Roborock Dyad Pro Review: A Smart Wet and Dry Vacuum With Limited Uses

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Do you request a bedewed and barren vacuum cleaner? Perhaps you do if it's this 1 — assuming you want to salary for it.

A Roborock Dyad Pro bedewed and barren vacuum cleanable connected a hardware room floorBryan M. Wolfe / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • The Roborock Dyad Pro is simply a bedewed and barren vacuum cleaner specifically designed for level surfaces, pinch powerful suction and self-cleaning and drying capabilities.
  • The instrumentality was well-made and easy to use, pinch a agelong artillery life and easy maintenance. However, it could beryllium difficult to spot successful nan charging stand, and nan accompanying app was not very useful.
  • While nan Dyad Pro offers galore advantages, including its powerful specs, it whitethorn not beryllium worthy nan precocious value constituent for everyone. It is champion suited for users pinch precocious ft postulation and non-carpeted surfaces.
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