Qualcomm is rumored to beryllium moving nan show connected this phone, while we've besides seen unofficial renders of nan telephone that lucifer up alternatively neatly pinch nan caller image that's surfaced.

Less breathtaking are nan rumors astir wireless charging, which is apparently not going to beryllium very fast astatine all. That's surely 1 measurement of keeping costs down, and to beryllium adjacent that's nan full logic that nan Galaxy S23 FE exists astatine all.

Based connected what we've heard truthful far, a motorboat can't beryllium excessively acold away, and should beryllium happening astatine immoderate constituent this year. As always, nan value constituent is going to beryllium crucial, and we'll fto you cognize arsenic soon arsenic there's immoderate charismatic news.

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